Most Annoying Habit EVER!

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Most Annoying Habit EVER!

Everyone who lives with someone has to put up with that person’s annoying habits. Maybe your spouse/SO leaves wet towels on the floor? Leaves the toilet seat up? Crunches peanuts in your ear? Or perhaps they leave a shoe pile everywhere and anywhere in the house? Hogs the bed? Never take out the trash? Doesn’t replace the empty toilet paper roll?

This are all irritating and exasperating but MY Hubby gets an award for Most Annoying Habit EVER!

He leaves a mouthful of whatever liquid is the the Milk/Juice/Pop container. One cookie in a sleeve. A quarter cup of coffee in the pot. A third of a scoop of ice cream (which you KNOW will freezer-burn asap). A few crumbs of a spice. One chip (or chip dust) in a bag, clips it, and puts it in the pantry or leaves it on the counter. A scoop of food in a 13×9 pan instead of transferring that leftover scoop to a smaller container (or trashing it completely).

This drives me absolutely nuts! Not only does this take up need space in the fridge, but when it is a spice or condiment (that he leaves particles of) that doesn’t have clear packaging, I assume there is enough left for a recipe.

Silly me.

I don’t have the time (nor the inclination) to check all our spices, condiments and dry goods weekly to see if there is some unusable portion left in the container. I expect there to be enough to use in a recipe! He truly is that 5 year old kid that puts the milk carton back in the refrigerator with half-a-sip left of milk.

I’ve been saying something to him about this infuriating habit for a while now, but last week when I pointed out to him that he had left a single cookie in a large cookie bag and he sniffed, “That’s because I have self control.”

I just about lost it. No, you don’t buddy. You’re the man that will sit down with a 5 pound bar of chocolate as a snack, the one that eats a container of Kozy Shack as one portion, the guy that can finish a container of chocolate covered cashews in one sitting. You are the man that only eats potato chips to make sucking down a container of Bison Chip Dip in 15 minutes, semi-acceptable.

Hubby is the reason the pantry has to be cleaned out often. He blames me for shoving stuff in there, but actually I clean it out to retrieve the 400 chip clips that are all closing chip bags containing a tablespoon of chip crumbs.

Talk about annoying.

I have no idea how to break Hubby of this habit. It gets worse as he gets older. Maybe it is a quirk in his personality I should find delightful, but I don’t. I find it maddening. And I wish he’d stop.

What is your spouse/SO’s most annoying habit?

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  1. Oh that would be so annoying! Of course my hubby has habits that bug me. One thing that is on my mind today is that he can’t find things if I move them just a little bit. Last week I got a set of Fiestaware, been wanting them since you got them for your condo 🙂 Anyway, I rearranged the cabinets just a little bit when I put the new dishes in. In the mornings we make a little coffee set up using a coffee spoon rest on a tray in front of the coffee maker/Keurig. I have several spoon rests I like to use. They are moved over now about 6 inches now and he can’t seem to see them for some dumb reason. Now he has a little ramekin sitting there every day when I get up because he can’t see the spoon rests that moved over a few inches, argh! He has to look farther to get the ramekin (insert rye roll here!) and it is too small so the spoon can fall out and make a mess.
    Here is another one. The other day he was taking out the trash and I told him to get the stuff in the living room. He got the trash can from the living room and left the huge pile of boxes I had stacked up. I mentioned that to him and he said he thought I wanted those boxes. I did mention I needed a box to pack up the old dishes and set that aside already. He was willing to leave 6 huge boxes stuffed with packing paper in the middle of the living room and thought I wanted it that way? He couldn’t have taken a min to ask me if I really wanted that huge stack of trash????

    • Oh boy, Shell! How do you like your Fiestaware!? I have to say I really like the different colors. I hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours.

      SMH… yeah, everyone wants packing material in the middle of their living room. Newest decorating trend. I can’t find a bright side to that one. Sorry.


  2. I love it! I bought 4 sets in plum,turquoise, lapis and scarlet. Then I got two extra plates in shamrock and cobalt. I paid for it all with Amazon gc’s I had also, so all the better! My youngest daughter said she wants it when I die lol!

    • LOL Tell her for a wedding gift *bribe*bribe*

      I want to add scarlet to my blues. I think that would be a great addition! I think the Macy’s B1G1 sale will have me choosing 2 more sets, and both will be red.


  3. Wow! I thought my hubby was the only one. He does this with everything! It is maddening! Sorry that you have to suffer through it too 🙁

  4. Wow, mine does the same thing! The thing that drives me nuts the most is when he leaves a little bit of milk. Enough for several cups of coffee. Meantime he opens the new one. I always wonder who he’s saving it for since I don’t drink milk and our son prefers 2% which I use when cooking. He will do the same with jelly, butter…you name it and there will be 2 of them open in the fridge.

    • Ok, that is bad, Marie. Two open at the same time, one with a mouthful left? I would be less than pleased.


  5. I cant tell you what the most annoying thing M’honey does.. but I will tell you that I accidentally stabbed my x-husband with a knife I was cutting a chicken with when he did the same thing… annoying!! I dont know what it is with these men I pick.. 😛 My backside must be irresistible. 😉

    I had to think long & hard about something he does thats annoying… hes really not annoying much at all.. He doesnt leave cookies.. or candy… or chips… he’s a pig and he’ll eat every bit of them.. lol.. which is ok by me.. usually. Hes great about taking out the trash… hes really a pretty good guy.

    I think the thing that annoys me the most is that he has 4 pairs of shoes that he’ll wear (trust me.. thats an improvement over his 1 pair for life) BUT.. he wont put them in our room & closet which is right next to the front door.. They have to be half-stuffed under the love seat & couch in the living room… God forbid if I toss them in his closet.. he’ll never find them again and whine until I go find them… sigh..
    Yeah.. thats pretty annoying…
    Now that I think about it.. I can think of one other thing that annoys me… he always goes around telling me to turn the lights off when I leave a room and HE leaves them on ALL THE TIME!! I tell him to turn the lights off every opportunity I get… it gives me cheap thrills! hehe.. 😛

    • Oh, I get the lights thing as an annoyance, Kim. Hubby leaves them on ALL THE TIME. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone down the basement and shut off the lights he left one two days prior. Or the garage… he gets something at night, and the next morning when I leave on an errand – the light was left on.

      Now I usually turn off the lights if I am not immediately returning to a room. Every once in a while I get distracted, and may not get back to said room for a few hours. And, every once in a while, he will say something to me about leaving the said light on!


      That is annoying!


  6. Stephanie K. says

    I read this post days ago, but nothing came to mind about my own hubby. Then he went out in the garden. I have a really nice bamboo cutting board next to our sink and EVERY SINGLE TIME my husband picks things from the garden he brings them in and sets them on the clean cutting board. He then finds a produce bag to put the items in and promptly puts them in the fridge. I use it nearly every day and I can’t tell you how many times I start to make dinner and turn to the cutting board to find it coated with dirt! I then have to wash it thoroughly while mumbling mean things about him the whole time.

  7. I just read this. I know it’s a late comment. My husband always leaves anything he makes food with out and coffee drips. However, I one time went to a marriage conference (can’t remember the book it was based on, but same as Love Language book). The guy said something that stuck with me. He always got mad about his wife leaving cabinet doors open. But, then one day realized that God must want this to be his job if he keeps doing it. So, he then resolved to cabinet door shutter and got happier. I still get a little frustrated but keep reminding my self that if God wants me to be kitchen cleaner upper I should be the best one I can be. Takes the edge off a little bit 🙂

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