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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hubby and I do not have a garden. He wants one, but I know who’d end up doing the work, so have vetoed yearly. If you think I am kidding – four years ago we went to a local nursery and he decided he wanted some kind of fruit bearing bush. We decided on two blackberry bushes, one with thorns and one thornless. I figured if I ever got ambitious, I could graft them.

Over the last four years hubby has done a sum total of nothing with these blackberry bushes he had to have. I planted them, staked them, got the trestles (ok, I take it back, when I couldn’t sink the trestles far enough and they leaned, hubby fixed them), I fed them, debugged them, etc. I was even the one that harvested all the fruit!

About the same time that we purchased the blackberry bushes, I also bought hubby an AeroGarden AeroGarden that he had to have a few years ago. I figured if he could take care of that, maybe I was wrong about a backyard garden and he would take care of it.

The AeroGarden AeroGarden is still in the box.

Now to be fair, hubby still has time to decide on container gardening a few things… most likely tomatoes. Winter was pretty long up here in New York this year, so no early planting for us. And, I will not veto a container or two as I will tearing up my flower garden.

We do have that wonderful thornless blackberry bush in the backyard that produces sweet and delicious blackberries:

And one nasty, stick-to-everything, thorned blackberry bush that produces little fruit. I have to see if Hubby will help me yank it in the next few weeks as I want it gone! I do want to replace it with another thornless bush though. Believe me when I say if you have a lot of sun, and enjoy blackberries, a thornless blackberry bush is an easy to take care of fruit choice. I know some people have bird trouble and need to cover them, but *knock on wood* that hasn’t been an issue for us!

So, how does your garden grow? Are you planting one this year? Sticking with a CSA? Or just buying produce direct from a farmer or at the grocery store this year?

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