Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

Last week I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deal you all post in comments. ๐Ÿ˜›

I also added an email notification for additional comments. Definitely read this post so you know how to opt in or out.

Now, for my Sunday Morning Shopping – nada.

I did shop this week, and the picture above was my big outing. Hubby and I went to the liquor store to take advantage of the “double up for a buck” offers at our local liquor store called Premier Wines. For sale prices they charge you regular price, then the second, alike bottle is $1. This can lead to some fabulous deals depending on how expensive your taste in wine is!

We also got a rum and a vodka for half price after the $10 mail in rebate. I plan on drinking the rum and using the vodka to make vanilla.

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. No Sunday shopping for me. I am cooking up a storm for a large family dinner.
    I will shop on Tuesday.
    Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

  2. Happy Easter Ann (and family)… I LOVE the looks of your shopping!!! I – like Lea Ann – am cooking today…. and will shop tomorrow. I did post some of the BEST deals at CVS and RA if anyone is looking for deals today… waiting to see what else is added….
    Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!

  3. No shopping for me this week.. Im off to Texas on Tuesday and Im having Easter Dinner here at my house today too.. No.. Not interested in shopping at all… I need to be interested in packing though.. haha.. Havent started. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Happy Easter Ann! Happy Easter everyone!
    Ann – I would like the vodka-turned-into-vanilla recipe and tutorial (along with pictures) please! Pretty please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I did nothing shopping related – all my coupons expired and deals expired for me on Saturday without finishing them. Oh well – I don’t really even care. LOL Happy Belated Easter now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha Liz. I pulled out my old binders Saturday to move them. Wow, were THOSE coupons expired. Like years ago.


  6. Whew… I could help you drink that wine if you need assistance ๐Ÿ™‚ I messed up at Rite Aid somehow and I’ve got to figure it out. I’ll do it, it may take a little time. These days I’m having to shop for 4 families and it’s difficult to keep my orders straight. I was shooting for 2 P&G +UP’s – one for a combination of me and my MIL plus one for my mom. There were no signs on the products this week so I simply used the ad and purchased products that were pictured. Mainly Bounty, Tide and Herbal Essence. On mine, I still need to spend $8 on mom’s I still need to spend $18. I’ve been looking at the receipt trying to figure out what didn’t count toward the total. I may call RA Corp today for some help. At CVS, I got 3 Clean and Clear and made $2.50 each thanks to a special friend sending me $2.50/1 coupons. I also stopped by Ingles to buy ground chuck. It’s on sale this week for $2.78# which is $.10 higher per # than their previous sales. You were right Ann, meat prices are creeping upward. I cooked a big meal for my family after all the shopping. This was dad’s first family gathering at home since being released from the hospital last week. He was there 3 months and still has a long row to hoe but he’ll get there! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. If you find any new deals, please post them because I will be coming back to read comments on this post. Garden planting is just around the corner. This year I’m going to wait until 3 weeks past Good Friday to plow and sow. We’ve had unusually cold weather the past couple of weeks here in GA so the ground isn’t quite warm enough. Okra will probably not be planted for 4 & 6 weeks out.

    • Oh Darla that is GREAT news ie., your Dad is out of the hospital. I hope he can make a complete recovery.


  7. Stephanie B. says

    I spent all of Sunday morning (6am-3pm) in my kitchen cooking Easter dinner for 20 people. I haven’t even seen a store ad for this week yet. Although, skimming through now sounds much better than the cleaning that awaits me haha. Looking forward to reading everyone’s deals!

  8. Yay! You are back (& obviously have been for a bit, sometimes slow on the draw). I am working my way through the posts & wanted to comment on each & everyone, but restrained myself or I would still be working my way through until who knows when.

    Anyway, what caught my eye on this post (besides that the Sunday morning shop is one of my all time faves & yes Terri (Colorado) looking for your RA post) is the Peppermint Mocha Kahlua! Did you review this in the past? Peppermint & coffee are right up there with chocolate for me, so inquiring minds want to know just how great it is.

    So good to have you back. So very sorry to hear about brother in law. Best to you and yours & nice to see so many familiar followers.

    • We didn’t Patti. I have to repeat some of my old wine and liquor reviews and then start some new ones. I will be sure to post this review as soon as we try it.

      Thank you for the condolences. He was in such pain we can only believe he is in a better place now.


      • Yes, have been there on the suffering (if you live long enough, we all get to share at some point in the pain of the experience). It is just so dang hard to witness/watch. Bless you & yours in all of this.

        Thank you for responding & may just go out & buy the Peppermint Mocha Kahlua & try it myself!

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