My Laptop Died

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My Laptop Died

So last week Thursday I woke up to a dead laptop. I remember the exact day because I wrote about it on facebook.

Hmmm I think I finally figured out a use for facebook!!

When I came downstairs Thursday morning, my computer was dead, dead, dead. Apparently something happened to the power jack, and it spent the night dying from lack of juice. When I got up, there was no revival.

I tried the first spare we have in the house, and it wouldn’t work.

I tried the second spare we have in the house, and it was dead too.

Poop. No more spares.

Hubby got online and discovered a similar model to mine on fleabay, and the guy selling it shipped it out Friday for me. Since he was located two hours away, Hubby picked it up at our mailbox Saturday, and swapped out my hard drives, and tada! New computer.

There were some burps along the way though:

The two dead spares. The first one just required (what seemed like) a thousand updates to work. After doing those for a full day (seriously), it worked. Hubby gave it some TLC this week updating the RAM and a few other things, and now it zips along quite nicely.

The second dead spare he hasn’t gotten to yet. That one won’t boot past the windows screen, but I know Hubby looooooves a challenge.

HTH do people work on their phones?


I have 20-20 vision now, and I swear I can’t see a darned thing on that smart phone. At least not enough to blog off of. While my ipad is better, I can’t really blog on it. My websites have extra layers of protection, and apparently so does my ipad – and the two really aren’t compatible.

So, Hubby “allowed” me to work at his computer on Thursday. He’s got his computer hooked up, three screens – and I am telling you, I can’t ever figure out what screen I left my cursor on, and his mouse is one of those ergonomic jobbies that hurts my wrist to use (oh the irony).

Probably why I did the updates on spare #1 asap.

And then Hubby has this thing about my not dropping food on his keyboard. He gets upset when I do it.

He is so darned finicky.

After one day, I wasn’t sure who was more anxious for that replacement laptop to arrive: Hubby or me!

But, arrive it did, Hubby had it up and running for me in under an hour and I am now a happy camper.

I guess after this scare (because I never learn), I should probably back up my hard drives on the external again, huh? And maybe find a cloud or two to automatically back-up to?

But then where would the “excitement” be the next time my computer dies and I have all my pictures and folders safe and sound?

Do you back-up your computer regularly? If so, where to?

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  1. Stephanie B says

    My husband loves computers. I mean loves them. I’m pretty sure as much as he loves me, but he knows better than to say it out loud lol. We have two PCs, one hooked up to the television and another with two monitors so he can surf the internet and play a video game, (who said men can’t multitask!) a laptop which I use mostly because it drives me crazy to go between screens on the PC and 3 1 terabyte external hard drives where we store everything. He does all the maintenance and fixes them when anything goes wrong. I bought him a new video card for Christmas after forbidding him for months to buy it (because I knew I wanted to surprise him) and he almost cried.

  2. I feel your pain! I don’t blog, but would lose it if my computer broke. One thing I love about Macs is that they automatically back up to the cloud. I don’t have a lot of stuff on my computer though, so not sure how fast that fills up. I agree with you about the phone too – it is too small! When my daughter was home recently and we were out together, I asked her a few times to google something for me. She asked why I don’t use my phone and do it? I told it is too small and frustrates me! I do like taking pics on my iphone though and they automatically show up on laptop through the cloud.
    Since my hubby got me a new Mac for our anniversary last fall, he uses our old Mac. I get on it once a month to print coupons and I always notice how dirty the dang thing is now. Makes me glad we have two of them! I guess I would be like your hubby and freaking out over the ice cream bar droppings 🙂

    • I was thinking about a mac, but Hubby told me I was on my own if I bought one. Since I have abdicated all computer hardware issues to him, that scared me off.

      LOL Shell. Where do you eat lunch though!?


  3. You won’t need hubby to work on hardware issues but people often need someone to show them how to do stuff after being on a PC for years, but mostly it is intuitive anyway. I eat lunch next to my computer. Since I do swagbucks daily, I let some activities run on auto when I am eating. It only takes a few minutes anyway since I am a fast eater 🙂

    • I am still afraid… I’ve been a PC gal all along, and I worry about switching to a mac. If I knew anyone that used one (who could show me what to do when I ran into a problem), I’d probably go for it.


  4. I don’t backup as much as I should because I don’t have important stuff on the computer except pictures and music. When my laptop died, my other son had to wipe it clean and start over (all my other computers have been given to me used or bought used at GoodWill). So, I don’t keep the really important stuff on them to start with. I never do banking or bill paying on a computer. The only shopping I do is through Amazon so I don’t use any bank or debit card info. Oh…the question…I sometimes back up on a CD but mostly on a zip drive so it can plug up to the next computer when or if the time comes.

    • We have a home network I should back up to nightly, but I don’t. Heck I don’t even use lastpass…. yeah, I am hosed if it dies.


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