Why Are Only Ugly Shoes Comfortable?

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Why Are Only Ugly Shoes Comfortable?

When Mr Max got sick in March, he took to sleeping on our bed. This is not something he normally does (ever), so that told us (like the no eating or drinking hadn’t already) just how ill he was. Well, subconsciously I knew he was on the bed with us, so I slept hugging the side of the bed so I wouldn’t kick him or disturb him in any way. In retrospect I should have left Max and Hubby to the bed and gone and slept in the spare room … but I didn’t.

One morning a few weeks into Max’s illness I woke up and my right leg hurt. I figured I just slept wrong – I was sleeping like a contortionist trying to avoid the dog – and I’d walk it off during the day.

Well, over the course of the next week it seemed that my leg hurt even worse. I could never pin-point exactly where it hurt: one day it was the back of my calf, the next day the front of my thigh, and the day after that, the side of my knee. And so it went. Seldom did my leg hurt in the same place two days in a row! Talk about frustrating.

Hubby started to stretch me out and my leg felt normal after the stretching, and that feeling of normalcy would last a good part of the day. But, if he didn’t stretch me, my leg again hurt. I started to wonder if I pulled something, or if the sneakers I ran around in daily needed to be replaced?

I ended up going to the shoe store, buying new sneakers and trying on other shoes. I was looking for black flats but didn’t find what I was looking for. I did try on some Finn Comfort shoes, and could not believe how fabulous my feet felt! I ended up buying these Finn Comfort Quebec shoes.

And man these are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuug-ly! But it is like I am walking barefoot, only better! Maybe a cloud? On the sand? Anyway my feet felt fabulous in these! The shoe store had a few other Finn Comfort shoes that were not unattractive, but they did not carry my size and I didn’t want to wait to order. So, even though I found the shoes unattractive, I bough ’em.

Their looks have grown on me. They actually look great with jeans. My leg feels a LOT better, which also contributes to my change of heart concerning the looks of the Finn Comfort shoes. I look fondly on them now. That will happen when a pair of shoes takes away my pain.

I started the elliptical again to help me stretch more, and that combined with these Finn Comfort shoes and my new sneakers have worked wonders the last three weeks. I do know the shoes have had a lot to do with it, because I wore sandals the other day, and even though I used the elliptical that morning, my leg started to ache again that evening in my sleep.

The next day… back to the Finn Comfort and no problems sleeping that night. I really think comfortable shoes with good support (I have a VERY high arch) have helped tremendously.

Now if only Christian Louboutin shoes felt half this good!

Is it just me, or is it always the ugly shoes that are the most comfortable?

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  1. MichelleK says

    Jiminy Christmas… for $300 they outta feel good! No wonder my feet hurt, I am wearing $1 flip flops!! LOL

  2. Ann,
    I have bought several very expensive pairs of Munro shoes and they are not uggggggggggggggly. They carry sandals, open toed flats, heels, wedges, etc. and they are the most comfortable shoes I have every put on. The only reason I could afford these, they were on sale, price point about $100.00, not on sale they are any where from $200 to $300 or more. Google them and see what you think. I told a good friend about them and she went to Nordstroms to try a pair on, she bought two pairs at full retail price. Now I have to call her when I see them on sale so she can see if they have her size, (tiny little feet). When I get online every day I have several places I look at to see if any Munro’s have gone on sale.

    As comfort goes, for regular price shoes, I will wear Clark’s, they seem to be reasonably priced, nice looking and are very comfortable. But I agree with you most comfortable shoes are really ugly. I like the Finn you picked out.


    • I have a few pair of Munro too and you are right Candie, they are not ugly. The heels I have are actually very comfortable — not as comfy as those ugly Finn Comfort ones though!


  3. MichelleK says

    Candie – I like Clarks too and they have come along way becoming much more fashionable!!

    • I have a ton of Clark clogs. They used to make them in wide (that is how I compensate for my high arch… a wide width) in just about every shoe they made. That stopped a few years ago, and I haven’t bought a pair in a loooooong time.


  4. Are we talking just new shoes or does that include old favorites that look like they have been to he– and back and are the most comfortable things in the house? I have a pair of K Swiss that looked nice once upon a time but the leather is scuffed and the bottom of the sole had a blow out, but I won’t trash them until they won’t stay on my feet.

    Anyway, I agree that comfortable shoes are a must. I learned years ago that high tops make my heels hurt, possibly the Achilles tendon. I never have owned a pair since. And you won’t find a pair of heels in my closet either.

  5. Ann,

    Have you gone to the Clark stores in a mall? I have found so many new styles and they carry wide widths there. Also, have you heard of 6pm.com? They carry pretty much every brand of shoe under the sun and they might have the Clarks you are looking for.


  6. No kidding! I will only wear Dansko shoes (thank you 6pm.com). I think the ones I wear are as ugly as they get but they are the ‘professional’ ones and the only way I can tolerate a full day of work without my feet just killing me. The last pair I ordered were brown but when they came they were metallic brown with a purple tinge. I was embarrassed to wear them but I have actually gotten compliments. Good luck Ann on your quest to keep finding comfortable shoes.

  7. Yoga Ann! Seriously! I started doing 20 minutes of yoga every morning about 4 months ago. It has made a world of difference for my aches and pains of sitting all day. Rodney Yee has some great DVDs for beginners! And I know you are laughing at me right now!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, I am not laughing at you… ok, laughing a little bit. I have yoga pants that have never been to yoga. Maybe they’d like to be useful?

      I may give it a go, Renae. That leg is a whole lot better than it was in March, but it still isn’t 100%.


    • I am with Renae on the yoga. I started probably 10 years ago. Best thing I ever did! I have way fewer aches & pains & rarely hurt any more. Plus stronger & much more flexible. It’s good stuff.

  8. I know you didnt ask this… but if you ask me, you should throw that elliptical OUT THE DOOR! It probably caused the problem in the first place! Not too many years before I met you guys in Pa, I was thin.. I worked out 2-3 times a week for several years.. My jogging days were over since I had my 1st knee surgery but there were still many many things I could do.. and did.. and I was doing great! And then we got ellipticals at work.. I worked out on them.. I usually stretched 20-30 minutes after each workout.. I was religious about it.. And then I started having problems after about 8 months or a year.. It started slowly.. tight hamstrings.. lower back pain.. these were first.. then hip pain.. then knee pain… I started going to a chiropractor who helped me a lot.. but I never got 100% better.. but my issues got worse.. and then I had to have knee surgery #2.. and it never did completely heal.. and thats been almost 4 years I guess.. I never got back on the elliptical.. and Im still considered not well and I sure cant exercise or even walk like I used to. ๐Ÿ™ And then I started hearing others having the same problems after being elliptical zealots like I had been.. Now there is plenty of information out there regarding the negative impact of the elliptical though it doesnt seem to get to mainstream news very often.. My chiropractor agrees that its not a good piece of equipment to use.. he has lots of patients thanks to them.
    Here is an article.. but if you’re interested, do a search yourself.. veloreviews.com

    I think those shoes are really cute! I was also told by a massage therapist to stop wearing tennis shoes except when I was working out. She said they arent designed to be our main every days shoe but the shoe industry isnt going to tell us that. Sigh.. I wish I had known this stuff before I wound up like this.

  9. Mentioned your “ugly” shoe deal to hubby. He has had some shoe/foot issues since his massive chemotherapy & marrow transplant (very thankfully ~ it’s about the only problem he has had since transplant). He said, “You wear what works. If they are ugly, so be it.” Now, I can vouch for that. His shoes are U.G.L.Y. But his feet don’t hurt. And that makes him happy, so that makes me happy.

    Just thought I’d share!

  10. Ok, so we all see a great need here. Perhaps we ought to all get together and create a comfort shoe company that actually carries truly fashionable shoes as opposed to the clunky uglies. Who is with me? haha

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