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Survey Says! ...

I have been asked a number of times (mostly by my nagging husband) to write an eBook. I received a very nice email last week asking for a copy of my cookbook (no, I don’t have one, and sincerely doubt I will ever have a hard copy cookbook), and am now taking a blogging class where I must write an eBook (sometimes, I need a kick in the fanny). So, apparently it is time for me to at least write an eBook of some sort…

With that in mind, I need a little help from all of you, please.

Could you please answer this survey!? It is short and sweet, only 3 questions long, but it would go a looooooong way toward helping me out! A few seconds of your time is all I need, and I would really, really appreciate your help: click here to take the survey!

Link to eBook survey!

Thank you for taking this Ann’s Entitled Life reader preference survey!!

Survey Says! ...

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  1. Skirnir Hamilton says

    A free ebook may get me to subscribe, but dependent on what I see in it and what I see in recent posts when I subscribe would determine if I stay. Yes, I have subbed for a free ebook and then unsubed and don’t think I read the ebook either.

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