2016 World Vision Gift Catalog

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2016 World Vision Gift Catalog. Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

World Vision Gift Catalog

In 2015, Americans gave over $373 billion to charitable organizations, a 4.1 percent increase from 2014 (National Philanthropic Trust). As charitable giving continues to grow, people are searching for reputable organizations to support.

The 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog contains more than 250 poverty-fighting gifts, ranging in price from $16 to $39,000, which help improve the quality of life for struggling children and families in the U.S. and around the world.

If you are looking for a unique gift this holiday season, be sure to investigate the 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.

The Mission Statement and see the good works brought forth under the community development approach.

Currently, they are working to provide Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti. As a side note: Many of you know Hubby and I have a condo in the St. Augustine, Florida area. Hurricane Mathew devastated our area (our condo is fine. Our deck is toast, but that is nothing in the scheme of things) – St Augustine was flooded, Anastasia Island is a mess, and our area of beach has many condemned homes. And the hurricane was only a Category 2 when it reached us! And less than a week later our power and water were back on. The people of Haiti are not so fortunate. Not only did they suffer massive destruction and deaths (Matthew was a Category 4 when it hit there), but they simply do not have the infrastructure, insurance or money to rebuild.

If you are looking for a unique gift, please consider the 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog. They really do have some lovely things.

When 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog contacted me they asked if I wanted to do a giveaway, and I immediately said yes. One lucky person who responds to this post (in accordance with the rules listed below) will receive a gift box similar to what I received. (I can’t guarantee they will send you the same items.)

This is what was in my gift box:

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

Vietnam’s Ma Chau villagers weave these traditional silky smooth scarves, helping to provide them with a sustainable income with fair trade wages.
Approximate size: 31.5″ x 64″. Each is unique; size and color may vary slightly.
$95 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $22.

Note: My photos cannot do this scarf justice. It is simply gorgeous. My friend Courtney was over when I opened the box, and neither one of us could get over the beauty of this lovely silk scarf.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

This Silver Vines Cuff is stunning. Courtney was kind enough to model it! This beautiful, adjustable silver cuff bracelet with an intricately laced vine pattern is designed by artisans in Old Delhi, India. This piece is the result of once-mistreated jewelry makers banding together to support their families through fair trade practices.
Approximate size: 2 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ (adjustable x 1 1/2″W)
$85 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $21.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

The workmanship on this Turquoise Medallion Necklace is amazing. The photo above is the backside of the necklace, and even the back is beautiful!! This brightly beaded medallion is handmade by families in Delhi.
Approximate size: 1.5″ round medallion on an 18″ chain
$75 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $22.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

Every gift is handmade, so therefore unique. The Tree of Life Votive Holder is amazing! You can see where it was put together in the photo above (ok, so Courtney had to point it out to me, I didn’t notice!)

This lovely votive holder is handmade from cast-off metals. The artisans in India work hard to raise themselves out of poverty and help light the way for their children’s education.
Approximate size: 6″ tall
$65 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $11.

2016 World Vision Gift Catalog.Items from the fabulous 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog, as well as a limited time giveaway.

This Upcycled Artisanal Bowl is simply amazing. You can see above how it was worked together. That is a close-up of the inside of the bowl.

This stunning bowl is up-cycled from reclaimed industrial waste such as wires and metal. Artisans in India have hand bent and soldered each piece into inspirational shapes to create this artistic and elaborate bowl that is great as a decorative piece or to hold special items.
$135 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $40.

Also included was Organic Coffee Blend, packed in a beautiful bag and containing a wooden scoop. (No photo)
A true world tour – featuring fair trade coffees from Indonesia, South America, and Africa. This organic blend features a peat flavor with dark chocolate and berry notes. The coffee scoop is hand-carved by artisans in India and doubles as a handy bag clip.
Care for scoop: hand-wash and air dry.
$75 Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $20.

Note the charitable deductions vary for each piece purchased based on the fair market value listed on each item.

The Giveaway:

The Prize

• One winner will receive a box of handcrafted gifts from 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog (this may vary from what I listed above, the listed value given to me by 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog is approximately $490).

To Enter:

• Leave a comment below. No spam (spam entries will be deleted).

The Fine Print:

• Image responses and spam will not count.
Limit one entry per person/email/ip address
• I reserve the right to remove inappropriate (as deemed solely by me) responses.
• Comments must be made during the time period of: Thursday, October 13, 2016 6:00 am eastern through Saturday October 22, 2016, 11:59pm eastern.
• Make certain your response has a valid email attached (only I will see it) so in case you win, I can notify you.
• A total of one (1) prize winner (as listed above) will be notified via email provided by them at time of content entry, and have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received after 24 hours of when I send the “winner” email, I will pick an alternate winner (who will also have a 24 hour response window).
• Valid in the USA only to those 18 years of age or older.
• Contest ends at 11:59 pm eastern on 10/22/16.

IMPORTANT: If you have never commented on this blog, or if you have changed your email address since your last comment, your comment will not be visible until I approve it… although that usually happens pretty darned quick!

Please note: I did receive a sample box filled with beautiful handcrafted items made by artisans around the world from 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog. No other compensation was given to me for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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  1. anne harris says

    Haiti has just not recovered from their disasters. Not having the infrastructure in place is a major handicap for them

    • This is awesome, I will look into this, I would love a catalog. As soon as I am able I will donate.
      Unfortunately my circumstances I can not right now. Good work!!


    It is truly sad… The Despair and Poverty before the hurricane, and now added to their burden is the devastation of Matthew.. May their days become easier with the rising of each sun…

  3. JenniferDogRescuer says

    World Vision has a catalogue of varied priced gifts one can give to those suffering in poverty……anyone can participate. We do every year, and our son, who is a soccer player, every year gives soccer balls to the kids…..it’s a way to teach kids to give and not just receive at Christmas!

  4. Cindy Merrill says

    As a Food Historian, any coffee, teas or unique food items are at the top of my wish list, and it’s appreciated even more when I know part of the proceeds help alleviate poverty.

  5. My heart aches for these people. I’m deeply saddened by the devastation of Matthew. How wonderful of your son to donate soccer balls to those suffering. These poor people live in such poverty and then to be hit with yet another disaster. My prayers go out to these people and to World Vision for all their help.

  6. World Vision is a great organization. Thank you for highlighting it here.

  7. Hello everyone! Just received a response to my 1st email to annsentitledlife; along with instructions I needed yhere was also a heartfelt comment – it made my day! If this is how individuals are treated on this site, I hope many more will devide to join in! I hesitated much too long & am glad I wrote.

  8. Lori Cunningham says

    World Vision is truly a great organization. Unlike many other charities, they provide the basic resources so that people can help themselves. Water wells, animal livestock, education and medical care provide opportunities for people to escape poverty and build a brighter future for generations to come. Giving to World Vision is a gift that keeps growing. A small donation can truly make a HUGE difference to people less fortunate than ourselves! You can give them HOPE for a brighter tomorrow…

  9. What a great idea! It’s always rewarding to be able to help people in times of distress…

  10. This is such a worthy organization. I’ve ‘adopted’ several children and now have one in Guatemala.

  11. Barbara Malkus says

    We also survived Matthew but our damage is nothing compare to St.Augustine. Thanks for sharing about World Vision. I personally never heard of it and looking forward to becoming a part of it.

  12. So kind of you to send out this reminder of this beautiful catalog…it’s such a worthy organization.

  13. I enjoy your blog and learn something new all the time. I haven’t heard of World Vision and look forward to the catalog. I am happy to hear Mr Max is doing well.

  14. So much cool stuff, and a great organization. This is awesome!

  15. Lisa Boltze says

    I am grateful to you for your efforts and glad to know about your organization. Thank you!

  16. Judith Taylor says

    How wonderful to help those who are poverty strikin and the catalog has some beautiful items.
    Just being able to help others is the greatest gift anyone can give.

  17. Mary Raines says

    World Vision is a fantastic company, selling items that are handmade. Therefore helping those people provide necessities for their family. Donations made are also helping provide things for a better life.

  18. Beautiful hand-crafted items!

  19. Bonnie Witmyer says

    Oppression is devastating to those who have to live with it. Enlightment offers freedom. By supporting these groups, you allow hope where there was none. Plus the pride of being able to make something marketable is life changing. Please make a difference by providing the inspiration for others!

  20. Anna McClung says

    Thank you for the opportunity to help those in need. Haiti hasn’t recovered from the previous destruction and now they who have so little have nothing. I appreciate the opportunity to serve.

  21. What a wonderful blog post to highlight a wonderful organization. That scarf is beautiful. Praying for all the people that were affected by this latest natural disaster.

  22. Greetings from me,
    What a great organization and for such a great cause. May everyone remain safe and not have to experience a disaster ever, may the survivors be stronger than ever.
    Congrats to the lucky winner

  23. Love this! Such great causes! Thanks for sharing this!

  24. Ann, the medallion necklace is absolutely stunning! What a statement necklace to say the least. I can see what you mean about the colors in the scarf! Thank you so much for sharing this organization, I had never heard of it. Most importantly, the condo is okay and you wanted a new deck anyway right? 😉

  25. Mary Ann Linder says

    My sister also lives in Florida and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Haiti. I am glad in the scheme of things that for the most part everyone fared okay. This organization is something I will be looking into.

  26. Holly Machosky says

    So sad to see the devastation that so many go through. I will be doing what I can to heelp. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this. I had family that was right in the heart of it in Florida. They are safe thank God. Such a good thing to do to help.

  27. Dawn Keenan says

    World Vision is an amazing organization that helps so many needy people. I’m so glad that you are featuring them.

  28. It makes me quite happy that you are promoting such a great organization as World Vision. They have been helping people both in the United States and through the world for many years. I have given gifts from this catalog in past years. In fact the best gift is one that will help others.

  29. Thank you for sharing World Vision to increase awareness on the opportunity to help others. The people of Haiti obviously need alot of help in every way possible.
    Take care and God bless

  30. So many people and places were hit by Matthew-the devastation is unreal. Here, in SC, it was so strange to see sand up to mailboxes. So glad for organizations that help people. That scarf is amazing!

  31. Caroline LoSavio says

    Thank you World Vision for helping people in such dire circumstances. I have been through hurricanes myself here in nc., but I can only imagine the devastation people are going through who have been affected so much worse.

  32. bless you for helping these poorest of the poor people. you’re the BEST!

  33. Laura Stark says

    Beautiful items!

  34. I have never heard of this catalog before but think it is commendable what they do

  35. World Vision is a great organization my heart goes how to the people in Haiti, when I see the conditions I am so thankful for what we have in America no matter what is going on.

  36. Joan Blurton says

    It makes me feel so good to know that people have ways to bring attention and donate to those who are affected, and don’t have the resources that the U.S. does. I am excited to learn about this catalog and the opportunity to give gifts while doing good and bring attention to it to others. Thank you!

  37. Please help give these people hope. They need to know that someone cares when their survival is a daily challenge. They have been up against the worst conditions. Can you imagine trying to provide for your family and children? It seems to be a never ending nightmare! We can make a difference!

  38. Robin in NC says

    Hubs has been donating to World Vision longer than we’ve been married! A wonderful organization. Thanks for sharing a chance win one of these awesome gift boxes!

  39. Donna Aylsworth says

    I’ve purchased from them before, although it was a long time ago. I remember the products to be very good quality.

  40. I have been a part of giving to world vision for many years. They are a great organization that helps people all over the world. I am in a group with a dozen women, and each year for Christmas, we donate through world vision and we have been so pleased to see where all of our money goes. Every time you help someone through world vision, your gift supports families and children and raises awareness and self-esteem.

  41. Stephanie K says

    We’ve sponsored two little girls (one in the Congo and the other in Haiti) since 2010 through World Vision and my daughter usually asks for fewer presents at Christmas and an envelope of cash to use on the World Vision Christmas Catalog. Many Christmas mornings have been spent with her flipping through the catalog deciding where to give (I adore my kid, I was never that sweet!). She also loves to tell people that she bought ducks or chickens or goats for Christmas, it gets a few strange looks at our family Christmas dinner, lol!

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