Allure Beauty Box 2013

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Allure Beauty Box 2013

Allure Beauty Box 2013

The Allure Beauty Box 2013 goes on sale at 12:01 eastern today! Link to Allure Beauty Box

I buy these every year. They are offered 1-3 times per year, and a decent deal. When they first began, they were phenomenal deals that sold out within an hour. Last year, the summer box I bought lasted for two days.

Here is a picture of what I received from last year’s Allure Beauty Box:

Allure Beauty Box 2013

Yes, I will be buying again, although the shipping and handling plus NYS tax had led me to purchase only one the last few years.

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  1. What is the cost, Ann?

    • No idea until it goes live, Gail.


    • Gail they updated: Link

      Starting at noon, you’ll be able to scoop up tons of summer essentials (26, to be exact) from some of our favorite brands for $39.99. Oh, and we’re not talking about sample sizes, either (though we do love those). Worth over $250, it’s our biggest box yet and literally has everything you’ll need to get ready for beach season: TanTowel self-tanning towelettes, Not Your Mother’s texturizing hair cream, Dickinson’s oil-controlling wipes, and plenty more full-sized hair, makeup, and skin-care products from Neutrogena, Butter London, Redken, Cetaphil—we could keep going, but you get it, right? Plus, $5 from every purchase will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

      • Usually I try to get these products for free or next to nothing, but it sounds like you feel this is a great purchase at $40.

        • No, it is no longer a great purchase. It was when it was $19.99, but at $39.99 it is just an ok purchase. Usually one of the items in the box retails for $70 at the beauty counter, and there is no way to get it free. That is what I buy it for, and what I like to try.


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