Oven Cleaning Help!

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Oven Cleaning Help!

Candie wrote me with a problem, and I honestly don’t have any idea how to help her! Maybe you know of a solution (literally)? Her Mom passed away after a battle with Alzheimers, and is the “she” below:

She made a Graham Cracker Pudding (old family recipe) when I was not at home. She burned the pudding so bad and it sloshed over the sides all over my oven. I have tried Easy Off, vinegar and baking soda, baking soda into a paste, Dawn and just plain water and nothing will get the burnt smell or the rest of it up from the bottom of the oven. If I cook in it, smokes up the whole kitchen.

I have cooked twice now since it was burned so it could be fused to the oven. Please help. My daughter came over when I was cleaning it once and she thought I was trying to commit suicide.

If you know of anything Candie could try that can remove this smoldering inducing mess, please post!

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Ann and Candie, since the household remedies are not working, you are going to have to call in the heavy artillery. Here’s what I reccomend:

    -Use the oven’s self cleaning mode
    -While it is still warm, apply a professional strength oven cleaner
    -First try to buy it from a janitorial supply company, if you can’t find one but it from a hardware store or Home Depot type store

    This stuff is brutal! Make sure you glove up, wear a long sleeve shirt you don’t mind ruining, and protect your floor and exterior of the oven and cabinets. Drips and over spray will ruin surfaces that can’t handle it instantly.

    Use scrubbers and scrapers that won’t scratch metal and get disposable shop towels.

    Once you get the inside clean, rinse like crazy. After you are done rinsing, rinse again. Run the oven again to work out the smell and you should be all set.

    If you have any other questions please email me.

    Good luck,
    Anthony Fors
    Absolute Clean

  2. Stephanie K says

    Wish I had some useful ideas, but my oven is pretty gross and I haven’t found anything that does the trick either. My adorable husband told me to just ignore how it looks (mine doesn’t smoke, thankfully!) and when I can’t stand it any longer, he will buy me a new one! 🙂

  3. This isnt a “green” solution but you might want to try Simply Awesome All Purpose Cleaner on it. It can be found at most dollar stores including Dollar Tree.

    Spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes to try to get into the burn.. Then wipe & scrub away what you can. Then repeat a few times, then saturate a kitchen wash cloth (or other small rag you can “ruin” like an old washrag.) Make sure its heavily saturated and lay it over the offending mess making sure it makes contact with the grunge 100%. Put a cooking lid or some other object that will keep the towel mostly tight so that it doesnt dry out easily.. Let it sit overnight and in the morning, wipe & repeat step one & two. Hopefully it will have softened & released by this point.

    I have one offending stove top area that has horrible horrible burnt on gunk from when my kids were still home & cooking. I wouldnt let them use a stainless steel scrubber to clean it though one of them did and scratched the heck out the worst one. Stuff has always “stuck” on the stove top of this burner and I’ve never found anything to be able to touch it except doing this with the Awesome. It doesnt clean it 100% but it works better than anything else I’ve ever used.

    I always thought I’d like to try Muriatic Acid but havent… Maybe someday..

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