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Good Morning and Welcome to Ann’s Entitled Life!  The blog-name will become clearer as the days and weeks progress.  In some ways, Ann’s Entitled Life is completely tongue-in-cheek, in other ways, you all will see how completely spoiled I am!  And let me tell you, I like being spoiled.

A little background for those who may not know me from my former, now defunct blog (more on what happened there tomorrow):  my name is Ann and I am old.  I am married to a wonderful man (the spoiler) named Hubby who, though many years my junior (yeah, I am a cradle robber), is retired.  I also have an almost 25 year old son, Sonny-boy, from a prior marriage.  In the coming weeks, months, (and dare I say it?) years, I expect to do a lot of babbling about my life, my ideals, my thoughts and everyday life.

We live in New York State, and have a condo in Florida (yeah, that is new! Can’t wait to tell you all about how that happened!).  While I love a great deal, I am not above spending money for whatever I want, provided I really want it. I hope I don’t disappoint too many of you when you find out that I am in no way, shape, manner or form, frugal. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I know people that are frugal. Some of my best friends are frugal. So, ummmm, yeah.

Anyhoooooo …

I would like to welcome you all to Ann’s Entitled Life, and hope you will feel at ease commenting , even if it is just to give me grief.  Believe me, I expect it.  Hey, someone has to bring the Pooky Princess back to reality, and I expect it to be all of you!

Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life


  1. WOOHOO! Glad to have you back. When I got the email last week I was speechless! You have taught me so much over the last few years and I am so glad to be able to read your humor on a new website! Best of luck to you and looking forward to it!

  2. Yeah!!!!!
    Congrats Ann on the new blog and here’s to many laughs and posts!

  3. Yay! I am SOOOO happy and relieved to see your new site. I LOVE the design! Very clean but glamorous at the same. Thanks for sticking with us! 🙂

    • Oh thank you, Amanda! It is definitely a work in progress and I expect changes (the header this morning was a total surprise! My designer was definitely working into the wee hours).


  4. So excited for the new site 🙂 I love your stories!

  5. OMG – How did they comment before me????? LOL – I was waiting with baited breath!!!!!!!! I will read anything you write – and I LOVE the perfume bottles!!! Welcome back!!

    • Yes, you hold a lot of the blame for this site existing. LOL


    • Terri (Colorado) says

      Baited breath? Ummm, I think Rite Aid has breath mints on sale this week, and I’m SURE there’s a coupon available! lol

      • MichelleK says

        LOL Terri!!! I couldn’t even shop I was in such a funk – just waiting…. BUt now… Back to the deals…oh wait, that’s just us… Ann wants to talk about FANCY stuff… LOL… OKAY – I am game!!!

  6. Am I missing the email subscribe???

    • If you were subscribed to Coupons, Deals and More newsletter, you should have received an email today. I am trying to figure out how to just transition that list over. If I can’t do it, I’ll make a new list up giving people the opportunity to sign up for it with a list.


  7. Hi Ann! Missed you! And I’ve missed everyone else too! Hi everyone!

  8. Good Morning!
    Nice to hear from you-congrats on the NEW CONDO!
    Look forward to hearing more about…AEL.

    Love Ya Lots-barbee

  9. Stephanie B. says

    SO happy to have you back! Looking forward to many laughs and living vicariously through your entitled life!

    • Thank you Stephanie! Laughs are my goal. Must be hubby’s goal too since I already have a thick notebook FULL of Crap My Hubby Says stories.


  10. Awesome to see you are back! I agree…I am not frugal really ether–there I said it. I save $ on things we need so I can buy what we (I) like. Of course the thrill of the kill (e.g. Great deals) helps keep it interesting. Congrats on your condo in Florida and what a delight it was to see this post on a bleak end of winter day in Western NY. Can’t wait to read more.

    • “Thrill of the Kill”!?!? I can honestly say I have never heard that Sue, but it is truly apropos to deal hunting!

      Yes, next year we are staying in Florida until the 15th. This year was yucky (and the last 12 years have spoiled us with mild winters too).


  11. Wishing you the best on your new venture! I think the FL condo is fantastic! It’s nice to be spoiled and pampered 🙂

  12. It’s not fun or interesting to be frugal so I’m glad to hear that you are not. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  13. Skirnir Hamilton says

    Glad to see you back! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the condo. And when it comes to frugal, I save where I can, so we can buy what we want and I don’t feel guilty about it. I only save a bit at grocery stores, as we buy almost all fresh produce, yogurt, etc. We buy mail order tea, expensive olive oil, mail order spices, etc. So not the frugalist of people, but save where I can, so we can spend where want.

  14. Love it Ann! I can’t wait to read your stories- you always put a smile on my face! BTW- I would love to go to Florida and visit your condo right this moment! 😉 Sooooooo tired of the snow! Winters shouldn’t be this cold and long here in Virginia!

  15. Terri (Colorado) says

    So happy to add my name to the long list of welcomers since I have been going through absolute withdrawal since your previous departure. Seriously…aimlessly wandering thru the myriad of blogs out there and not finding a one that I could call “home.” ::sigh:: Will miss the Sunday Morning Shopping recap and comments but I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of new stuff. And besides, I love the interaction between you and your readers best of all. You knew you couldn’t stay away for long. :o)

    • Terri there is much support for you to make a Rite Aid blog – you are definitely the Rite Aid Queen!

      For Sunday Morning Shopping I have tried to convince Michelle to take over at her blog, but she is still not on board with that idea. I’ll keep trying though!


      • MichelleK says

        I am usually not even in bed yet when you guys want to start the deal doing… LOL But I am attempting to up the dealing!!! LOL ~ THANKS Ann!!!

        • I thought your entitled life included Sunday Morning shopping. 🙂
          I know you love to get up and go. Michelle and I usually wait for a few posts before we decide if we are going or not. LOL!

          • Oh yeah, I have always loved getting up at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. Nothing thrills me more.

            BUT, I truly did love just shopping with two or three people (usually me, Stephanie and one other person), and getting every loss-leader I was interested in.

            How was Vegas? Win anything?


            • LOL! It was never me that early on a Sunday 🙂

              Vegas was great, I left the 80’s to come home to the cold and snow. I kept a few bucks, so that is a win for me with staying there for a week. I saw some great shows and had an awesome time visiting friends out there that are retired.

      • Terri (Colorado) says

        So, Ann, I have to ask…for those of us who absolutely MUST get their deals fix on at least a weekly basis, would you consider posting A Sunday Morning Forum where you (if you wanted) or any of your other readers could post their deal scenarios and finds…non obligatory but someplace where everybody could go to give and receive savings ideas? Or are you wanting to completely change the format and omit ALL deal-related stuff?

        • I now have some sort of form on my site that allows readers to post pictures too. Let me find out what it does, how it works and if this is feasible.

          I actually know for a fact I will write about stuff I buy/try/get a great (or not so great) deal on. No, I don’t want to be a deal site at all, but buying stuff is something that everyone does.


    • Terri, I have been the same searching for “home”, but I realized that Ann has taught me so well that I’m doing pretty good on my own. Still could use a little direction every now and then.

  16. Whoa whoa, look who it is! Welcome back Ann!

  17. So glad you are back!

  18. Love the diamonds! And I see you now have a crown instead of red shoes. Looking forward to reading your new blog, Ann.

  19. Welcome back Ann! Looking forward to the new blog and crap my hubby says. LOL.

  20. TGIA!!!!!
    Welcome back.

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