So, How’s Your Weather?

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So, How's Your Weather?

Man we picked an awesome year to go full-on snowbird down in Florida. It has been a loooooong time since Buffalo and points north (sorry southtowns, you are on your own) had a cruddy (traditional) winter. Looks like this year is it – but they aren’t alone by any means, it looks like most of the north is experiencing extreme cold. Heck yesterday the Savannah area had winter-related issues!

Down in St. Augustine the weather has been up and down. It has generally been sunny this trip, and this past weekend it was in the low 70s… but yesterday it was 45° and rainy with a VERY angry ocean.

Supposedly this weekend we will be back up into the 70s! YAY!!

Should be fun to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday and see what an outdoor game in February is like in New Jersey.

So, how’s the weather where you are?

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  1. Craziest weather ever on the Gulf Coast of Alabama!! Monday night/Tuesday had about 3-4 inches of sleet, not snow…sleet! Ice, ice everywhere and not a soul in this area knows how to handle that! And of course, no equipment to get rid of, no plows, no salt trucks, a little sand if you’re lucky. (Yankee girl here – grew up in Illinois.) Everything shut down…most places re-opening mid-day today. Still cold at 27, but supposed to reach mid 40s so all should be gone. And of course…70s by the weekend. We were lucky, only lost power for about 45 minutes, and one burst water pipe, outside faucet. Now capped off by hubby, waiting on the plumber to come this afternoon. A winter for the record books here…and not at all why I live in the South!! Bring on the summer!!!

  2. Just for the record Donna.. Nobody can drive on ice.. Not Yankees and not Southerners either.. Salt would help, true.. but its cost prohibitive for the most part.. I wonder though why they cant use salt slurry from the ocean.. maybe still too cost prohibitive. The entire southern part of the US shuts down when they get those ice storms.. I figure if it was manageable, they would manage it. They know it’ll be gone in a couple days.. guess its cheaper in the long run.

    Its cold here in Ohio.. down right aound 0° to -4° in the wee hours.. and heating up to between 4° & 15° for the last few days.. Ack! At least the sun has been shining for the last 3 days.. We get a little snow here & there but nothing much more than a few flakes here & there after a quick blizzard 3 or 4 days ago. Looks like close to a foot on the ground.. maybe a hair less..

    Im ready for summer. 🙂 I like snow & chilly weather until about mid January.. then Im ready for summer. haha..

    I will be starting my Winter Sowing planting method soon so that’ll at least assuage my boredom for a few hours. 😉

    • March 1st I am done with snow and cold. I expect flowers, sunshine and warmth at 12:01 am, and when it doesn’t happen, I am disappointed.

      I’ll never learn….


  3. Skirnir Hamilton says

    Here, in TN has been a cold winter by their standards. We have had three bouts of single digit temperatures each lasting at least a few nights and days. About 2 inches of snow, which in WI, I was used to, but in TN, a first for us. Only been here a year, and luckily we live enough in town that 2 inches of snow, even it freezing over night doesn’t bother me much. If I lived up one of these mountains or hills with no guard rails, then I would stay home. I don’t understand the lack of guard rails on some of these roads here. In Wisconsin you slide off the road, you are in a ditch or a snow bank in the winter, but here, you often times end of dead. Only saw one fatality referenced in the local paper though this week from hitting a tree, but saw another about a week and a half ago. Oh, and in Wisconsin our pipes never froze, but here, if it goes below 10 degrees and we don’t leave the kitchen sink dripping, it freezes. Only the cold water to the kitchen sink and it will remain frozen for a few days until it warms up. Rather annoying!

    • Skirnir, I learned the lesson of frozen pipes in TN when I moved from an apartment to a house. It’s the coldest here in decades and breaking records. East of you, we’ve had 3 nights below zero and 5″ of snow this last round. A week ago my son hit an icy patch on the interstate and hit the cable guard rail the state thinks is so much better that the regular metal ones. It totaled his car. We’re supposed to get to 56 tomorrow.

      • Marie I hope he is ok. That is terrible for him.


        • He’s perfectly fine. Not even a scratch or a bruise. Those old Crown Vic Police Interceptor cars are pretty tough. That cable guard rail system broke his back window and punched a hole in the trunk in addition to flattening a tire and doing body damage. We knew he had an accident before he called us. The roll back taking it to the tow yard drove right past the house and my husband just happened to see it go by.

    • Do you have a basement there in TN? We didnt in Texas and we had problems with frozen pipes often when it got very cold.. Here in the North, our basements keep the pipes warm.. or a whole lot warmer anyways.. None in our house are routed along outside walls.. thats what always froze them in Tx.

    • I worry about freezing pipes too! Last year we drained the tank and shut off the water before we came south. This year we are having work done at the house while we are gone, so while Hubby drained the hot water tank, the water is still on. Fortunately we can regulate the house temperature over the internet, and it has had to stay warm to cure the stairs (pics in a few weeks), but I still worry.


  4. Yes. Partly finished, partly dirt floors and not heated very well. The pipe that burst (twice) was leading to the outside faucet. Of course the pipe gave up the ghost just inside the wall in a crawl space. It’s wrapped and insulated and we put in a frost proof faucet outside.

  5. Hope that takes care of the problems for you…winter is tough all the way around..

    • Thanks. That was about 15 years ago. Winter is tough…my husband is going stir crazy. And let’s not get into the cost of heating! That’s a whole new subject for Ann to tackle.

      • In what way, Marie? The different types? Expected cost per type? I could probably do that, but not for a few weeks. It will take research, and my brother is coming down next week for 6-7 days.


        • Whatever makes you happy. In a few weeks would be great so that this cold, cold winter would give an overall view when it’s over. Types, costs, back up plans, there’s so much you could run with.

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