Favorite Sounds

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Favorite Sounds

A few weeks ago Hubby and I went out to dinner on a Saturday night. When he got out of the shower, I heard the top of the shaving cream can pop and said to him, “That is my favorite sound!!”

He was baffled as to why, but he really shouldn’t be. Since Hubby retired from the corporate world a few years back, he’s decided to become a “man’s man” with callouses on his hands, haircuts but a few times a year, questionable clothing choices, and a five or six day constant bread-scruff. Oh goodie.

So it got me thinking about my favorite sounds, and Hubby was encouraging me to not only consider what they were, but also why. So I came up with a list!

These are my favorite sounds (in no particular order):

The pop of the shaving cream top. see above

The crinkle of a chocolate wrapper. Oh this one is soooo self explanatory.

The final perkle of the coffee maker. It tells me my sweet cup of java-heaven is ready!

The beating of the rain on the roof. I find rain soothing. I like a steady, gentle rain, and love to hear it come down.

The doorbell and subsequent slam of the screen door. That means that UPS or FedEx just delivered a package!

The pitter patter of little Max paws. Means he’s still with us!

What are some of your favorite sounds?

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  1. Stephanie K. says

    This is so sweet! I love your list!

    The first one that comes to mind is really one that I shouldn’t like because it means I have to clean up the mess, but I really do love the sound of a glass Christmas tree bulb shattering.

  2. Skirnir Hamilton says

    1. a purring cat (We just obtained about two weeks ago two young sibling kittens. Getting used to purring noises, but the claws on different pieces of furniture and such is becoming regular too.)

    2. For some reason, I have found that I miss the sound of my hubby (violin) or son (viola) practicing their musical instruments when they don’t pull them out for a long time. Of course, if they pull them out when I am trying to talk to them, or to someone else, it drives me nuts. Son will pull out his instrument and come into the room where hubby and I are, when we were trying to talk. We feel rude talking over him, but he came into our room.

    • Awwww two new kitties! I bet they are adorable, Skirnir… well, except for the clawing part.

      Sounds like your son is a performer, and wants to have an audience, ever for practice! Sonny-boy took lessons for a few years — until I had enough of banging my head against the wall trying to get him to practice. SMH


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