Our First Date

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A much as I love my husband, I gotta admit he can be a real dork.

Why a dork?

I am so glad you asked…

Back in 2004 we had our first date. Hubby drove across state to Buffalo in his self-named “chick magnet” vehicle.

Behold the “chick magnet”.

Our First Date

Ummmmm, yeah.

Now let me tell you cars don’t really impress me. And if I were going to be impressed by an automobile, it sure as hell wouldn’t have been that car (even though it was the hatchback model Oy).

Nevertheless, when we walked over to Hubby’s car to begin our evening together, Hubby looked expectantly at me anticipating a favorable reaction to the car he had just had washed and vacuumed mere hours prior to our first date – just to impress me. If I knew then what I know now, the fact that he washed and vacuumed his car would have shocked the heck out of me… but I still wouldn’t have been impressed with the car itself.

We pulled up to the restaurant for dinner, and they had valet parking. There was a female valet and a male valet manning the booth. Hubby and I got out of the car, and the lady-valet approaches us to grab the keys from Hubby with bored expression on her face. The male-valet runs over, cuts across the front of her with his hand, while telling her “I’ll get this one” as he grabs the keys from Hubby and mentions something about “cool car”.

Well that made Hubby’s night! Forget a first date with my lovely-self, he was in high alt because the valet er, recognized he had a “cool car”.

Me? I eventually named it The Baby Car because it was so little.

Hubby gets mad to this day when I reference it by my name for his old car instead of calling it “the chick magnet” or some other delusional name Hubby had for that vehicle. He just loved that car! In fact, he loved it so much he got the Saab version of it for the place in Utah.

I called that one The Baby Brother.

Do you recall your first date with your spouse or significant other? Please share! And Hubby wants to know what kind of car you were driving (seriously… he asked that!)

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  1. ROFL.. yeah.. Im sorry Ann’s Hubby… That is not a chick magnet car.. Not for this chick anyways.. It must be the gay version if the only other one who recognize its a cool car is another guy. 😉
    (I have a gay daughter so Im not anti-gay if anyone thinks to pounce-its just funny)

    My first date with M’honey was when he sent me a plane ticket to meet him in Las Vegas for 4 or 5 days after talking to him for 9 months online. I got there an hour or two before he did so I was waiting at the terminal for him to come off the plane. He had a bouquet of roses for me & he’d told a few folks on the plane our “story” so when they saw us meet & hug, they started clapping. He footed the bill for the entire vacation including arrangements in case we didnt “like” each other so we could still have a good time. THAT impressed me..
    The second date we had, was the first time I came up to visit him.. I lived in Texas, he lived in Ohio.. He met me at the airport in a Limo.. LOL.. That was fun & that impressed me.. but what impressed me more than anything was the way he treated his mama & his kids & how other people we ran across at stores or in town treated him! Thats where you get the true measure of a man & what others think of him. Yup.. hes a keeper! I thought so then & I think so now.

  2. Ann, This might explain part of the reason why I am no longer married to this jerk. He came to get me in a 1967 Rambler. Some if your younger readers won’t even no what it is, so Google it. I opened my own door and as soon as we left my house he told me the two front seats laid all the way down into the back seat. See what I mean. That should have sent red flags up and no we did not lay those seats down.

  3. Stephanie K. says

    LOL! Great story! Um, yeah, “chick magnet”. Right.

    My first date isn’t like most people’s since hubby and I were both 15 at the time 🙂 . We went on a double date with my parents. We had dinner at Pizza Hut and then went to see the movie, Maverick. I believe my parents were driving a minivan of some sort… Oh well, my parents upgraded vehicles very soon after that and got a Ford Explorer. I took my road test in that and the guy doing the test kept asking me all about it, I swear that’s the only reason I passed (not that I’m a bad driver, I just totally blew the parallel parking and I stopped at a cross walk line and not at a stop line). Then my dad bought a brand new Dodge Ram pickup truck “so we had something nice to ride in” on the way to my wedding. (We got married at Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands).

    Sorry, guess I started rambling there. Anyway, that first date was nearly 19 years ago (it was May 21, 1994) and we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on May 29th. Guess vehicles don’t matter all that much, huh? 🙂

  4. I had no clue what kind of car that was until I clicked the picture. Wonder what ever made him think that was a chick magnet? Very odd indeed.
    First date with my hubby was actually in my car because he only had a very old truck. We went out to dinner and to a bar – no real story, just a nice time.

    • I have no idea why he thought it was a “chick magnet” either, Shell. Now if it had been a Ferrari or a Bentley… that I would understand! But this one? Ummm no.


    • I just realized nearly 29 years later, hubby still drives and old truck lol. I have always had the nicer vehicle – currently and FJ Cruiser.

  5. Skirnir Hamilton says

    When my hubby and I first dated, he wasn’t driving anything. We had seen each other online for about a year, and then we started talking a bit. At first I thought he was a bit arrogant. Fairly quickly of our first phone call, we talked for 2 hours and then a few months later he greyhound out to where I was. He was in WI, I was in OH. I swear he had sent me the worst picture of himself he could find, so when I first saw him I breathed a sigh of relief. When I first saw the picture he sent me, I suddenly started crying. I had no idea I had started to care for this man whom I had never met face to face until his photo set me to crying wondering how in the world I could look at that face for the rest of my life. We have now been married 16.5 years.

    • Wow Skirnir, you and your Hubby must have been one of the first online matches! Congratulations!


    • ROFL Skirnir… That is hilarious.. and an awesome story..

      D & I have lived together for 15 years this summer & we “talked online” for almost 2 years so your story & mine have quite a few similarities.. The first thing D did after handing me the flowers and hugging me, we stepped back to get a really good look at each other.. He started making this “twitching cheek/mouth” thing and I was thinking..”Oh S**t.. hes afflicted!” and Im looking at him trying to figure out if it was real or not.. I started laughing & so did he.. He was just being his silly self… To this day, all he has to do is “that twitching thing” and it sets us both off in peels of laughter.

      And Ann.. yes, that was back in the very beginning of online “dating”. Me & D were on Aol’s Harley Bar and it was still pay by the hour.. haha.. oh the stories I could tell.. but wont. 😉
      There were quite a few couples who hooked up online & I remember thinking to myself ” Those crazy online people hooking up.. they’re insane.” I deliberately wouldnt talk to local guys cuz I wasnt interested in hooking up with anyone just having gone thru my second divorce.. We were just friends for the longest time… and I was happy with that… haha… I always say “Be careful what you say cuz God has a GREAT sense of humor!”

  6. Stephanie B says

    My husband would have drooled over “the chick magnet.” I don’t know what it is, but every time we see a car like that he oooo’s and ahhh’s over it lol.

    I was reading these stories and smiling over how cute they are, then I realized I don’t have one to share – well not of a date anyway. My husband and I met because a college friend was coming to see me before he left for boot camp and since it was a 4 hour drive to my house he brought a friend – hubby. I have to admit, at first I thought he was completely annoying – especially being a year younger than me (20 at the time) and not exactly mature. I was just out of a bad relationship and wasn’t looking to date anyone. By the time he went home the next day I had started to actually like him, but still just thought he would be a good memory of someone I had met at my friend’s goodbye party. Two minutes after he left he called me and we talked for hours that day and every day after that. A week later he came to see me again and attend my grandma’s 80th birthday party. Five weeks after that we moved in together, two months after that we were engaged, and two months after that we found out we were expecting! Nearly four years later we have an amazing two year old and he works his butt off to let me be a stay at home mommy. We have always done everything in hyper speed and “backwards”, and we never had a first date, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!! (side note – hubby and I realized a couple years ago that we had actually talked on the phone once a couple years before we met while I was talking to our mutual friend. Its funny how life works out)

    And to answer your hubby’s question – he was driving some little Mazda sports car that I had a love-hate relationship with. I can’t drive a standard so I hated it, but it had amazing gas mileage. We could drive from Buffalo to Utica and back on only half a tank of gas!!

  7. We never really had a first date. We were friends and lived next door to each other. By the time my marriage ended, he had taken a job in Northern Virginia but would travel to Southwest Virginia every weekend to see to his mother who was my neighbor. And we kept in touch. One Thanksgiving week, he took me and my daughter up to where he worked and put us up in a motel near his job. He would come at his break to make sure we were alright. Then come pick us up for lunch. And by the time his shift was over, I was excited to see him and he’d take us to dinner and a mall or something. The next day was the same except I was anxiously waiting in the doorway for him. By the third day I was practically hanging over the railing dying for him to come in from work. That was the day I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life waiting for him to come home from work. That was 25, almost 26 years later. We took his car, a light blue Lincoln Continental and left my car, a 68 Mercury Montego convertible at home.

  8. I’m not sure what kind of “chicks” that car would attract! Ha!

    My hubby had a beautiful blue, BMW sports car with a tan leather interior. (Can’t actually remember the model ~ not my thing.) But it was gorgeous! He wore this cool dark, red leather jacket & had a mustache. My knees went weak. This was over 30 years ago folks. He still drives beautiful cars. Drives them forever & takes excellent care of them. I still like to go on dates in whatever his current “chick magnet” is.

  9. Aw! That is such a sweet story! I remember my husband picked me up in a 1991 FOrd and guess what, we still have that car!!!!

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