How To Store 2 Liter Pop Bottles

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How To Store 2 Liter Pop Bottles

Interested in an easy way to store pop bottles? That picture shows how to store 2 liter pop bottles easily, and concisely. Each pop flat can hold eight two liter bottles of pop, so we have room for quite a few 2 liters of pop before we run out of storage room!

I have no idea where we got these pop flats – I do know we did not pay the $2 deposit on them. In my opinion this is a very easy, space-saving way to store pop, so even if you need to pay the deposit on 3-4 of these pop-flats and then keep the flat, it would be worth paying for if you regularly store a decent quantity of pop. After all, store containers of any sort are not really cheap, and you could store 24 bottles for as little as a $6 deposit cost!

Do you have any space-saving or interesting stockpile storage ideas?

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  1. Stephanie B says

    That is exactly what we do since all we have is a small pantry, and it really maximizes our space. We got about a dozen of them at Consumer’s Beverage here in WNY for free. They always have a ton of them and we just walked in and asked.

  2. I also store my beverages like this, amazing space saver. I have tons of the flats, obtained “free” from local stores. Really interested in any other ideas of use for the flats?????? ;D

    • I got nuthin’, Michelle. We just plop any old thing in the top one of we don’t have 2 liters. I too would like a higher and better use!


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