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Crap The Pooky Says

Hubby said I have to give equal time to the dumb stuff that comes out of my mouth since I share all his “gems”. I don’t think that is very fair, but he insisted, so here goes …

We were out driving around in the St Augustine area last week when we passed by a Farmer’s Market. When Hubby saw it, he said, “Well maybe on the way back we’ll stop and get something.”

About an hour later we turned around to drive back to the condo, and we were apparently coming up on the Farmer’s Market (I didn’t notice) when Hubby asked, “Do you want any vegetables!?”

I scathingly replied, “What the hell would I want with vegetables!?”

To which Hubby said, “What people normally want with vegetables, to eat them. What do you do with vegetables?”

My reply was immediate, “I leave them in the fridge until they rot or you cook something with them.”

Shesh, what else does he think I would do with vegetables? I am a fruit kinda gal. (And yeah, Hubby burst out laughing at my response.)

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