Sunday Morning Shopping

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Sunday Morning Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted Sunday Morning Shopping making it very clear that I may not be out shopping on Sunday ever again (or at least not every week). This is a reader driven post having little to do with me – except I may run out to get whatever good deals you all post in comments. 😛

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Ann’s Sunday Morning Shopping

Hubby and I were out bright and early this morning. No particular reason, we just were up early and so headed out to shop.

The first stop was Walgreens. I had a $1 RR expiring today, and I figured I’d get the Nutrition Peanut Butter for $2.99 with a $3 RR. The shelf was empty at my local Walgreens, so I asked the MOD (who is all sorts of awesome) for the scoop. He said that a truck was coming in Tuesday with at least 50 of each flavor, so stop back Tuesday afternoon! This is a great deal, and I may very well stop in. In the meantime, I needed something to use my $1 RR on, and it was Hubby to the rescue!

Walgreens Order

(3) Zyrtec (5ct) $6
(6) Arizona Tea 2/$1 (w/in-ad coupon)
= $23
– (3) $6 Zyrtec coupons (4/28/13 SS)
– $1 RR
= $2

At CVS the sad news about the bag tag program ending was confirmed. 🙁 At checkout I received $1 ECB for using the tag today (was not my fourth shop), and $1 in ECB for what I “paid” for the bag tag. So, next time you shop CVS make sure you scan your bag tag at check-out and you will receive a $2 ECB

From the CVS Kiosk today we (almost all of these were Hubby’s) received these CVS Coupons:

• $2/$8 Cosmetic purchase expires 5/12/13
• $1.50/$5 Deodorant purchase expires 5/12/13
• $6/$20 Facial Skincare purchase expires 5/12/13
• $3/$10 First Aid or Footcare purchase expires 5/12/13
• $2/$8 Greeting Card purchase expires 5/12/13
• Beauty Club $5 expires 5/12/13
• Dove, Caress, Lever Bar (6-8pk) or Dove Body Wash (18-24oz) $1 expires 5/5/13
• Maybelline Cosmetic $1 expires 5/5/13
• M&Ms Sharing Size, Snickers 2 Go or Twix to Go 75¢/2 expires 5/5/13
Mars or Hershey Bar 99¢ expires 5/5/13

CVS Order

Snickers Bar 99¢
– 99¢ CVS coupon
= $0

This was a great stop… Zero order and a $2 ECB from the ending of the bag tag program, and $5 ECB from the beauty club!

The other stop we made this morning was Tops. We actually spent a lot of money there, and it looks like we got very little. That is because Tops is offering a 4x gift card promo, and one of the featured cards is Tim Horton’s! We bought $200 worth of gift cards in $25 increments which make for nice keep-in-the-card or present amounts. That $200 earned us 800 in gas points which equals 80¢ off per gallon to 30 gallons or $24 off! Gas and Tim Horton’s is something we buy frequently (ok, the Tim Horton’s is far more frequent), so for us this was a no brainer!

I may end up back at Tops this week. We are down to three freezers and have no freezer room for the Marie Callendar deal. The garage fridge/freeze combo seems to have finally bit the dust. I guess we will take a look at the National Grid refrigerator program unless I can (unlikely) talk Hubby into the budget-busting Gladiator.

All-in-all I was very pleased with our shopping today. Anytime you can get a bonus for something you buy regularly, and have the bonus be for something else you buy regularly – that is a great deal!

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!

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  1. I was sad to hear that at CVS yesterday regarding the bag tag program. I wonder how this came about with everyone getting greener?? I may do a quick Tops run today, but when WNY reaches the 70’s- who wants to shop? It has been a long winter.
    I am leaving soon to get my walk in on the bike path. 🙂
    My computer took a &%#* this week so I had to buy one. 🙁

  2. MichelleK says

    Oh my – it’s like the “old Ann” is back…. even if only for a minute…. LOL I cant stimulate any interest in this week’s deals… instead I am cooking – on a day like today… aghhhhhhhh – Just posted the Menu and Meal Plan – otherwise WE can’t function – apparently cereal every night for dinner is NOT acceptable!! Sorry about your computer Lea Ann and Ann – if you want somewhere to throw that Rumba – just let me know!!!!

  3. Hi. I was interested in buying the Tim Horton’s cards but was not sure how it works. It says earn 4 times gas points but doesn’t say when you buy 1 or 2 or more. As I look at the deals all the time it says 200 gas points when you buy 5 or 6 items specified so if you bought 8 cards wouldn’t you get 16000 points (200 gas points into 8) or it’s not based on the 200 gas points. Could you explain a little bit please? I am new to your site and really like reading your blogs. They are very informative and helpful. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Denise, on the Tim Horton’s the promotion is 4 times value for gas points. So, instead of getting 25 points for a $25 gift card ($1 = 1 point), I got 100 gas points for a $25 card. I bought (8) $25 cards = $200 so 200 points x 4 = 800 points. The smallest card value I saw for Timmies was $15, and that would give you 60 bonus gas points this week (15 x 4 = 60).

      The offer is on the bottom of page 2 click here for Tops ad


  4. Will hit the drugstores tomorrow, but today DD#2 & I hit Nordstrom Rack where they were giving an extra 40% off all clearance! Picked up some great Cole Haan &Via Spiga shoes along with baby items for a song. Great fun! Alas, it was only for today 🙁

    And I need to start working on grocery stockpile again. No peanut butter, no spaghetti sauce, no chicken in freezer. Only thing I had a lot of was chocolate & I gave it all away. With the girls out of house, I was only one eating it. Not good.

    • Patti which one did you go to? I’ve never had much success at Nordstrom Rack… I think a pillow was the best deal I ever got. My mother loves the place and seems to find great deals regardless of what city she is in.


      • Here in Boise, ID…….long ways from you. I have been to many on west coast & it’s always a bit hit or miss. I stopped last week & didn’t find much, so really wasn’t too anxious to go today. But they must have received a shipment or two, so it was super!
        I have the best luck with accessories (and hunt every time I go for Wacoal bras). And I am lucky enough to have DD #2 here. She is a super shopper & has awesome taste. She always finds the hidden gems. I have to be careful. It’s dangerous on my pocket book to shop with her. She, however, is VERY disciplined with her $’s. Maybe something rubbed off!

  5. Very nice haul Ann!! I never didn’t shop yesterday, too gosh darn beautiful!! Finals this week, so major papers due, so I was on the deck doing my homework. It was gorgeous outside!!

    Received a call that unexpected guests were coming over, so as I was making the dip, sent hubby to Wegman’s for some gourmet bread, and since he was out… 😉
    Asked him to stop by Tops and get the Purina 1 for the dogs and some doggie treats. He did the CAT deal.

    I will go to Aldi’s probably today to pick up some almond milk and some eggs since it’s our Easter this Sunday and I want to dye some eggs. Other than that… nothing is interesting to me.
    When did they announce the green tag thing with CVS? Man am I out of the loop or what?? Yikes!!

    • No idea when it was announced Didi. I had heard rumors since January, but was surprised when I was told the program was definitely at an end on Sunday.

      Good luck with your finals! I know you will ace them!

      Happy Easter to you!


      • Thank you for the well wishes Ann!! ♥ I’m just trying to get this schooling over with, yuk!!

        Looking forward to Spanakopita more so than the lamb, lol!! 🙂

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