No Self Control

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No Self Control

Hubby goes through the ads every Sunday morning. He marks up the grocery store ads, some of of the drug store ads, Target and WalMart. Yesterday he saw that Target had Pepsi on sale 4/$12and Hubby casually mentioned it to me. After going through all the other ads, he determined that Target had the best price on the pop he wanted, and again very casually mentioned to me, “You should go to Target this week for Pepsi.”

To which I responded, “We both know I have no self control at Target. I’ll spend more there than the difference we’d save if I bought it for full price somewhere else, so do it yourself.”

After pulling the “But if you loved me you would” card, he did admit that Target is my Waterloo, and asked, “Why is that?”

You know, I honestly do not know. Target is the one store I seem to dither in, looking at what is new on the shelves, what is good on the clearance end-caps, etc. I wander. I NEVER wander a store! I am a very targeted (hehe) shopper. But, I could walk into Target with a list that should cost me $20, and end up spending $75 on goodness-only-knows-what all the time!

Do you have a store where you have no control? Where, regardless of the list in your hand and all good intentions, items magically make it onto the check-out belt and your bill inflates to two to four times what you expected? If so, in what store do you lose control? Any idea why?

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  1. For me it is also Target. I live in area with pretty much only Walmart. So when I get in a Target I look at every isle and spend a long time there. I like the store so much better than Walmart of Kmart! A few months back I had to drive the 100 miles to the town with a Target. I went for another reason but of course I visited Target. Much to my surprise I walked out with two packs of everything bagels and nothing else. It was the strangest thing ever to not find a bunch of stuff to buy at Target!

  2. Target is that store for me too!!! I don’t know what it is about that store, but I never come out with just the couple things I went in for. Today I had to go to Wegmans, but since the store was packed, I decided to go to Target instead. I was so proud that the only extra thing I walked out with was the chocolate coins my 3 year old picked in the dollar section. To be fair though….I had to force myself to skip half the store in order to succeed lol.

  3. I love Target but I dont have any problems with self control there.. I wandered the isles today for quite a while and only bought 3 packages of canning jar labels (60 for $1.25 each) on clearance, and 2 ice tea infusers (also on clearance) to put in a couple stockings for Christmas..

    My store of disastrous control is Costco.. Its horrible! I cant walk out of there with less than $100 worth, and usually closer to $200 when I just went in for ONE thing!! I dont go there near as often as I used to since I dont work near it anymore.. but I still go often enough to keep Amex happy..

    As to whys.. They are masters at staging and selling their wares.. They have excellent quality goods at really good prices and everything they sells appeals.. Even M’honey went with me a few weeks ago to get a set of stacking stainless steel mixing bowls for $13 (They are BEAUTIFUL!) and HE left with a $180 bill.. its not just me. 🙂
    When I was still working close to it.. I wouldnt take a cart in so that all I could get was what I could carry in my arms.. lol.. that helped.. 😉

    • Oh Kim, Costco is a bad one for Hubby too. Me? I just want to get the heck out of there… too crowded for me, but wow he could spend a ton there, and set up camp for the day!


  4. If I could, I could spend an hour easy in Target. But I buy very little. I just love to look. My self control? My husband. He hates Target and would rather sit in the car. Knowing he’s out there keeps me in control to run in and get out. As for control, I have a hard time in Dollar Tree. It’s prices that I can afford, especially if I have coupons. It seems like the list of things I HAVE to buy for the month there (trash bags, LA’s Awesome cleaner, batteries) seem to get longer every couple months. My $4 list can get as high as $12! On a fixed income I have to watch stuff like that.

    • Dollar Tree is another bad one for Hubby, Marie. He could spend all day in there! Me? Not-so-much. That is one of the stores where I sit in the car and wait for him!


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