It Is Never Easy …

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Whew! Where does the time go?

Well, there are worse things I suppose. I had planned on taking some time off this week. Last week I absolutely hit a wall, and my energy level has plummeted to nothing. Hubby is still not finished with the mini-kitchen reno, although he should be on Tuesday. Between the company and the kitchen, I got myself so far behind on blog-work, I was just going to take the week off (posting a few classics and just two new posts), and catch up.

So yesterday afternoon, I was adding things to the Florida, New York, Travel and Library pages (I never did get to the recipe page), when I noticed my sidebar was wonky.

I broke the blog. (super duper headbang)

The first thing I tried was to just undo the things I had changed on those pages.

Still broken.

Then, I tried to restore those pages back three months to when it definitely was not broken (this should have been an instant fix!)

Still broken.

I asked my host to restore me, and got some vague answer about 5 days and being able to restore to the 27th, but not to Saturday.

Ut oh, I’d been down that road before.

I had a massive influx of traffic this week, (a humongous facebook page shared my 101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids post), so I didn’t want to mess around too much. The end result is the blog is still broken, and instead of sitting around eating bonbons all week while I read a book and share classic material on the blog, I will be pulling my hair out of my head trying to fix what I broke, and writing new content planned for the following week.

And i can’t even hand this headache off as the guy who does most of my programming work? On vacation.

I swear, it is never easy.

So how’s your week going?

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