What Happened to Coupons, Deals and More?

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Coupons, Deals and More

Yesterday, I promised to explain what happened to Coupons, Deals and More, so today I will make good on that promise.

A few months ago, my last host began to ignore/not respond to any support questions I sent. They had always been so fabulous and helpful, that this development was extremely worrisome! (and after trying two new hosts in the last month, I now realize just how awesome they really were for 3.5 years!) I went over to a webhosting forum I belong to for information and to check if anyone else had been having the same problems, and I saw that others had indeed been having issues too. So, in December I contacted a programmer to ask what he would do if he were me with Coupons, Deals and More? He advised me to move, but we both agreed that after the holidays made more sense than two weeks before Christmas.

So, in January, against his advice and my own good sense, I put off looking for a new host. I knew I should have looked. I just knew it. But you know how you don’t want to deal with something that will cause you a lot of grief and mental anguish so you put it off and put it off? You know, because the problem is going to go away if you don’t deal with finding a solution.

Uh huh. We all know how well that works out.

Between getting packed for a month in Florida, not wanting to face the reality that my fabulous hosting company was no longer so fantastic, and not wanting to deal with the stress and strain of moving to a new company and a new server, I put off moving Coupons, Deals and More until the very last minute.

Big mistake.

On Thursday February 14th my server went down for eight hours. I was certain something bad was going to happen, so I immediately signed up with a new host, had a server set up and sent an email to my programmer to please move me asap (different programmer than the one above, he had a conflict and couldn’t do it)!

I then waited to be moved. And waited. And waited.

And on Monday the 18th Coupons, Deals and More went down for good. My host owed Time Warner almost $25,000, and had not paid them for months. So, while Coupons, Deals and More was current in their payment, my host was in arrears big-time to Time Warner.

And, even though I set up a new server four days before, my programmer did not move me.

Seeing where this was headed that weekend, I tried backing-up Coupons, Deals and More many, many times. Those back-ups all failed.

Just about everything that could have gone wrong with moving Coupons, Deals and More did go wrong. The programmer never moved me. None of my back-ups would work. My last external back-up was back home in Buffalo on my home network (or so I thought).

The blog was dead until I could get home on March 1st.

When hubby and I arrived home, we scoured the home network, every single external hard drive, every possible portable device we owned for the back-up we knew we had taken before we left for Florida.


At that point I pondered not coming back, but decided that there really was a lot of valuable material on Coupons, Deals and More, and the blog really should come back. I engaged a new programmer. He told me that between the very old back-up I could locate and the wayback machine, “we” (that is the royal we) could get the blog current to January 15th. YAY! I’d only lose a month of posts.

Well, my programmer had a large project he was finishing up, and it would be another week before he could help me. When that week stretched to 10 days, then 11, then 12, I had more time to think. And, I decided I just did not want to deal blog anymore. I had been writing up deals online since 2000, and I was just plain tired.

My month off made me realize just how much I had been missing in my life by working all the time. Yes, I was helping people when I was deal blogging (and that was truly important to me), but it was no longer enough. I had not been happy deal blogging for a very, very long time. With the extra time afforded to me to think during my programmer’s delay, I decided that, while I loved my readers, I didn’t love deal blogging.

It was time to quit.

Before I could rethink yet again, I sent out a newsletter email, posted on facebook and google+, and put paid to Coupons, Deals and More. The worst part? I wasn’t sad for more than 10 minutes. That was when I knew I had made the right decision.

Tomorrow I will tell you the story of how and why Ann’s Entitled Life came about. It is a real barn-burner so you won’t want to miss that!

Until then …

Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life Ann's Entitled Life


  1. I think it was the perfect timing. The good ole golden coupon days as we knew them are now history. It is perfect time to move on to something better!

    • Well 2000-2010 was definitely the golden age of couponing! While not wholly responsible for the end of the golden age of couponing, I truly believe Extreme Couponing escalated its demise. Sad really.


  2. My friend always says things happen according to the timing of the universe…it was your time for change – something for you. Good luck.

    • Thanks Luci! I hope you won’t be a stranger.


      • Reading all these posts, I wish I had known about your last blog. It’s always great to “meet” someone new.

        • Luci if you were not familiar with Coupons, Deals and More, can you tell me how you found Ann’s Entitled Life?


          • I “liked” Coupons, Deals and More on FB but never saw the blog. I might have seen it mentioned and meant to go back later to check it out but never got around to it.

            Don’t worry I’m not some weird internet stalker! 🙂

  3. Welcome back Ann! You have been missed! Looking forward to your new adventure in blogging

    • Thanks Patty! I expect it to be a lot less constrained. People used to laugh when I said I held back on Coupons, Deals and More, but little did they know just how much I did hold back. I plan on being a tad more vocal in my ideals here. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I can guarantee it will be entertaining!


  4. So glad you didn’t leave the blogosphere {que eerie music- that word is so weird} entirely! Give pups a smooch for us!

    • Thanks Allie! Max needs a smooch … he’s had a rough couple of weeks. I think he misses your kids. 🙂


  5. I’m so excited about your new venture! And so glad you are happy with your decision and what will make you happy.

  6. Stephanie B. says

    You were such a great teacher that many of us will now be able to find deals we never would have before and I know I am excited to read what you have to say on here. I’ve said it before, but my favorite posts were always the ones where we saw a little bit of your personality emerge and I can’t wait to see what you come up with on here!

  7. Your blog: CD&M was BY FAR the absolute best, most up-to-date and well organized couponing blog out there. There is nothing to replace it with. (I am very sad). I haven’t even been able to purchase a Sunday paper since you went down-I can’t see if I should. See? I’m totally helpless w/out your data posts! :(.

    Maybe this will be good for me too. These last few days I’ve been pulling apart my stockpile and totally re-vamping my system. (Yeah, right, I had a system.) I think I do a drastic draw down before I start again.

    [But that’s not to say that I wouldn’t be thrilled to see you sell CD&M so someone else could do it…]

    OH! One more thing. Does this mean that Ask Hubby won’t be reviewing that newfangled pasta machine? Thanks.

    • You know Barbee, I plan on some posts here having to do with savings and stockpiling OTHER than couponing … and that includes eating through my stockpile. I plan on continuing with Ask Hubby. The first thing I am going to do is repost what he has already written. Same with the recipes. Since these will be repeats, they will just be an extra post per day in between new content. The lady doing my design and I had a talk for a cool recipe feature, which will make whatever you want to cook easy to find!


      • Sounds great-I’ll be here. 😉

        Here’s an idea!
        Ask Hubby to buy you a pasta machine for Easter. (Then he can teach me how to use it.)

      • So happy to here you are going to do recipes. I had bookmarked some of my favorites that you had posted but did not actually save them and lost them when CDM went down. I am hoping to see them again!

  8. You go girl……….life is all about being happy. To many people wait until the Dr. says you have 6 months to live.

    • I am not really a country music fan, but I have to say that the song Live Like You Were Dying has always spoken to me.


  9. Someone else said it. The golden days of couponing are over! I am sad to see the old go, but excited to see the new 🙂 Missed you!!

    • Thanks Tammy! I definitely missed all of you! I know it sounds trite, but to me you all were the very best part of Coupons, Deals and More. I love your input, your insight and having a real conversation with my friends.


  10. I say do what makes you happy! One day when you’re laying on your death bed, you wont be saying “I wish I had worked more than 20 hours a day on my old blog”
    While I’ll miss some parts of CD&M, its mostly the folks there that will be missed. However, if they’ve all followed you here, then they wont really be missed at all.
    Im glad you’re still “out there”. 🙂

  11. Ann, I’ve only been deal-blogging for 3 years and *I’m* tired. Can’t imagine how you did it so long! Looking forward to your new adventure, though!

    • It really is a stressful job, Jennifer. I think people have some understanding though, and why they are so grateful to deal bloggers for doing a good bit of the work for them. I know I will be!


  12. Ann,
    Welcome back!
    Could read the tiredness in your posts.
    Being open to change is a very good thing.
    Did you ever think of buying a purple couch?

    • A purple couch? Umm no, not really Wendy.

      I hope you are doing well and that the chemo isn’t kicking your butt, but rather helping you get better.


      • Terri (Colorado) says

        I think she mentioned the purple couch because purple is the color of royalty. And since you’re a “pooky princess,” the two would just naturally go together.

  13. Welcome back Ann,
    Most of us can figure out the deals on our own, but we will all be here for a good laugh!
    I love the hubby stories they crack me up!

  14. Well I am so happy to see everyone else made it here! YAY!! Ann, thank you for CDAM and all you did to help me. Funny thing is I call my Hubby Pooky too. I am glad you have found this new theme for your blog and glad you are morphing yet again. Isnt that what us women do is morph and change all of our lives? I am in my cocoon just as we speak and starting a new venture in my life. Someone told me that people come in and out of your life when they are needed. I am glad I had the ability to have you in my life with CDAM and will enjoy reading what the Pooky Princess is doing now. Sending warm hugs and so sorry I could not go to Universal with you all, but I loved your post and pictures and had a mini vip trip in my mind while reading. Enjoy your new blog, I know I will! <3

    • Hi Debb,

      Glad to see you! Should I ask what your new venture is? Whatever it may be, I hope it is something rewarding and that you enjoy… after what you’ve been though, you deserve only good things for the rest of your life.


      • Hi Ann,
        I have been asked to be a team member for Rachels Vineyard and we did not have one in my state. Thank you so much for your well wishes! Everything will work out for me, God has a plan! So glad to have a place to check in with you and love what you are doing here !

        • YAY! Free wine for you! Hmmm I should look into something like that. 😀

          I hope you love the work, Debb. It sounds like a great opportunity.


  15. I understand not wanting to do the same genre any longer. That’s why I switched from writing about personal finance to health and fitness.

    P.S. The site looks great and I’m looking forward to your humor!

  16. Jean in Calif. says

    I’m glad you made it back. I kept looking for Coupons Deals and More to come back but now I have found you again at Ann’s Entitled Life. So sorry you had to go through all the trouble but it seems like you have found your new thing in life to make you happy. Glad to have you back.


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