WTF is THAT!?!?

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I have mentioned in the past that Sonny-boy moved out a few months after he graduated from college, but he is continuing his education in graduate school. The difference between this move-out and his college move-out, is he is not returning during school breaks. When he moved out (for good) he left behind a closet full of clothing, a dresser full of clothing, stacks of boxes… full of clothing, and a card table stacked with… you guessed it! Clothing!

As part of my limited spring cleaning I needed Sonny-boy to come over and shovel out those spaces. I want to replace the carpeting in his room, so his left-behinds needed to be dealt with fairly promptly. I had been asking him for months to come over and deal with that mess, and he had been putting it off. We both knew a lot of the clothing he left behind were going to be donated, so it was a matter of sorting things out. I needed him to do this, couldn’t do it alone, and he now had a deadline… April 1st. So, in typical Sonny-boy fashion, he showed up on the 10th.

While cleaning out his dresser and nightstand, he found a lot of paperwork that was ready for the shredder, his community college diploma, his high school diploma … and then his grammar school diploma. And here I thought I had them all! Turns out I only pulled out the college diploma.

So, Sonny-boy was moving right along plowing through old bills, paperwork, trinket boxes, tie boxes, wallets and more. When he got to a little brown jewelry box, he opened it and screamed out, “ WTF is THAT!?!?!? It looks like doodie!

I looked and saw this:

WTF is THAT!?!??

And I started laughing.

And Sonny-boy looked at me.

And so I started laughing even harder.

Somehow, between the laughs, snorts and as I was doubling over, I got out, “It is your umbilical cord.”

And then I laughed even harder at the complete look of horror on Sonny-boy’s face.

Sonny-boy: “No really, what is it?”

My response (through the laughter), “Your umbilical cord”.

Sonny-boy looks at me, determines I am serious even though I am laughing so hard I am crying, and goes, “Ewwwwwwwww that’s disgusting!”

I then mussed about the whereabouts of his baby teeth, at which point he called me psychotic.

I am laughing just thinking about the conversation!

Needless to say things wrapped up rather quickly after that discovery. He took out the trash, put the last of his clothing to be donated on a pile, grabbed some of the stuff he decided to take to his new place, and basically ran out the door!

Hmmm if I ever want to get rid of Sonny-boy in a hurry, I know what to bring out. Now I just have to find it again. I have a sneaking suspicion it went out in the trash.

So, what “disgusting” things have you saved from your kid’s baby/toddler/childhood?

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  1. Tamona Valentine says

    I am a bad mom. I have a few umbilical cords around here somewhere. I don’t keep teeth but one of my kids saves everyone’s teeth. I think its part of his serial killer training. He claims he is making a better version of his siblings but I don’t think that is possible lol!

  2. Stephanie K says

    That is SO funny! My aunt saved her kids umbilical cords. I remember listening to a conversation between her and my mom and my other aunt. My mom and Aunt Donna were horrified to hear that Aunt Bonnie kept umbilical cords, but Aunt Bonnie couldn’t believe they saved teeth. She was so grossed out by the “tooth talk” that she left the room. To each their own, I guess!

    • LOL I wonder if Sonny-boy was more horrified that I kept it? Or that it was in his dresser drawer for the last 25 years?


  3. Candie Britland says

    OK Ann, I am worried about you. This is, seriously, the first time I have ever heard of keeping the umbilical cord, were you planning on reusing it? Did you keep the part from the circumcision? I always threw the teeth away and one day, grandson, who I raised from a baby found one in the trash, that is when he figured out there was no tooth fairy. That was good, saved me $5 for every tooth.

    Sonny-boy was probably grossed out to realize he had it in his room all this time.


    • Candie, read the comments above yours… I am not the only nut out there! And to be perfectly honest, I don’t recall doing it.


  4. OMG!!!!! That is a big WOW!?!?

    I have been a nurse for over 30 yrs. and Ann….this is a first for me. I was never offered my sons and I am glad they did not.

    I can just see your son’s face when he found it…..LOL! Mine would of vomitted right on the spot.

    • LOL!


    • Stephanie K. says

      I must say, it’s not something that’s offered at the hospital, it’s the piece that falls off a day or two after you get home. I just couldn’t wait for it to fall off so I could give my babies their first baths. I didn’t keep it from either of my two kids, but I don’t think it’s too far out there. It looks like lots of people do it.

  5. I haven’t really saved anything to he honest. I started throwing out a lot of homework and projects that come home with dd after a few months. Too much clutter. I did save a few things. I didn’t save the umbilical cord cause I think it just got lost somewhere after it fell off. People save all sorts of odd stuff. But me, it’s mostly just stockpile.

  6. Yep, I saved the kids also… but I didn’t do a good job of marking them. I don’t know who’s is who’s. I don’t really know why I saved them, just did. My last childs is still in a baggie in the junk draw… is that to much info, lol

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