5 Pest Repelling Plants

5 Pest Repelling Plants

5 Pest Repelling Plants

While pesticides or insecticides may have their place, most gardeners would prefer to keep insects and rodents out of the garden as naturally as possible. And when you garden organically the last thing you want to do is use pesticides or insecticides to get rid of pests. There are natural, organic methods, and better yet, plants that repel pests.

Here are a few of the most popular plants that naturally deter pests in the garden:


The scent from marigolds is a surefire way to keep insects out of your garden. Pests and insects are not fans of the pungent scent that come off of marigolds. These flowers come in red, orange, and yellow and can grow in every zone. Plant them on the edges of your garden to form a barrier around the plants you want to keep insect-free.

Onions and Garlic

Both onions and garlic repel insects. You can grow both the large bulbs of garlic and onions or even just the chive varieties. It is not uncommon to plant garlic around rose bushes to keep aphids and whiteflies away. Onion and garlic chives look a lot like grass and are great compliments to container gardens. Plant these chives in between vegetable plants as a natural way to keep pests away.

Caper Spurge or Paper Spurge (Gopher Spurge, Gopher Purge)

The herb gopher purge is used to keep rodents away from your garden. Gopher purge grows upright and can be planted as a natural barrier on the edges of the garden. It has been successful in keeping gophers, mice, and rabbits out of gardens. Although some rabbits didn’t get the memo and hop in anyway.


All varieties of basil are enemies to mosquitoes and flies. Who knew?

Make an organic bug spray by steeping a few stems of basil in hot water for a couple hours. Squeeze all the oil out of the basil leaves into the water. Once it has chilled, you can then spray this on doorways and around outdoor areas that you want to keep mosquito and fly free.


The scent of lavender is one that most people love. But in the insect world, they could do without this perennial being grown. Specifically it repels these insects: Fleas, flies, moths, and mosquitoes.

You can also steep lavender and extract the sweet-smelling lavender oil out. Apply this to your skin as a natural repellent. You can even add a few drops to that basil mixture to kick it up a notch!

Have you had success repelling pests in your garden? What methods have you used?

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