Free Wedding or Shower Gift Idea

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Free Wedding or Shower Gift Idea

Free Wedding or Shower Gift Idea

Here is a great, easy and free wedding or shower gift idea that will lead to lasting memories:

• Ask the bride’s (and groom’s) mother to send an email (or place a telephone call, or send recipe cards with the shower invite) to all of the happy couple’s friends and relatives requesting favorite recipes to be emailed or snail mailed to you to make a cookbook for the couple.
• Request that each person write a story about the bride or groom and send the story along with their recipe.
• At this point the gift is free!! If you want to gussy it up a bit, get a photo album and some scrapbook lettering.
• Place the couple’s name on the front of the book and add “established” date of the wedding date.
• Insert the recipes and stories into the photo album.

When my mother did this for me; she wrote on the shower invitation to please bring a recipe, and she included a recipe card with each shower invitation. I still have the shower cards 30 years later (they lasted longer than the marriage 😛 ) The handwritten cards from people who have long since passed away on truly are priceless.

Do you have any free wedding or shower gift ideas?

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  1. This is really an awesome gift.. I would have loved to had something like that.

    • I still have all my cards from the wedding shower prior to my first marriage. They are turning yellow with age. 😛 (j/k)


  2. My mom did the same thing. I most treasure the recipes that were handwritten. When I cleaned out all my recipes a year or 2 ago, I kept all of the handwritten ones from the shower that are now yellowed, some stained, torn, etc.

    • So many of the people that wrote mine have since died. I was never the type to keep letters, but was truly glad I had these handwritten cards from relatives and friends that are no longer here.


  3. Skirnir Hamilton says

    I do love the idea. Would have loved that if someone had thought to do that at my wedding. May have to do that for my son when he marries. 🙂

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