15 Fun and Useful Gifts for Wine Lovers

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15 Fun and Useful Gifts for Wine Lovers. There are so many fun and useful gifts for wine lovers that it is hard to choose just one. But with products this awesome, why limit yourself?

There are so many fun and useful gifts for wine lovers that it is hard to choose just one. If you or someone you love is in a deep, committed relationship with vino, you really must check out these awesome products!

15 Fun and Useful Gifts for Wine Lovers

Our love affair with wine has been going on for thousands of years. The Old Testament tells us that Noah planted vineyards. And in 1867, in the area around Speyer, Germany, the oldest bottle of wine was discovered – a bottle dating back to 325 A.D. It is hard to imagine what the history of humanity might look like without the influence of wine and other intoxicating beverages.

No matter how great life might be, it is always a little better with wine. Wine is earthy, natural, and comes in a multitude of delicious varieties. Certain types of wine are designed to be paired with certain types of food, enriching the flavor of both the food and the wine. And there is something inherently “classy” about wine, making it a welcome hostess gift for every occasion.

Red wine is even known for being good for you. Consumed in moderation, wine may lower your cholesterol, balance your blood sugar, maintain healthy gut bacteria, and keep your heart healthy. There is even indication that the resveratrol found in red wine has the ability to fight cancer! I do my very best to consume a glass of red wine every day. Clearly, I care about my health.

With so many positive reasons to imbibe, why not pour yourself a lovely glass of wine while you explore this list of fun and useful gifts for wine lovers?

Pouring wine from a bottle into a decanter may improve the flavor and aromas of red wine by increasing the amount of oxygen in the wine. This gorgeous hand-blown crystal glass carafe is the perfect decanter to use for your fine wines, especially when serving to guests. Even inexpensive wines will be improved when you pour them from this!

Note: not all wine, even red, need to be decanted.

Every adventure that involves food should also include a little wine. But sometimes, taking a glass wine bottle on your adventure is problematic. Not only are glass bottles heavy, they can break. That is why you need this flexible and unbreakable wine bottle. Carry your favorite vino with you on your next camping trip or picnic without fear of painful accidents. Win-win!

I still have not decided if this wine bottle brainteaser puzzle is completely wonderful, or slightly cruel. But we all know that if the wine is good, it is worth working for, right?

For the true wine lover, sometimes enjoying aroma and flavor is not enough. Sometimes you need to color about it too. If so, this wine coloring book for adults is just the thing to help you celebrate wine in your own special way! (Protip: Consuming too much wine while coloring may make it challenging to stay within the lines.)

People love their rules, especially when it comes to drinking! But for every rule, there is an exception, and this 12.75 oz wine glass perfectly illustrates that with the statement, “It’s Not Drinking Alone if the Dog is Home”. No wonder dogs are our best friends!

It is always nice to have some wine stoppers on hand for those times when you just cannot finish all the wine in the bottle. These humorous wine stoppers will help keep your wine fresh and tasty while making you smile.

These wonderful cotton socks let everyone know where you stand when it comes to wine. (But only when you’re sitting, with your feet up.) Keep your feet warm until your toes tingle with the spirited goodness of your favorite vino. These socks will remind everyone to keep your wine glass full!

These slipper socks just look so cuddly and comfortable. The cute appliques perfectly express your love for wine. In fact, they express it so well that it would be almost a sacrilege to wear them without a nice glass of vino in hand. If you gift them to someone, be sure and pair them with a nice bottle of wine!

Wine and cheese go together like . . . well . . . wine and cheese. But pairing them perfectly requires knowledge, experience, and a bit of instinct. Or, you can just read Tasting Wine and Cheese and let Adam Centamore teach you enough to impress your friends at your next wine and cheese bash. Never had a wine and cheese tasting party? Then it is about time you did!

If the wine lover in your life is also a cat lover, this wine bottle holder is a gret gift. This cute and cuddly tabby loves his wine as much as you do and he is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees him. Just make sure you include a bottle of wine with your kitty gift so he is not left empty er, pawed.

This floating steel link chain wine bottle holder is simply brilliant. It is the perfect combination of unique and fun, making it a great choice for a counter top wine holder in any decor. (Bonus – the more wine consumed, the more amusing peoples’ responses may be!)

The only thing better than getting together with friends to share a bottle of wine is playing a game about wine while you drink it! This fun party game will have you all laughing as you enjoy some hilarious wordplay with your friends. And wine. Let’s not forget the wine.

The perfect compliment to any romantic picnic is a nice bottle of wine you can share with your beloved. This wonderful wine tTote bag picnic set will make your romantic picnic goals that much more within your reach. Not only does it safely carry your bottle of wine, but you also have everything you need, including wine glasses, to serve it up in style. You know you need this in your life!

This personalized wine name art is an amazing and unique gift for the wine lover in your life. Each picture cleverly denotes the individual letters in their name (or any other word you choose.) This beautiful gift will look wonderful on any wall for years to come.

Unless you are a wine expert, you need this book. Full of interesting facts about different types of wine and so much more, you will learn so much about your favorite beverage that your vino-loving friends will smile in admiration of your mad wine knowledge.

With so many lovely wine gifts to choose from, you just can’t go wrong!

What is your favorite type of wine? Please share your recommendations!


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