Frizzled Cabbage Recipe

Frizzled Cabbage Recipe

This Frizzled Cabbage Recipe will make cabbage lovers out of everyone! Easy to make, the sauteing brings out the flavor and makes your cabbage oh so sweet! I was not a cabbage fan before this recipe, and now I love cabbage!

Prep Time:10 minutes

Cook time:45 minutes


1 head of Cabbage or 2 heads of Napa Cabbage
1 stick Butter


• Core cabbage and slice thinly.
• Melt butter in heavy sauce pan.
• When butter is melted, add the sliced cabbage.
• Saute cabbage for 30 – 45 minutes until caramelized and soft, stirring occasionally.
• Do not allow to burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.
• When soft the cabbage will be buttery sweet and delicious.

Makes 4 servings of Frizzled Cabbage

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  1. Stephanie K says:

    This looks so good. I didn’t even know about cooking cabbage like this until a few years ago while researching what would be an authentic St. Patrick’s day meal (not that I ever got a straight answer, I just came upon “fried cabbage”). I usually add a chopped sweet onion to mine, and my mom always adds bite size pieces of bacon to hers (and she uses purple cabbage). Who knew that cabbage could be so sweet and yummy?!?

    • Mmmm bacon. That sounds like a great addition to me, Stephanie!


      • I grew up on fried cabbage. No butter, but fried in the bacon grease with the bacon crumbled in it. Halushka is fried cabbage and bacon with egg noodles (my great aunt uses kluski noodles and I prefer it that way).

  2. Sounds great Ann. Adding onion and bacon sounds even better!

  3. Ohhh… Yeah.. I know that tastes great! I make something very similar but it has onions and corn in it.. and about a teaspoon of sugar.. soooo good! We just call it Cabbage & Corn.. I’ve put bacon or keilbasa rounds in it too.. its sooo good! I dont know if my sister made it up or if she saw it somewhere but we’ve been eating it since the ’70s. Super Good stuff!
    I’ll have to make some with just the butter & cabbage.. that sounds yummy too! Frizzled Cabbage.. who knew? 😉
    Thanks for posting your recipe!

  4. How did you know I had a head of cabbage? It is purple and smells delicious! I love cabbage! I also made Michigan Pasties (meat pies) and my husband likes gravy with his meat pie ( ketchup is way better). So homemade mushroom gravy for him!

  5. Wilner Michel says:

    Forget about butter. Extra Virgin Olive Oil all the way plus diced garlic!!!! And let it cook slowly for 40 minutes!!! Plus a dash of Goya Adobo all purpose seasoning!! Yummy!!


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