What Is The Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done To Save a Buck?

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Those of you that followed Coupons, Deals and More may remember this little gem. It was one of the “better” Crap My Hubby Says (or does) posts. I ran across the post while looking at the old blog last week, and decided to rerun the question.

I will tell you that I personally, cannot top this story to answer the question: What Is The Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done To Save a Buck?

So, I am sitting at the kitchen table Friday night minding my own business and working on the blog. Hubby comes over to the table and sets down a shampoo and conditioner bottom atop the newspapers that were waiting to go out to recycle.

I (foolishly) assumed he was going to take the pile out to the garage and dump it in the recycling bin.

Instead, Hubby takes off down the basement.

I thought nothing of it – it wouldn’t be the first time he forgot to take the recycling out when he intended to – and I continued to type.

He comes back upstairs with a hacksaw and before I could say a word, starts cutting the shampoo bottle … to access the remains!

What Is The Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done To Save a Buck?

On top of our kitchen table!!!! (for those that care, ours is the keyhole trestle table #599)

Now we won’t ask why he didn’t take the bottle down to his basement work room, or why he thought it was worth losing a finger to cut through a bottle for the remains of some shampoo, but I would like to know what made him think doing this on our kitchen table was a bright idea!?

This is a clearer picture of what he was attempting:

What Is The Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done To Save a Buck?

And no, he wasn’t successful. He said it was a double bottle so very difficult to cut by hand.

Since hindsight is 20-20, what is the stupidest thing you have ever done to save a buck??

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  1. Aw, yes, I remember that post well. And my reply had a comical typo. Not to repeat that, I will speak of the recent past. Last month my favorite pump lotion was too low to pump. I cut open the bottle with a box-cutter type knife and there was quite a lot remaining. I put it in a small plastic container (like a butter dish, but smaller). I don’t consider that stupid to save a buck, but running out to buy a $1 squeeze bottle because I didn’t like “dipping” into the other container is stupid. At some point there will still be some product loss when I can’t get it out of it’s new bottle. Duh!

  2. This has always been my VERY favorite post you’ve ever written! I still randomly picture this whole thing taking place and start laughing.

  3. While I am at this very moment super-p@#$ed that my favorite lotion – in a glass pump bottle no less – has a great deal left in it! (Lesson learned on buying glass bottle pump lotions, right?). So the best I have is the bottle standing upside down in a plastic cup oozing every bit I can from it. Then…transferring with the popsicle stick I presume, to the small plastic travel bottle. This ticks me off enough to NOT buy this product again…

    • I hate the waste at the bottom of so many of these bottles too, Donna. I understand the incentive for the manufacturer to not let you get the very last drop out, but they have to realize how many people DO get ticked off enough never to buy again. Is it really worth a lost customer?


      • Soft soap is terrible. I spent a short while transferring left over soap to another bottle. In 4 bottles equaled a half a bottle.

        • Now soft soap bottles I have no trouble with as the ‘mouths’ on what I buy are the same size. When one is low, I get a full one out to use it down for a couple days (so no overspill) and then take both pumps off and set them mouth to mouth with the smaller amount on top. Only takes about 30-40 minutes and it’s all done – viola….no waste there!
          And…fyi…for all you tightwads…I think I just perfected the popsicle stick method and/or how small the opening of the bottle you’re transferring in to. My large glass pump bottle drained into a plastic cup, get out the small spatula and wipe that cup clean – NO waste! Transfer that into a sandwich bag, cut a whole in the bottom corner like a pastry bag and squirt entire contents into your small squishable ‘new’ bottle! Genius, huh???

  4. On my way to do a deal, there is a traffic light camera in NYC that is ridiculous. The light changes soo fast and on a 40 mph street with lots of cars, it’s hard to get past the yellow. Needless today, I got caught at the yellow turning red and was slapped with a huge fine. There really was not enough time to stop. Now that I moved out of the city, I had a hard time readjusting to longer yellow lights. It was a good $45 loss. Dh fought it and got the fine reduced. I should have stayed home.

    • My town charges $100! Half of it is a clerical fee!

    • Ahhhh camera-lights… those wonderful revenue generators. Where’d you get snagged, Liz? I can’t imagine it was lower Manhattan with a cop at every crossing!?


      • It was in queens, on woodhaven blvd. at the time, about 5 yrs ago, the fine was $95 I think or maybe $110. Dh fought it and it was reduced to $50. I made $5 on the deal that I was going to get so I said net loss of $45. But the loss was greater than that amount in time, gas, etc.

        I also got one in Long Island too. That fine was $90 for not coming to a complete stop at the right turn on red. That was my mistake. You can’t fight in li since its all video here. Taxes are super high here. Maybe that’s why fines are still ok. Totally should have stayed home cause it was a trip to ra. And a lousy trip too.

    • Wow my daughter got caught by a red light camera turning while it changed to red. This was just last month and the fine was $260. My daughter is a recent college grad and is is currently an Americorp volunteer and very poor, so guess who had to pay? I have no clue in the world why the fine would be so high but we viewed the video and she there is no doubt she was guilty, so we paid.

      • Oops forgot to say she is in Beaverton, Or right outside Portland.

      • Wow, $260!? That city must need the revenue very badly… are the taxes very low in the area?


        • I don’t have a clue about the taxes there Ann. She just moved there in Aug and has made no comment about taxes. I did tweet about my outrage at the ticket and friends in Fla say they pay about the same there for redlight tickets. So watch out when you are down there again!

          • Thanks for the heads-up, Shell!


          • We used to live in Lake Oswego, I worked in Beaverton. No sales tax and if memory serves, fairly low vehicle registration. They make their money in property and income taxes. Oregon is a progressive state.

  5. I have gotten three, yes I said three, red light camera tickets. I hate those things. It either says i didn’t come to a complete stop or didn’t use my blinker. I have one sitting on my desk right now to pay, $75.00. I could have bought my Foodsave, instead I have to pay that @#^* ticket. I try to avoid that intersection as much as possible but my grocery store is right there.

  6. Tamona Valentine says

    Oh I remember this one! I do believe Clorox adapted technology to keep Mr. Entitled from messing up something else or possibly losing a finger lol! I think Mr. Entitled should invent something to remedy this solution. Ignore the fact the chick on Shark Tank did it already shhhh!

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