7 Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holiday season can be a financial challenge for even the most savvy saver. Here are some inexpensive holiday decorating ideas and tips to save a few dollars on your holiday decor:

7 Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas

• Use natural items found in your backyard – from holly to evergreens, natural or spray-painted with glitter paint, outdoor sprays brought inside can grace everything from tabletops to fireplace mantels.

• Use fresh oranges with cloves for a quick, fragrant decoration tabletop decoration.

• Ornaments inside a glass bowl or, on top of a wooden platter, make for a quick, festive, inexpensive decoration.

• Put a mirror under it! A mirror under sparkle and sparkle – be it paint, crystal, or an ornament – adds reflections and makes everything look festive!

• Wrap empty boxes in traditional holiday wrapping paper for a cute entryway piece. Add a basket of pine cones, and the scent of cinnamon for a warm and inviting holiday entrance.

• Bring three cinnamon sticks, a few whole cloves and a splash of nutmeg along with three quarts of water to a simmer on the stove for a great whole-house holiday fragrance.

• Remember to search stores such as Target, Pier 1 and Kohl’s after Christmas holiday sales for deeply discounted decorations. Store for next year!

What are some of your favorite Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas and Tips?

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10 Consumable Gift Ideas

10 Consumable Gift Ideas

Consumable Gifts are ideal for the special someone who has everything! Do you have a of of “stuff” and need more like you need a hole in your head? When someone asks you for a gift list, do you look at them like a deer in the headlights? Have you been told by your: mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, siblings or other relatives “Don’t buy me anything”, but you feel “funny” arriving empty handed?

Here’s a list of 10 consumable gift ideas you can either ask for, or give, when “stuff” is an issue:

Your time: Lunches, dinner, day trip, a movie or donate a few hours for household repairs or painting, a day of babysitting or adult care so the caregiver or parent can run errands, the gift of our time is the most precious we can give.

Housecleaning Services: Whether a weekly service gift, monthly, or one time cleaning gift, many people will appreciate the luxury of having someone else clean their home.

Lawn Care: We give this to my grandfather every year. He hasn’t been able to take care of his lawn for years, so we found and hired a service to do it for him. This makes him happy, and we are thrilled to give him such a worthwhile gift!

Flowers or Plants: If your special someone isn’t allergic, a flower of the month club, a one time bouquet, bulbs for the garden or an indoor plant might be just the thing to brighten their day!

Birdseed: Is a Bird watcher someone you give a gift to? Do they feed the cardinals and blue jays from their back porch? Birdseed is no longer inexpensive, and suet cakes or special feed might be most welcome.

Fruit of the Month Club: a fruit basket, or an edible arrangement! All lovely ideas for getting fruit to your favorite people.

Livestock: Yeah it sounds odd, but it really is a great gift.

A CSA Share: Community Supported Agriculture is a wonderful way to give local produce.

Wine, Beer or Liqueur: Whether to bring to a holiday dinner, or give as a gift, a nice bottle of wine, a craft beer or a favorite liquor or liqueur can be a great idea!

Memberships: A gym, the zoo, the science museum the local spa! Memberships to various organizations can motivate and entertain the entire year.

Postage stamps: Not everyone pays their bills online, and some people still send cards, letters and rebates through the postal service.

When giving a service present or donation, a note in a card is a wonderful way to let the recipient know what you did for them.

Do you ask for, or give, consumable gifts? What great consumable gift idea do you have?

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