Gas Reward Programs

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Gas Reward Programs

Grocery stores and gas stations have been offering rewards for the last few years. I’ve taken advantage of these offers as often as possible. Since my local grocery store (Tops) limits to 30 gallons on a fill-up, I own three 5-gallon gas cans to store whatever can’t fit in my car at the time of fill-up. We use the extra gas for the snow blower, lawn mower, etc. These gas cans have paid for themselves many times over in gas discounts!

Be certain to check the fine print with all gas discounts for limits, dates of validity, occurrence and any other fine print that you might need a magnifying glass to read.

Gas Reward Programs

Acme Gas Reward Program
Brookshire’s Food Gas Reward Program (Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas only)
Cumberland Farms Smart Pay Thanks Deb!
Farm Fresh Gas Reward Program
Food City Gas Reward Program
Fred Meyer Thanks Patti
Fuel Rewards Network
Giant Eagle Gas Reward Program
Giant Food Gas Reward Program
H-E-B Gas Reward Program
Hy-Vee Fuel Saver Program
Kroger Gas Reward Program
Lowes Foods Gas Reward Program
Martin’s Gas Reward Program
Meijer Gas Reward Program
Piggly Wiggly Gas Reward Program
Price Chopper Gas Reward Program
Safeway Gas Reward Program
SHOP ’n SAVE Pump Perks
Stop and Shop Gas Reward Program
Tops Markets Gas Rewards
Weis Markets Gas Reward Program
Winn-Dixie Reward Program

Gas Station Fuel Promotions and Discount Programs

BP Pump Rewards
Delta Sonic – sign up for the email newsletter to receive discount gas coupons
Exxon Mobil Speedpass
Gulf – 3% fuel reward kick-back on their credit card
Irving Oil Rewards
Noco Rewards
Speedway Reward Program
Sunoco 5¢ off per gallon with their credit card

If you know of any other fuel programs, please contact me via the contact page or emailing me directly!

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