101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

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Easter basket filled with eggs on a white background

101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Easter gift ideas!! Easter is fast approaching and many people give their children an Easter Basket on Easter Sunday. Sugar overload is a real concern for many families. If you are looking for non candy Easter basket ideas for your child’s east basket, here are 101 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids!

If you are looking for no candy Easter basket ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This list of non candy Easter basket ideas has something for everyone! Toddlers, small children to pre-teens are covered with these wonderful ideas.

I did so love to get something other than candy for Easter. I know we all think kids are candy! candy! candy! – and it is true, a chocolate bunny or Easter Peeps (and boy do I love Peeps!) are Easter Basket staples, but there are so many other ideas your child(ren) will appreciate in their Easter Basket that will last longer than a piece of chocolate. This list is just a start. Think outside the box, and have a wonderful holiday!

Note these Easter Basket gift ideas are not appropriate for all age groups. Take into account your child’s age and motor function before purchasing your Easter Basket gifts.

• Activity Books
• Animal Books (Happy Easter, Mouse! looks like a great choice!)
• Army Men
• Balls
• Barbie
• Barbie Accessories
• Barrettes
• Bath Toys
Bathtub Crayons
• Beach Toys
• Bubbles
Bucket and Pail
• Building Blocks
Bunny Slippers
Butterfly Garden
• Cards (standard deck, old maid, go fish, UNO, etc)
• CD
Children’s Bible
• Chuck E. Cheese Tokens
• Coins
• Colored Pencils
Coloring Books
• Construction Paper
• Craft Kit
• Crayons
• Dollar Bills
• Drawing Pad
Dripstik Ice Cream and Popsicle Holder
• Earrings
• Etch-A-Sketch (small)
• Flashlight

• Finger Puppets
• Frisbee
• Fruit Snacks
• Gardener In Training Apron and Tool Set
• Glitter (Wow that would make you the best mom on the block! Or it would be “For Grandma’s House”)
• Glitter Glue
• Glow Rings
• Goldfish Crackers
• Granola
• Headband
Ink Pad and Stamps (bunny, eggs, chicks, etc)
• Jacks and a Ball
• Jelly Bracelets
• Juice or Milk Boxes
• Jump Rope
• Kazoo
• Kite
• LeapFrog Readers or Games
Legos (Easter)
• Lip Gloss
Magic Grow Capsules
• Magic Grow Toys
• Magic Treasure Rocks
• Magnets
• Marbles
• Markers
• Matchbox Cars
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Letters & Numbers in a Box Bundle
• Mini Water Gun
• Modeling Clay

• Movie Tickets
• My Little Pony
• Nail Polish
• Necklaces
Nesting Eggs
• Nuts
• Paint Book
• Paint Kit
Peek N Peep Eggs
• Photo Album (filled or empty depends on whether you want to load it with family photos or allow your child to choose pictures)
• Plastic Gardening Tools
• Pretzels
• Punch Balloon
• Raisins
Rory’s Story Cubes
• Safety Scissors
Sidewalk Chalk
• Silly Putty (who else transferred the Sunday comics!?)
• Slime
• Slinky Jr.
• Socks (frilly socks, bright colors, fun socks!)
• Sports Cards (baseball, basketball, football, hockey)
• Stuffed Animal
• Sunglasses
• Teddy Grahams
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Products
Temporary Tattoos
• Themed (Character) Band Aids
• Travel Games
Travel Magnadoodle
• Treasure
• Two Dollar Bill
• Water Color Kit (I always got these as a kid!)
• Whistle
• Wind-up Toys (chicky, ducks, etc)
• Yo-Yo

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  1. Stephanie B says

    This was a great post! For Easter I save an egg carton and put 12 plastic eggs inside with jelly beans or little chocolates. Other than that I have a DVD, a book, one of those chirping chicks and a diecast plane from the Disney movie Planes.

    • I think you should add a whistle to that, Stephanie. 😉


      • Stephanie B says

        Haha if I wasn’t a stay at home mom I MIGHT entertain that idea lol. I did add play-doh to the bucket and if this weather ever improves we will be getting Fantasy Island passes for this summer.

        • Oh you must want GLITTER!!

          When we were little, anything that made noise or involved a mess was a “Grandma’s house toy”. My grandmother had infinite patience with us, and really was the best grandmother in the world!


  2. Jay @CraftySpices says

    Great ideas, it’s sad how much candy our little ones are expose to these days. them more we can delay this intake the healthier they will be in the future.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. I rarely put any candy into my kids’ Easter baskets and always had tons of stuff, many items from your list. There were fun educational puzzles with Easter themes also along with many books, coloring books and puzzle books. A child just about any age enjoys bubbles and squirt guns. One thing I always did was buy them each a new bathing suit since warm weather was right around the corner esp here in Florida. They loved getting their new suits, and still say today that was one of their favorites (they’re all grown up now). I do the same with the grandchildren now 🙂

  4. Thanks Ann for all the great suggestions. I make baskets for our church Easter Botique every year and I am always looking for new ideas.

  5. NYC Single Mom says

    Great list of ideas

  6. Suzanne@FrugalOrganicMama says

    Thanks for the great list of ideas. I am always on the lookout for ways to reduce the amount of candy my girls eat. Where do you get the $2 bills? I’m thinking those might be cool when my girls are a little older.

    • Suzanne any bank will have them, or you might try and ask at the service desk of your local grocery store. Sometimes when my father is at the bank, he asks for a bundle because the $2 isn’t widely used. He loves to see people’s faces when he pays with one!


  7. Heather @ My Mothermode says

    $2 bills also make a neat birthday gift for a child- my daughter’s friend did this for her and it was the hit of the party! Our eggs have included nail trimmers (my daughter was glad to have her own!), ponytail holders, socks, gardening gloves, egg-shaped chalk, balloons (not blown up), and coins. The basket always has a little stuffed chick or bunny, and sometimes a book, PJ’s, or a t-shirt for whatever activity they are participating in. We also try to include Christian-themed items to discuss the reason for Easter.

  8. Melissa French, The More With Less Mom says

    I pinned it!

  9. this year i was surprised to see that of all places Walmart had a some nice pre filled Easter baskets… so for my son, it has a real tele- scopic fishing pole, a little tackle box and net with a few little do dahs to go along with the tackle. and it has 3 little packets of candy.. one being gummy fruit snacks, some m7ms and smarties..

    for my little girl, hes has a draw string backpack, some makeup and jewelry.. and the same snacks.. and fingernail polish things as well.. all for 15 $ each.. i will fill some plastic eggs to hide, but they all don’t get candy.. tattoos are a big hit here and stickers, quarters, and a few with candy… they like to play egg hunt long after easter with empty eggs as well…lol

  10. Love the ideas! Well, except for fruit snacks. They really are just another form of candy.

  11. All great ideas, except the balloons, not for small children or anywhere small children could get them. Balloons are a choking hazard!


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