Spring Blooming – How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring Blooming – How Does Your Garden Grow? – My update of my zone 6 gardening for early May, 2014.

After a warmer than normal April, May has been fairly chilly. Mother’s Day is our usual “safe to plant” day, and I am not convinced this year that will hold true. On the other hand, all those April showers made for a green, green, green May! The flowers are sprouting, the bulbs have bloomed, the grass has been cut several times, and the leaves are unfolding from their buds.

Unfortunately, it is all a bit late. We are about a week later than last year in sprouting. No idea when/if it will catch up, or if it will make a difference to flower and vegetable production.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

While the landscapers are coming today to clean up my backyard, I expect a decent portion of the front yard to look like this by the end of this week – early next week at the latest. We are having sewer work done and in addition to the lawn being torn up, we have to scrape away a lot of dirt from the front gardens. The current landscape is going bub-bye.

That cone is there because our all-sorts-of-awesome sprinkler guy was out last week to cut some lines and remove one of the boxes, before the plumbers started digging, saving us money.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of the things I won’t miss, are the sprocket junipers. They constantly lean over. We get very strong winds in the Buffalo area, and even with heavy-duty staking, those junipers always lean after winter. They also grow crazy high, and have to be trimmed yearly. IMO they add almost nothing to the landscaping or framing the house, and I won’t miss them.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This rhododendron is being saved. It is very pretty, and fairly full for being so large. I just want it place somewhere better. Our front gardens have few flowing plants, and to have one of the few plants that does flower in the back of the garden where no one can really see it, doesn’t make much sense to me.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This cherry tree is beautiful from behind!! From the front it looks deformed and it leans. I am not sure it can be salvaged, and even if it can, I question whether I want it to be saved. Unless they can turn it. And straighten it. {sigh} I guess I need a serious discussion with the landscapers.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have piles of tiger lilies, and they are staying.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This bush isn’t going to make the cut. While there are buds, most of it is woody. Every year it gets less and less leaves, and right now it looks like a stick with a few leaves.

That, and I don’t know what it is.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have ground cover growing. I don’t know what this is, but they have nice little white flowers. When I yanked out everything else to make way for the herb garden, I left these in place.

‘Cause I like ’em.

Spring Blooming - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is our thornless blackberry bush. It is now 5 years old, and gives a lot of fruit. I worry every year that it won’t come back (I don’t know why), and am always relieved to see green.

This and the holly have already been feed. I will feed them again when I buy the new thornless blackberry bush to plant. And then again in the fall. Twice a year is usually enough, but with a new plant, I will definitely feed at least once, probably twice, more this year.

How is your garden coming along? Anything sprouting? Flowering? Are you planting a garden this year? Sticking with a CSA? A flower or herb garden perhaps? What’s happening in your green-world?

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  1. Hi Ann! The junipers (and so as any other tree) can be shaped in any form you like, just need to start while the tree is young. I shape mine as cones. Many people are afraid of trimming trees, when in fact its easy to do. I found lots of videos on youtube and trim all my trees as I notice what needs to be trimmed. Regarding the rest it seems like NY is at least a month behind VA! My torn less blackberry is fully leaved and my red raspberries are nearly blooming.

    • We are a good week or two behind normal, Tatiana. While April was warmer than normal, December – March sure wasn’t!

      Oh I envy you the raspberries! I want to grow them, but missed the boat planting last November. I wonder if I can find a thornless variety I can grow in a container?


  2. And here April was cool and windy and May is hot and dry so far. We just tied a record high of 88 today and are 4″ below normal for rain. With the long winter, we got a surprise of flowers and trees blooming at the same time wrecking havoc on allergy sufferers. The neighbor’s peach trees skipped the blooms this year and went straight to leaves. Last year the peaches rotted on the trees from too much rain. My roses just started to bloom in the past couple days and the daisies are at least a couple weeks in bloom. Something ate half the marigolds I started from seed in a table top grill I had turned into a planter. I really should start the veggie garden REAL SOON. I won’t have to worry about green onions since they somehow survived the winter and are taking off like weeds.

  3. For some reason, I seem to be moving very slow this year on gardening.. Of course, it could be that we were in a deep freeze until a few weeks ago.. 😉 I’ve got strawberries, blueberries & rhubarb greening up really well.. Not sure if my fig made it thru the deep freeze this year or not.. I’ll know before long Im sure.

    My spring flowers are just now flowering.. I lost a lot of tulips this year.. 🙁 some of my spring flowers that should normally bloom in March are just now blooming… this has been one crazy year..

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