Are You A Morning Person?

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Are You A Morning Person?

Are you a morning person?

By that I mean do you arise at some ungodly hour – say, before 8am, all happy and chipper, eager to start the day?


I am in no way, shape, manner or form a morning person. As a matter of fact, if I get up before I am finished sleeping ie, with the alarm instead of naturally, it is best that no one talk to me for at least an hour. Truly for the best. Ask Hubby, he will confirm this.

Making matters worse at the Ann’s Entitled Life household? Hubby is the most disgustingly happy, chipper, perky, lively morning person you would ever want to meet. It is positively revolting. We’ve has more than one exchange in our marriage before noon where he thinks he’s being cute, and I’ve snapped at him for no good reason.

Don’t mess with a non-morning-person before noon, is my motto.

I have told Hubby repeatedly we should make it a habit to have lunch together between 1-3 every day, because just as he is winding down, I am gearing up. I’m at my peak somewhere between 3-6 … well past morning, but before evening fully sets in.

So how about it? Are You A Morning Person?

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  1. Tami Lemons says

    I have to be up to get kids off to school, and watch the little munchkin while mom and dad work, but she is a lot like me…. We are quiet till around 10am. She has her cocoa and I have my coffee.. we sit and sip, enjoying the quiet… but if anything compromises our quiet time, the day is screwed! for EVERYONE! lol

  2. I am not a morning person. I have had to get up at early hours in the past, but these days I sleep in. I stay up late and don’t get up until about 9-10. My hubby gets up at 6 for work. I am good with no one but the pets being here when I get up 🙂 If I don’t get enough sleep for more than one day, I will get sick. My sisters and my kids are like this too. My youngest daughter really is not a morning person. In fact she doesn’t even like to be talked to until she drinks a cup of coffee and browses the internet for about 30 min. Poor baby has to be to the bus stop by 5am now to get her her job by 6am. She says it is killing her soul!

    • OMG! Your poor daughter. Here’s hoping she can get a job with later hours soon. 5am? That would kill me period.


  3. Stephanie B says

    My husband affectionately calls me a bear. He tells everyone that if I have to be up early he pokes me with a stick and runs lol. I used to get up really early to be at work by 6am but I’ve been out of work for almost 4 years (pulled.from work at 25 weeks pregnant and never went back) and now I find anything before 8am to be cruel and unusual punishment lol. That being said, my son has gotten up at 2, 4 and 5 am the last 3 days and he was happy and ready to go. He obviously does not take after me lol

  4. He tells everyone that if I have to be up early he pokes me with a stick and runs lol.

    That is funny, Stephanie!


  5. Used to be a morning person. But after I discovered sleeping in after the kids grew up and I didn’t HAVE to drive them to school, I’m quite alright skipping the awe and wonders of watching the sun rise. I can get up early and not be an awful person…but first you must be absolutely sure I’ve had a good and restful sleep. If not, don’t push my buttons!

  6. I’m quite alright skipping the awe and wonders of watching the sun rise

    LOL Marie. Hubby has been bugging me to get up and catch the sunrise over the ocean. Pass. Maybe next year when it rises at like 8am when we get down here in January.


  7. Im the same as you Ann… but worse! Trust me.. I assure you its true.. I HATE waking up in the morning and Im not happy about it.. Once I’ve had a cup of coffee, sit around for 30 minutes reading mail (waking up really) and had a shower.. and once Im out the door to work.. Im fine.. before that? Woe unto he who messes with the beast.. 😉

    I do have something interesting/weird to say about waking up rested & without being a bear.. Since I’ve started this new job.. Im usually in bed by 8-9pm.. and up at 4am.. getting between 7 & 8 hours sleep normally (depending on my book.) When I wake up.. I actually feel human.. Its really weird… Of course, no one else is awake to annoy me… but for some reason, I just actually FEEL better..
    I’ve decided it has something to do with my Circadian Rhythm… add 2 or 3 more hours of sleep regardless of how many actual hours slept, and my whole waking experience changes..

    Now.. saying all that.. Im not & never will be the HAPPY BOY that D is when he wakes up… I want to smack him… he sounds like your hubby… all bubbly sunshine! from the second he opens his eyes! ACK!
    Actually.. come to think of it.. Im NEVER all bubbly sunshine… any time. 😉

    haha.. can you tell this post was written in the early am? Another problem with this early morning schedule.. Im wide awake by 5:30 or 6am on the weekend… ACK!! 😉

  8. Omg! I think I am all of the above! Just like to be left alone and drink my coffee and read the paper (some of us still read the news from an actual newspaper)! On the way too many mornings where I am awake but tired and sleepless and wanting coffee, I will just stay in bed till hubby leaves for work–insuring that no one talks to me!!

    • Oh, I love the morning newspaper, Pauline. Hubby is actually quiet while he is reading it. It is when he is finished the issues begin.


  9. My hubby is disgustingly “chipper” in morn. We had HUGE fights our first year of marriage because he wouldn’t zip it & quit bugging me. He now waits patiently until after my second cup of caffeine. Then he ventures into conversation very slowly. No big thoughts, complicated ideas, or teasing……..”Looks like it will be a nice day” works. Guess that tells you where I am at. Of course I have learned that it goes both ways. He goes silent around 7:30 to 8:00 every night. Then it’s my turn to respect his space. We do great between 10 am & 7 pm. Hey, whatever works!

    • I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a male/female thing, Patti? I don’t see anyone here posting… “I am a crabby male in the morning, and my wife is revoltingly chipper.” It is all women saying the same thing – morning is bleach.


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