My EYES!!!!

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My EYES!!!!

Last weekend Hubby put on a pair of suspenders without a shirt. He then threatened to go out and do yard work with this “outfit” on. I told him to go ahead, but I was going to take pictures and post them online.

He said I could take pics, but only below the neck. When I told him, “Nope, face too”, he told me I couldn’t do that because then everyone would know how beautiful he is.

Sometimes, Hubby makes my head hurt. In this case, it was my eyes.

What goofy things does your spouse or SO do that embarrass you?

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  1. Skirnir Hamilton says

    So did he do it? I suspect he did not wear the outfit outside, or there would be pictures!

  2. No words, can’t speak, laughing 🙂

  3. Holy Cow… above…speechless!
    Tho’ I am nearly as embarrassed when my hub thinks he’s doing me a favor and taking me for a walk on the beach…and he has his jeans and shoes on. I love a walk on the beach, tho I think I might rather walk by myself haha….
    Men, seriously…what are we to do????

    • My Hubby does that too… usually sneakers though, not shoes. And to be fair, it is January and February for us. I don’t get this thought – you’d think MY Hubby of all people would be thrilled with a cheap pedicure.


      • No kidding!! Exfoliation at it’s best! And FREE!!! And why in the world do you want shoes or sneakers filled with sand in every crack and crevice????

  4. DH went out in brown loafers, knee-high tube socks (one green top, one royal blue top) pulled all the way up, purple shorts and a red t-shirt. I pitched a holy fit but he wouldn’t change. I refused to acknowledge the whole time we were in public, and most of the night at home as well. Any time it gets brought up he claims he doesn’t see a problem with how he was dressed, but he’s never failed to ask me if I think he looks ok since then. 🙂

  5. LOL Poor Ann.. thats pretty funny… Do these guys see the same thing in the mirror that we see when we’re looking at them? Somehow, I doubt it.

    M’honey doenst USUALLY do things that embarrass me.. but when he does, they’re doosies..
    A few years ago we were at an all day Country Jam Festival and it was ungodly HOT. We were front & center on the floor and having a good ol time.. Now mind you, M’honey is in AA so doenst drink or do illicit drugs or any mind altering substances. I went to get myself a couple beers and when I came back, M’honey had taken his jeans off & he had on some Joe Boxer Boxer Shorts on.. You know.. the ones with a big smiley face & a BIG ol tongue hanging out all over them? ROFL.. These are close to what they looked like but the tongue was whipping across the whole front of these..It was huge.. rofl. BRIGHT YELLOW with a LONGGG RED Tongue! ROFL.. I thought I was gonna die right there & then. I tried to get him to put his damn pants back on but he refused.. He was hot & he was having too good of a time & so was everyone around us laughing at him.. I drank my beers quickly and had to go get more… haha.. I think that was the year I got really drunk & I had to climb over the walls to get out.. I wonder why. 😛

  6. O my gosh!! I thought I had a good one to add ~ hubby is very fashion challenged when going “casual”, but I don’t think I can beat suspenders & no shirt, mismatched socks & purple shorts, and KimH yours is a killer with the Joe Boxer shorts. ROTF!!

    • Well Im laughing about it now, but trust me.. I wasnt laughing then.. well maybe I was inside a little bit.. but oh Gawd! haha..

    • LOL Patti!

      I wonder if I should have started this post with… “My Hubby is of Italian descent…” for an even better story!?


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