Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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No, this isn’t where I give them. This is where I ask for help from all of you.

My mother is receiving flowers for Mother’s Day and nuthin’ else without your input. I have no other Mother’s Day gift ideas.

She doesn’t need: services – we paid for lawn service for the year as my father’s birthday gift and Oh. My. Goodness. Never again. The lawn service is not the same one as the last few years, Hubby arranged for a new service this year. After the first cut, my mother complained to Hubby that she didn’t like the way it was done or the way they cleaned-up. He said he’d take care if it. Then my father called me the night to express similar concerns. Then my mother got on the phone to tell me those same concerns … which were exactly what she told Hubby four hours earlier. Then I had to remind Hubby to call the service to get it straightened out. Then they called again to make sure Hubby took care of it. Then my parents called me to complain that they didn’t get cut the same day the following week. When I pointed out it was pouring the day of their cut, my father wanted to know when they were coming instead (Gee, I don’t know Pa, lemme see if I can access their appointment book and run it by Mother Nature).

After the second cut was done, they waited two days to tell me it was done properly.

So, nope, not paying for any type of service to come to their house.

My mother also does not need: money, clothing, perfume, make-up, food or entertainment anything (she doesn’t go to the movies), and no downtown shows – too late for my father. And, no hairdressing certificates, massages or pedicure gift certificates. See story above as to why not. Even if I got a gift certificate from the personal service place she has frequented for the last 12 years, you can guarantee if something goes wrong during the visit that I pay for, I will hear about it for the next 3-4 years. Well, if I am lucky I will only hear about it for 3-4 years.

Sooooooo got any Mother’s Day Gifts ideas for me that my mother will be happy with?

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  1. Stephanie B says

    How about a gift basket filled with her favorites .. wine, chocolates, a new book to read, candles etc. Or invite her over and prepare a nice brunch

    • My mother is the only person I know that can open a candy bar, eat ONE BITE and leave the rest of the bar on the stove for a week without ever tasting it again. *blink* Who does that!? I am lucky I get the wrapper off sometimes!

      Wine, wine could work…


  2. I am putting together a “spa” basket for my mother-in-law. She loves Olay products, so I am including soap, body wash, lotion, face wash, and a pouf for her. I know she will like this.

    How about a framed photo of your children?

  3. As a new grandmother, ANYTHING with child’s pic on it is great. Coffee cup, mouse pad, calendar, refrigerator magnet, shopping bag, wine glass?, etc. Don’t care. Just want to see his cute face everywhere, so something with your son is a great idea!
    Even better, pic of your mom with him. Took a pic of the 4 generations this week-end at our house. It’s a treasure.

    • My great-grandmother, grandmother, father, sister and niece have a picture together that everyone loves! How often do you get five generations in the same pic? None of the of my grandfather’s great-grandchildren are having kids in the near future… I just hope he is still around when they do! He’ll be 95 next month though, soooo


  4. Skirnir Hamilton says

    Thank you for the reminder on why I give my mom a Walmart gift card each year. She hates anything and everything I give her. I am supposed to know if she is completely broke and needs something more useable or something more fun, etc., when she doesn’t tell me. Hence the Walmart gift card. Pictures are always appreciated, of course, unless you do it every year! My mom whined this year to me about my brother giving her the yearly family photos calendar. Like hello, I get nothing from them, no pictures all year, I would be happy with that!

    • My mother has finally seen the wisdom of gift cards as presents… but only if she is the one giving. They aren’t good if she is on the receiving end.


  5. Tamona Valentine says

    OMG we have the same mother. I made my mother biscuits and if she says one more thing to me about how my biscuits should have been taller, I am going to stab her in her trachea! I told her I did not make the biscuits in a pie pan on purpose. She wanted giant sausage sandwiches. OMG now she has me rambling here. I say ban Mother’s Day because the heffas don’t know everyday seems to be their day!

  6. Personally, I think if shes that difficult, I’d just get her flowers if she likes them & call it a day..

    My mom is extremely difficult too.. One time back when I was broker than broke, I spent some very dear money to buy her a really awesome basket (she has a really nice South West & basket collection) & a couple neat “somethings” what I cant remember now.. but the cost was quite dear.. And she bitched & complained and lambasted me about it for days on end.. Never again.. Instead of graciously accepting the gift, she wounded my tender spirit that tried so hard to please.. I never gave her another Mothers Day present for probably 20 years..(except maybe a card) and now its only flowers or a plant that I can send long distance so if she doesnt like it, I dont have to hear about it.

    Me? You could give me anything… ANYTHING… and I would love it because I recognize that its a token of your love & appreciation.. That means more than any “thing” in the world.

    Your mother: Name a Star after her.. Make a donation to her favorite cause in her name.. If she doesnt have one, this is an excellent one. foodforthepoor

    So is

    I know many people dont like The Red Cross, but they do good work everywhere.. The Disabled Veterans is also a worthy place to make a donation.
    If nothing else, there are always Amazon & Bookstore gift cards..

    I’ve finally gotten to the place where if someone else feels free to complain about a gift or gift card, then I feel free to tell them how rude & unappreciative they are, and I’ll take it back & not give them anything else ever again. Its ridiculous and rude. They need to be told they’re being ungracious in no uncertain terms.

    • That food for the poor link was a tough one, Kim. I think it works though… if it doesn’t, someone let me know and I will jimmy it some more.


  7. Hi Ann,

    As you know my mom passed away last year. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. I took care of her for the last 13 years of her life. She lived with me and I was her caretaker. She was amazingly easy to buy for, anything. I swear you could get her dog poop in a baggy and she would be thrilled. I would give her the card first and there would be 20 minutes of crying because the card was “SO LOVELY”. I would buy flowers for Mother’s Day and she could make them last 2 weeks.

    I go along with leave it at the flowers or how about the Strawberry Lime-a-Rita, since you said it tastes so bad, then just don’t answer your phone.


    • … or how about the Strawberry Lime-a-Rita, since you said it tastes so bad, then just don’t answer your phone.

      Now that is hilarious, Candie!

      I know I have said it before, Candie, but I am so sorry for your loss. You mothers sounds like she was wonderful.


  8. Strawberry Lime-a-Rita ~ hilarious!!!

    Ooo……..I had a mom & a mother-in-law who both loved EVERYTHING I gave them (or at least said they did ~ lol!). Critical of gifts?! Wow. So I have re-thought this, re-gift something she gave you!!

    • Re-gifting. I laughed out loud when I read that Patti. I could … but only if I wanted to end up dead.


  9. No ideas, following this thread for ideas though, lol!! 😉

  10. All I can say is…it’s somewhat of a comfort to know others go through the struggles of unappreciated gifts, criticisms, etc when buying elder ‘mom’ gifts. And on the other hand, it’s extremely sad that so many at that advanced age are just unhappy and feel the need to spread the criticism around. My own mother (85) would fall into the category described by most here, unappreciative, complaining about the gift, what was wrong with it, etc. My mother–in-law, would be happy with the ‘dog poop in a baggy’.
    This year, I bought something totally off-the-wall and I think it’s cool and I’m not going to care what she thinks!. My mother is constantly complaining about needing to use a cane. I decided she would have the fanciest cane in town (small midwest town of about 3000) and bought her cane covers! And I mean some sequened, BLING, cane covers (etsy shop). I have no idea how she will react…but it made me smile! If, in the unlikely event, she is pleased, I’ll fix her up with seasonal ones too!

    • Donna, my mother is in her late 60s, and she has always been like this! I think if she was in her 80s I’d excuse more. My MIL, for all her er, eccentricities, is in her 80s and a very gracious gift receiver. I think you are right… it isn’t an age thing, it is a personality thing.

      I hope your Mom loves the cane covers! They sound cool to me too.


      • Age? Eccentricities? Whatever it is…I remind my own kids frequently….”If I do (insert annoying/ungrateful/hurtful behavior) when I’m old, slap me!!”

  11. Something Rendi! Find a meaningful snapshot you have (new or old), add a caption, a label, a saying a verse–whatever words you want—change the colors and font and voila! You’ve just created a gift and told a little story/memory at the same time. Or, create a sign. You get to change the words, the fonts, and the colors. Does she cook? Make a recipe holder using a clip frame. Super cute, addicting to make. Kind of like scrapbooking for your walls. Only downfall is I read this too late and the cut off to receive it by SUnday was yesterday. But if you can give her something “just ok” for actual Mother’s Day and have the frame/sign sent to her directly and she’ll be SUPER surprised thinking you just got her something “ok.” I promise, she’ll love it! If you’ve never heard of Rendi go to my FB page and “like” it to see my idea album. The possibilities are endless. Seriously. Any occasion you can create something. Addicting. 🙂 Any questions, feel free to email me! I love helping to design!!

    • My mother is actually a very good cook, Sarah. She’s not a holder kind of person, but I could start brainstorming cooking ideas. Thanks.


  12. Lea Ann says

    There is a great wine tour of the Niagara region on Living Social. Send her off with a friend and let the friend hear all the complaining! 🙂

  13. Ann, if you don’t mind some last minute online shopping, you can sign up for bloomingdale’s email list and they will send you a 10% coupon. I found a few good “deals” and return shipping is free if your mother doesn’t like the present. For my mother, I bought her a Pandora bracelet. I don’t think there are many coupons for the Pandora retail store so the 10% Bloomie’s was the best thing I could find. A few ladies I worked with love the bracelets that their children gave them so I wanted to see what the craze was about for myself. In the end though, I think your mom would love whatever you send her. Don’t worry!

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