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Back in April I told you how you could follow Ann’s Entitled Life. Many people enjoy different methods of delivery, and I’ve added a few since then.

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  1. I am missing your printable rebate site

  2. Stephanie K says

    I really like the new look of your newsletter!

    • I am so glad Stephanie! Was it easier to see everything? Did it all click correctly? (I tested it after he did it, but you never know!)


  3. Happy Anniversary! Discovered your site a short time ago and check it out almost daily. Being a elderly lady I find tips all the time that make my work easier. Count me as one of your fans.

  4. Emerald Lavender says

    Hi Ann! Happy Anniversary! My mother’s name is Ann too. 🙂 I believe we’re in the same Pinning group on FB and I’m very pleased to meet your acquaintance. I look forward to delving into all your recipes and tips! I have a husband and two little ones, so Lord knows I could use them. xx! -Emerald

  5. Jeanette Long says

    I have your recipe for bacon chocolate chip cookies. It calls for butter flavored Crisco, I can only find a large can of butter flavored. Can I reduce the regular Crisco and add butter for the butter flavored shortening?

    • Hi Jeanette,

      While I have never done that, I do not advise it. Butter flavored Crisco and butter are not the same thing.


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