Clarisonic Mia – Try Something New

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Clarisonic Mia - Try Something New

Clarisonic Mia – Try Something New – this is my experience with the Clarisonic Mia; how it changed my face, how difficult/easy it is to use, and upkeep.

Several years ago, my skin started doing all sorts of funky, icky thing for the first time in my life. I have never had bad skin, not even as a teenage. Oh sure, I could have had better skin, but for the most part my skin has been reasonably clear, not prone to acne or break-outs, and my pores have been relatively clear and unnoticeable.

I am pretty darned sure my hormones have been going wild the past few years and the proof was in my face. It was a complete mess for the better part of a year. But not continually. I’d have a small breakout on my chin for two weeks, then clear skin for a month. Then my cheeks would look like a mess for three weeks, then my face would clear up for two weeks.

And of course when I went to the dermatologist, my skin was perfectly clear. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get an appointment with my dermatologist, so timing can be an issue. I could look for another dermatologist, but she is the best in the area (to the point where you say her name to other doctors and they all nod in agreement how great she is), and so I stick with her.

So one day I as moaning about how horrible my skin looked – clogged, shallow and prone to break-outs, and my good friend Kelly at Redefined Mom suggested I try the Clarisonic Mia. She had been using it for a while having purchased the Clarisonic Mia based on a recommendation from a friend of hers.

When I purchased the Clarisonic Mia it was $108 on Amazon. That was less expensive than anywhere else at the time. (See below for an update on where it is now the least expensive.)

You have to charge the Clarisonic Mia for 12 hours before using it. Some refreshing gel cleanser comes with the Mia, but you can basically use any type of cleanser you prefer.

You wet your face and add gel to the brush head, then apply to your face. There are guidelines to how long to do each area (20 seconds for a forehead, 15 for chin, etc), but I basically concentrated on what areas of my face were a mess and shallow looking, giving a cursory swipe to the parts of my face that were in ok shape.

After five days I noticed a huge improvement. It was crazy. My face had cleared up and my skin glowed.

I have been using the Clarisonic Mia fairly regularly for several years now, and when I am faithful to it, my skin is in great shape! When I neglect using the Clarisonic Mia, it only takes my face a few days to clog-up and look dull.

I have NO IDEA why this thing works, but it does for me. The reviews are pretty much excellent across the board too, although as for any product results aren’t the same for everyone. However, if your face is dull, clogged, etc., I highly recommend giving the Clarisonic Mia a try! Using the Mia is like having a mini facial daily! It has been working for me for over two years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

There are other brands out, but they have been likened to a Swedish Massage for the the other brands (just surface) and a Deep Tissue Massage for the Clarisonic Mia (gets down deep). I know the price of the Clarisonic Mia will make some people hesitate, but don’t! It really is worth every penny.

The best deal on a Mia is at the Skinstore: Clarisonic Mia $125 – 20% coupon code = $100

Register your Clarisonic Mia and get a coupon for get $25 off your purchase of $50 or more! I used it for replacement brushes!

Have you tried the Clarisonic Mia? What do you think?

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  1. I had forgotten about this great device (that I heard about here) until last week. I hadn’t been using it for some time. Skin seemed to be fine…….. Then went on vacation. While on vacation noticed skin was lumpy, bumpy & just not nice. Pulled my clarisonic out this week. 2 days. 2days! And it is so much better. I am back to using my clarisonic. It is a great tool for a clear, bright complexion. I will say, use a light touch with it. Our skin is a delicate organ.

    Thanks Ann! Totally agree. Worth every penny.

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