The Hair! Oh No, Not The Hair!

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crap my hubby says

A small rant … I have very few physically redeeming features. But, one that I do have is my absolutely gorgeous hair. I have a ton of it, it does what I want, and the colors are lovely.

I went to the hairdresser last week, had a full cover color, then my hair foiled, then a haircut. I left thinking it looked darker than normal, but it was evening and I didn’t pay much attention to it in the salon under those lights. One thing my stylist does well, and I mean well is hair color. He is a freaking genius with color selection, knows just where the foils should go, how many, and what lift.

A freaking color genius I tell you!

A few hours after I got home from the hair dresser, I went upstairs to prepare for bed. When I got the brush out to brush my hair, I happened to look in the mirror. And I stared in disbelief. The entire left side of my head was red without a highlight in sight! No highlights in the bangs. No face framing on the right side. All I had was crown highlight color. Well that, and the back looked pretty good. YAY! I could walk backwards into a room and look awesome. Forward? Not-so-much.

Just in case I wasn’t clear: There was not one highlight on the left side of my head!!

To say I was a tad upset would be an understatement of epic proportions. I seriously considered running out to buy a bottle of hair dye, but then I realized that wasn’t going to make my hair any lighter or provide any contrast. Recognizing that, I still spent a good 30 minutes talking myself out of a car ride!

I had a conference to go to in two days. I told Hubby I was not going if my hair couldn’t be fixed. I also had various other functions including a dinner the next night that I was fretting attending because of how awful my hair looked.

Oh whoa is me! I barely slept I was so upset that my hair looked so awful.

Yeah, it may be vain, a tad over the top or any other narcissistic verbiage you’d care to apply, but I really love my hair. And my hair looked like crap.

And through it all, Hubby was soooooooooo supportive.

“Doesn’t look any different to me!” – this from the man that spotted a paint drip in the middle of our freshly painted cabinets from across the room! This from the man that can spot an un-set nail in shoe molding from 50 feet away. This from the man that complains every single time I come back from the hairdresser with my hair flat-ironed because he hates how that looks! According to him my flat-ironed hair looks “too different”.

But yet he couldn’t see just how different my head looked with one side all red and most of the rest of my hair red with some caramel highlights?

Soooooooooo supportive indeed.

By morning he was out and out laughing at me, “I’ll love you no matter how awful your hair looks.” “You could always wear a bag over your head.” “Go out and get a wig.” And a few other choice quips I can no longer recall (more likely they were blocked from my brain for the sake of our marriage ).

The next morning I called even before the shop was open for the day to report on the sad state of my crowning-glory. In the end my hair stylist was very apologetic, got me right in, added the foils and an hour later I walked out with my hair looking as fabulous as it usually does! Crisis averted. YAY!! And, at the conference the following day no less than a dozen people complimented my hair. Yeah, I may be vain about my hair, but it sure is purdy when done correctly!

How supportive is your SO when you go off on something that may, admittedly, not be crisis-worthy to anyone buy you?

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  1. Jenn@couponingbiotwins says

    Very cute, I will most def have to go and read your previous posts in the “crap my hubby says” category! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thats a really funny story.. You do have really gorgeous hair.. Sure wish I did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    M’honey is pretty supportive of anything & everything I do.. He might be rolling his eyes (mostly behind my back) but he may offer a fix as men are wont to do, or he heads to the garage or turns the tv up to block me out. haha.. I cant think of anything I’ve gone off about in years but he has a soothing personality so I just imagine he’d do his best to calm the storm and then run away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Well Ann I wish I could see your hair, besides your baby photo. Maybe one day. I am all about my hair too and my husband is very supportive when I get daring and try something different. He even reminds me of how great my hair USED TO look when we were younger. LOL. I hope you had a nice time at your conference!

    • LOL Yeah I just loved my spiral perm that made me look 20 pounds heavier… in my face! Awesome look that was.


  4. About 10 years ago I came home from getting my hair cut from a new guy. I had asked for a small trim, what I got was something different. I hardly had any hair left at all. I was crying and extremely upset. My XH said “you look like a dike”. That is just what I needed to hear at that time, it made me feel so much better (NOT).
    I havn’t had my hair cut more than a 1/4″ a year since. My hair is now down to my waist and I get lots of complements on it. That statement by XH went in the negative column along with many others that eventually lead to the straw that broke the camels back.
    ***SORRY for the derogatory wording

    • My mother used to have my sister’s and my hair cut very short. When my sister was 3, she got lost while we were vacationing in Maine. The police had her listed as a boy.

      Needless to say my sister’s hair hangs down to the middle of her back now. Sometimes, it only takes one incident to scar us for life.


  5. I don’t have a SO any longer, divorced one and left one, but when I did, the second one was hysterical. I have horrible hair, it is very, very, thin, did I say very thin and a tiny amount of curl and it will not hold a style, any style. It looks like crap all of the time. It just lays on my head, flat as a pancake. I finally found a colorist/stylist that I adored. He could do the best color and highlights I have ever seen. I thought to myself if it is going to look like crap at least it will be a pretty color. I decided one day that I wanted red highlights in my hair, stylist tried, really tried, to talk me out of it, but I wanted them and no changing of my mind was going to happen. He explained that this was not going to be his fault, it was on me. OMG, I had these 1/2″ to 1″ red streaks going down my head. It was horrible and stylist said I would have to wait a week to do something with it. I went home and SO looked at me and started laughing, that’s right, laughing. He told me I looked like the rear end of a fire engine. No wonder we are no longer together.

  6. Tamona Valentine says

    I use to cry when I was younger and I would get my hair fixed. I didn’t cry because it was hurting. I cried because I sat in the chair for an hour and my hair was not the way I wanted it. Once I grew up, I decided there was no need for that kind of disappointment. I quit going to get my hair done. I know it seems extreme but I was scarred for life. I know just how serious hair can be. Mr. Entitled should be ashamed. You should have come home with a bag on your head and said FINE, how ya like me now lol!

  7. O Ann……………it’s a good thing you chose selective hearing on what hubby was saying about your hair I think!

    I just have ok hair. But I too have a little bit of a crisis when it is done completely wrong. I’m not sure I know a woman who doesn’t!! So glad you got yours fixed so quickly. I guess it goes to show that even the “best” at anything can screw up time to time.

    • I need to remind Hubby that my selective hearing/memory is probably a good thing for our marriage. Thanks Patti!


  8. Ann, did you take the before and after pictures with your new camera? I need to see it to believe it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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