The Best Coffeemaker

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When Hubby and I first met, I was happy buying Chock Full O’Nuts or Maxwell House coffee grounds and brewing them in my Mr Coffee. I never went so far as to warm it up in the microwave or on the stove, but to say I was willing to drink any type of java, is an understatement.

Some where along the line, Hubby turned me onto fabulous coffee. I learned that I love Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (truly the world’s best) and instead of dismay to find Jamaica as a port when on a cruise, I’m delighted with a Jamaican stop so I can get off the ship and buy 20 pounds or so of Jamaican Blue. I don’t buy more because when my coffee-stash runs low, it gives me an excuse to go on another cruise.

Hubby and I went through a few coffee makers early in our marriage. A few years into our marriage Hubby got tired of spending $75 on a coffeemaker only to have the machine crap-out fast, or the coffee not brew hot, hot, hot! Since the coffee wasn’t pipping hot to begin with, it naturally cooled quickly.

Hubby did a lot of research to find the perfect coffee maker (did you know there are a ton of coffee forums with many members who are dead serious about coffee and coffee machines!?), and even though we aren’t big enough coffee-aficionados to want a press or to drink espresso, we did want the best coffee-brewer we could find that could easily be used daily in our kitchen.

The Best Coffeemaker

Pretty much universally acclaimed was the Maccomaster. Handmade in the Netherlands, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 941 is one of the very best purchases Hubby has ever made! So, when it came time to buy a new coffeemaker for the Florida condo, we decided to buy another Technivorm Moccamaster.

We ended up getting a slightly different model: Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker by Technivorm. The coffeemaker has a few differences from the first one we purchased a few years ago: there is now a plastic insert to “help eliminate thermal stratification.” This brews to 200°F which is commonly referred to as “pretty darned hot”. We bought the model with the thermal carafe, so when it stops brewing we pull out the brewer-cap and use the screw on top. Also, if you remove the pot, the drip immediately stops. There is no longer a manual control on the coffee filter.

The Best Coffeemaker

What has not changed – it still brews a pot of coffee in 5 minutes, and it is still very hot. The thermal carafe is still fabulous! I brew a coffee first thing in the morning and it is still hot when I drink the last cup after noon! I wouldn’t even consider buying a Technivorm without the thermal carafe.

The Best Coffeemaker

The bottom where you place the pot is still lame. Flimsy is a nice word for it. I can’t tell you how many times we have to reattach it to line up the carafe with the rocker-button that pushes in to start the brew.

This is the model Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer With Thermo Carafe – Technivorm 9587 sold on Amazon which is again a slightly different variation.

I think these Technivorm Moccamastes have caught on. When we bought the KBT 941 model all those years ago, there were only two places in the US that sold the Technivorm, and you had to wait for more to be imported. Now, there are many models, and once Starbucks started selling them, they really caught on.

In any event there is no way we would even entertain buying a different coffee maker to take down south – it is a Technivorm for us!

Do you have a Technivorm coffeemaker? How do you like it? If not, what type of coffeemaker do you have? How do you like your machine?

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  1. We too learned years ago that it is best to get a thermal carafe because the burner the pot sits on is the part that that kept breaking. Our perfect pot is a specific Cuisinart. We also use a Keurig that I got for free to test. I was shocked how much we like that! Your pot looks interesting, but perfect or not, $299 is not in my budget. I paid about $90 for our Cuisinart and just replaced it after many many years of use. It does brew hot (I think it is 190) but we never leave coffee in the pot all day to say how long ti keeps it hot, hubby takes it to work in his thermos.

  2. Nope.. I’ve never heard of them but I’m glad you shared about yours! One of these days I’ll have to replace my pathetic excuse for a coffee maker I got from Gevalia.. To be honest though.. its lasted longer than most other coffee makers I’ve had. I think we’ve had this one about 8 years.. I killed the one before it which was also from Givalia.. I also have a Keurig that I also love love love… Ours was an Office model that was being shown at a Home & Garden Show.. and M’honey likes to buy me one nice thing every year when we’re there since its close to Valentines Day.. haha.. Works for me! 😛

  3. I was using just a basic coffee maker til a few years ago and got a French press. Love that but when I got a keurig I was loving that so much. But today I was thinking about getting out the press cause I am tired of the selection of k cups I have been drinking and want a different taste. A piping hot brew on a chilly morning sounds good to me with the technivorm you described.

    • Michelle, have you tried the San Francisco Bay coffee “K-Cups” for the Keurig? Its all I buy anymore.. They’re loads cheaper than other K-Cups and I like the coffee myself. I prefer the Fog Chaser myself and get it for 33¢ per cup (prime + Subscribe & Save) which is cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else. I also get the French Roast & or FR decaf occasionally.. I like em!

  4. The best $2 I ever spent was for a Bunn at a yard sale. No telling how old it was when we got it, but it lasted at least10-15 years! I rarely drink coffee, but my husband used it twice a day. I used it for quick hot water for soup in a cup, jello, hot chocolate and brewed hot tea. Luckily, we came across a second one for free.

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