Why Is It So Hard To Open A Jar?

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Why Is It So Hard To Open A Jar?

I was attempting to open a jar the other day. I banged it on the counter. I tapped it against the kitchen counter. I used a flexible jar opener. I ran the jar under hot water, and then used a towel to try and open it. That actually worked, but you have to figure the 47 other things I tried must have loosened it up.

Now, I am not elderly. Ok, maybe a 10 year old would consider me elderly. Possibly a 15 year old. But I doubt many in their twenties would consider me elderly; to them I am just old. I am a middle aged woman without any arthritis issues, and I could not open this freaking jar!!

Which brings me to my original question: why is it so hard to open a jar? And, how do the elderly open any jars? The hot-fill pasteurizing process does ensure freshness and block disease and rot, but couldn’t there be a happy medium? A jar that ensures freshness, blocks air preventing disease and rot, and allows people to opened the darned thing would make someone a bazillionaire! It would be as useful (probably more so) than inventing an alternative for oil.

Do you have any easy-open tips for opening jars?

(For those wondering, no that is not me. I bought the photo at istock.)

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  1. I always use the tap around the lid with a knife technique. Never failed me so far. The only issue with that one being is some lids are really thin and you can dent them.

  2. I finally had a chance to visit here πŸ™‚
    Hello Ann and friends!

    So I have no tips for this becuase recently I found that I had a hard time opening jars, in particular a pasta sauce jar of ragu. I must be really weak cause I tried using one of those jar openers and still nothing. I asked dh to help. He of course laughs at me but even he struggled a little before opening it. I will try the hot water trick.

  3. This:
    OXO Good Grips Jar Opener is how the elderly in my house open jars.
    Works like a charm and you simply can not beat that price! (under $10)
    Get it, you will NOT be disappointed.

  4. We bought my MIL this Black & Decker jar opener. Have no clue if it actually worked..

    I personally smack it on the counter or with a heavy butter knife and use a pancake.. better known as a rubber jar gripper.. like this link to gripper

    I started using them when I worked for Boeing 19 years ago.. We used them for all sorts of things & they work beautifully.. Saved my hands some serious damage over time. I always accept these when people are offering them as advertizing.. One of the best things ever created in my opinion. Usually I just need one for the top of the jar lid, but occasionally, I’ll use one to hold the bottom too.. 99 times out of 100 it works with no problem.

  5. Try using the point of a bottle opener between the metal lid and the glass rim. If you break the vacuum seal, the lid should unscrew fairly easily.

  6. I keep two wide rubber bands in a kitchen drawer to open jars with. So Simple! I put one around the jar lid and the other around the jar. Place each hand on a band, twist, and the top comes right off.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You’re back! So excited πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I don’t have a tip sorry, I use the flexible jar opening, it always works for me.

  8. I was thinking this exact thing the other day – how do the truly old open anything these days? My hubby was struggling the other day to open a pack of saltines. He is a contractor who is in very good shape wth!

  9. LOL! Didn’t you have that fleece on at lunch?????? πŸ˜‰

    I can barely open anything anymore…..so I ask my husband or son if they are home.

  10. I place a kitchen towel on the counter, turn the jar upside down, then gently but firmly”bounce” the lid flatly on the towel once or twice. Turn right side up, and voila! Works every time!

  11. Michele K says

    I try smacking the bottom of the jar with the heel of my hand, it works a lot of the time.

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