Best Window Cleaner Ever!

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Best Window Cleaner Ever!

I know a lot of you like Windex or vinegar and water or newspapers to clean your windows. Pffft. Forgetaboutit! The best window cleaner ever was Glass Wax! Nothing came close.

Best Window Cleaner Ever!

Even I – who can’t clean windows with any other method – produced sparkling clean windows when using Glass Wax. The formula had petroleum in it, and so of course was deemed “bad” and taken off the market. You can still find it for crazy prices for opened cans on flea bay on occasion. If you buy it, you will see what I am taking about. Glass Wax was the best window cleaner ever!

Best Window Cleaner Ever!

A few weeks ago I was messing around on Amazon and I came across Window Wax Glass & Metal Cleaner. Same pink bottle as Glass Wax, so I figured wth and gave it a try.

It was with great hope that Window Wax contained petroleum and was the same awesome formula Reckitt Benckiser had for Glass Wax.

When the bottle arrived, no ingredients were listed. I dashed off a Saturday email to Siege Chemical and asked them about the formula. The very next day (Sunday), they got back to me with this:

Thanks for the email. It does not have any petroleum in it.
The product is made in the USA.
Please see attached form – it is our own formula.

And they sent me the Window Wax formula sheet.

Poop. No petroleum. I still held out hope that it might be a great formula that worked very well and was worth the price to a window-challenged-cleaner such as myself.

Well I bought it, may as well use it.

Best Window Cleaner Ever!

So I decided it to give a go on the most disgusting, Max-goobed window in the house: our kitchen patio door.

Best Window Cleaner Ever!

The directions say to apply with a damp sponge in a circular motion until a haze forms. When I used a damp sponge, there seemed to be a lot of water beneath the haze, and it seemed to impede drying to form the haze. So, I decided to give it a go with a soft cloth, and it hazed up nicely!

I then took a second soft cloth and wiped off the haze. I had to give it a bit of muscle to get it off, and that is where I think not damping my cloth made the removal a tad more difficult. Nothing crazy, but the spot where I used a damp sponge came off very easily.

I needed a second rag to “buff” the window. This was necessary in the areas where I used a damp sponge to apply and where I didn’t use a damp sponge.

Best Window Cleaner Ever!

I did both sides of the door and as you can see the window is crystal clear without a trace of Max-slobber.

I believe I used a bit more of the Window Wax than I did when I used to use Glass Wax. Also the price is quite a bit more for the Window Wax than what the Glass Wax sold for in the store, although the Glass Wax has been off the market for many year now, so that is an unfair comparison.

The Window Wax did a nice job. I don’t think the product goes very far though, and that could end up costly to do all our windows regularly with it. I think will reserve the Window Wax for upstairs windows that are difficult to get to that won’t be cleaned very often.

Have you ever used Window Wax? What do you think of it? Did you ever use Glass Wax? Were you as hooked as I was?

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  1. Does it repel nose prints?
    I have floor length windows (and 2 decorative glass doors) ACH! the nose prints are awful.
    (Dog owners know what nose prints are.)

    • The Window Wax doesn’t repel nose prints, Barbee. I will say there isn’t as much Max goob on the window as normal, so it does cut down on the slobber sticking to the window.


      • My dad worked for the company that made Glass Wax. (R.M.Hollingshead, Camden NJ) It was made for another company & I forget the name. Mom always used Glass Wax & at Christmas, so did I! (stencils) When I grew up, I worked for a trucking co. that hauled for Hollingshead. I did many a truckload. Sad to see it gone. It was great stuff.

      • I shore would love to know a store that sold this window wax, it seems that every thing that works they stop selling.

  2. Vidler’s has a 12oz bottle for $7.99. But no Pomona’s Pectin.
    Ann, could you please post your recipe for peaches? The one you raved about on Coupondealsand more? I suddenly have bushels of peaches that need canning and I would like to try your recipe. Thanks!

  3. Hands down Glass Wax was the best ever!!!

  4. I used Glass Wax for years. There was nothing like it. Not only a great clean, but the wax finish made the glass shine like it was…well…waxed. These of you that wished you had stashed some, well, I did. It didn’t last. It goes bad after a few years, or at least mine did. I am redoing the bathroom and want to wax the mirrors. I will try Window Wax and see what happens.

    • Good luck, Randy. Window Wax is decent, but it isn’t Glass Wax. That truly was the best window cleaner ever.


  5. Bill Roseberry says

    Hi Ann:
    Has anyone offered a recipe for Glass Wax? I realize it is no longer on the market, but can it be made at home? Thanks.

    • I don’t think so, Bill. While Siege Chemical was kind enough to provide their sheet, I don’t know of any formula for the original. Since it contained some form of petroleum, I’m not sure many people would be able to duplicate it for household use.


  6. Glass Wax worked very well on the windows. And at Christmas, there were the Glass Was stencils. You would dip the edge of your sponge in Glass Wax and then pat the edge of the stencil. I recall stars, candles, Christmas bulbs, words like ‘Merry’ and ‘Christmas’ as Glass Wax stencils. They were all part of the seasonal preparations at my parent’s and my grandmother’s homes. Glass Was was always under the counters!

    • I still have the GLASS WAX stencils from when I was a kid. I’m wondering if this WINDOW WAX will work as well. (Of course the smell of GLASS WAX was part of the experience ! LOL )

      • I am trying to find out what I can use with stencils too. This says gel so I’m thinking it won’t work. Maybe a car wax?

  7. Jaclyn Madsen says

    We used Glass Wax on the large windows of my dad’s grocery store in the sixties and seventies. I loved it because you could see exactly where you had been (no missed spots) and the glass just sparkled afterwards. I recently went on a hunt for it as we have just built a house on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with views of the water and we have lots of windows! That is what led me to your website. So sad it is no longer available. 🙁

  8. Harold Murphy says

    Ace hardware and amazon have a product using the name “Glass Wax”. Comments from users seem to point to it as being the same as the old product of the same name. Any comments?

    • Harold, Amazon doesn’t sell glass wax, they sell window wax … which is what I linked to above. I also wrote above (and linked to the new formula sheet) that the old glass wax is no longer produced.

      If you can find Glass Wax (not window wax) on the shelf at an Ace Hardware, it will be 10+ years old. As long as it was never opened, it should work fine (and I would buy all they had!). The old stuff was in a metal can (see above picture) that is probably rusting in spots. The new window wax is not.


      • Hi everyone. I am so sad that glass wax is no longer made. I have such fond memories of it as a young girl with my mother stenciling the windows at Christmas. But I did a search after reading Harold’s post for “glass wax ace hardware” and this came up. People are saying it is like the glass wax of old. I think I’m going to try it because it does have a pretty good price.

  9. Christopher Morley says

    There use to be something even better than Glass Wax that came out in the 70’s. Same principle. It was a yellow creamy liquid you applied with a damp sponge. It would dry to a haze and then you buffed it off. It was easier than Glass Wax. For the life of me I can’t remember the name. It was on the shelf next to Windex.

    • Hmmm I wonder what it was, Christopher? I don’t remember anything like that. If you recall, let me know!


      • Christopher Morley says

        I just found something even better than the original Glass Wax. I always found it was difficult to remove the haze after Glass Wax dried especially if the windows were exceptionally dirty. Gel-Gloss has brought out their version of Glass Wax and it’s wonderful. The haze wipes right off with no elbow grease! And it’s at a great price on Amazon.

      • Could it be “Jubilee”? My MIL used in the 60s/70s it to shine her painted wood kitchen cabinetry, and those good ol’ Formica countertops we all used to love. It made everything so clean and glossy, stuff would slip around on the counters! Also the appliances like stove and fridge, i think it claimed to “repel dirt”. It didn’t act like Glass Wax, though, I don’t think you let it haze over and then polish with a dry rag like you did Glass Wax. I think you just applied it and kept rubbing til it disappeared.

        I saw it awhile ago in that Vermont Country Store catalog. They have tons of old-timey stuff. Pretty sure VCS has an online store (how could they not); their paper catalog is fun to read, though.

        • I have no idea how the Jubilee would work on windows, start with a good supply of elbow grease, though! Just be sure to never use on floors, as they would REALLY be slippery to walk on.
          Keep in mind though that the Wipe-Haze-Polish ease of the original Glass Wax will likely not be your experience using Jubillee, as it is a completely different animal (polish vs true wax)

          If anyone tries it, please pose here!

        • Jubilee was the white stuff in the tall-ish jar, wasn’t it? It was what my grandmother used to polish her stove and formica countertops (she always had a bottle under the kitchen sink).


  10. I was so bummed when I read this and found out they no longer make Glass Wax. I found this article when I couldn’t find it in stores (and no one knew what I was talking about!). So I googled it and found your post. I just moved and I wanted some to make stencils on my sliding glass doors because the birds were flying into the glass near my birdfeeders. I since moved the feeders but can’t move them too far because I am living alongside a brook that is literally my back yard. Years ago, when I was a kid, Dad had a Dry Cleaning plant with lots of windows. We swore by Glass Wax!! It took a long time to clean those windows but I did it every summer and it made the windows sparkling clean for the whole year. Plus, Dad would brag to all his customers about how great a job I did. I, however, praised the Glass Wax 🙂

    I presently use another product I love to wash my windows. It’s called Ettore Super Concentrate Squeegee Off. It’s sometimes hard to find (I get mine in Lowe’s), but it leaves my windows streak free as well. I put 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, clean the glass with it and then squeegee it off. I got a 2-sided scrubber/squeegee with a adjustable length handle for this part. I’m not getting any younger and this saves all that scrubbing. I have lots of windows!! It’s good stuff, but it’s NOT Glass Wax! Sadly, they don’t make the good things they used to make in the olden days…

  11. I used glass wax on my car’s windows. I remember it being a clay based product (with petroleum). I would purchase it from the automotive store. After drying, wiped with a dry cloth and the windows would be film free. Wonderful stuff. I will try the cleaner mentioned above.
    One other note: when I tell people this they go ‘ugh’ but it works. Your natural saliva is an excellent glass cleaner. A little spittle on the mirror and wipe. the class will be crystal clear. No oils so no streaking. I think it is the enzymes that do the wonderful job.

  12. Sherril McGann says

    Wow, I still have a can of Glass Wax and it seems to work okay. I didn’t realize it was off the market. I will cherish and use it wisely.

    • Jay Hunter says

      Are there any ingredients listed on the can? Can you send a sample to a chemist with a GC-MassSpec or ICP and get an ingredient list?

  13. Bill Roseberry says

    Hi Ann & all:
    Last week I was at Ace Hardware and found a product that is called “Glass Wax Cleaner.” I thought could it be? I bought a bottle ($5.95 per 8oz) and tried it on almost everything I used the original on. It’s a thicker greenish liquid that does not leave as much residue to wipe away, but it worked really well. I tried it on glass (of course), paint, chrome and I was surprised. Absolutely no streaks. It’s the closest product I’ve found to the original. Here is a link to their website:
    Best regards,

    • Oh oh, Bill!! You may be on to something:

      CAUTION: Combustible. Contains Petroleum Distillates and Ammonia. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. DO NOT induce vomiting and call a physician. Use in well ventilated area. Avoid eye contact and prolonged skin contact. Keep away from heat sources and open flame.

      MINERAL SPIRITS 64741-41-9 500 25-30%
      & AROMATICS N/A 20-25%
      ISOPROPANOL 6-76-30 400 4-6%
      AQUA AMMONIA 766-44-17 25 1-2%
      DIATOMACEOUS EARTH 61790-53-2 1.15mg/m3 5-10%
      FORMALDEHYDE 5-00-00 400 .025-.05%

      We are in Florida right now, and my can of Glass Wax is home so I cannot compare ingredients. If no one chimes in to compare before I get home, I’ll post again when we get back in April.


    • Bill,

      What does this container look like? Color?

  14. Cheryl Woodard says

    I agree, nothing beat Glass Wax. Like you, I saw the other on Amazon and was going to try it, but hadn’t yet. I guess I will give it a go. I saw some were selling the real Glass Wax. I wonder if it is still good? I remember when I was little we used to use the Glass Wax for the Christmas window stencils. It would look so good and when Christmas was over, you just cleaned the window.

  15. You can just use liquid car wax Like turtle wax. Don’t pay high prices for stuff that my or may not work. Use the same process, damp sponge, let dry then buff it off. I went crazy looking for glass wax, then I gave car wax a try and it’s just as good.

    • Cassandra Woodhouse says

      Thank you, Guy! I’m going to try the liquid car wax. Through the years, I remember reading that it can also be used on shower doors to keep them clean and streak free, but I don’t have glass shower doors (I will soon) so I can’t verify that claim.

  16. Gel gloss glass wax cleaner,or the absolute best that will not only last a lifetime on glass ,will not fade or yellow and when glass needs cleaning they can be cleaned with water.The product i am referring to is a wax called nathans liquid brilliance,i use this on my auto glass upstate ny.It endures icing ,snow, salt windshield de- icers and very hot summers .One coat will last 3 to four years on auto,and auto glass,goes on and off extremely easy.This will last for many, many years on home glass .Just google same.If you order this pay attention to the directions, just wipe on then wipe off.

    • 8-16-17 Right now at big lots you can get gel gloss glass wax cleaner liquid for $2.50.

    • This is a response to my original post from 3-21-15.Do not buy nathans liquid brilliance anywhere as it is no longer the same and i believe there are also patent and legal issues with this.Needless to say nathans liquid brilliance is now crap,there is no wax in it.I probably waisted around $200 buying it on amazon,ebay and other places.

      • Awww Joe, I am so sorry that happened. This thread is all about lamenting the loss of beloved products, so I definitely feel your pain.


  17. Yes I’ve used Glass Wax and nothing else ever compared to it. That’s why I’m on this site, I’m trying to find some to clean my new windshield. The installers left some kind of film on it and I have tried everything I can think of including straight vinegar and acetone, with no luck.
    When we were kids, Mom used to buy stencils and we would decorate our windows with pumpkins, turkeys and Christmas tress for the Holidays.

    • If you can find cerium oxide, it is a rare earth compound that is a fine powder you mix with water and apply to glass as you would with Glass Wax. It dries to a haze then you buff it off. It is used primarily for the final polishing stage in industrial glass beveling and edging machinery, but you may be able to find small quantities online. It will also remove a lot of pollutants, staining and water spots. It does not contain a wax however and as such, will not leave a protective barrier coat, but you don’t want wax on an automobile windshield anyway as it compromises the effectiveness of your wipers. I too was a huge fan of Glass Wax and was sorry to see its disappearance from the store shelves. If you have a local stained glass shop, you can get a “stained glass finishing compound” that is very similar to Glass Wax. One brand is “LIVA” and another is “CLARITY”. They are both rather expensive, like $14.00 – $18.00 per 12oz.

  18. Why do they always discontinue things that are great, or work really well? I cannot find the great 100% cotton socks I bought just a few years ago in Target either. Same thing with the Sansa Fuze, some thing with Glasswax. SO it contains petroleum, BFD. When I was young in the days of glasswax, one family had one car. Some had none. Now a family of four has at least four cars. They all run on petroleum. So what did discontinuing glasswax accomplish. What a crock of shit.

    • Funny you should say that, Jim. I too am looking for the 100% cotton socks I bought at Target a few years ago… to no avail!

      • If you find them could you point me at them? I just bought a pack of three at Kohls and as always they suck, the elastic at the top is squeezing my ankles so hard my toenails are popping out. The “diabetic” socks are garbage too, they are not all cotton so they make your feet sweat. I really need to find the right socks.

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      • Hi Ann,

        I just bought gold toe cotton fluffies fro Macy’s online. They are really close to the ones I used to get at Target. All Cotton, and not tight on the legs. Pretty close match.

      • C V Bentley says

        Then China came…need to say no more

  19. Carl Anderson says

    Interesting discussion. I just had all the windows in my house replaced with fancy double pained windows. I was sitting here thinking about putting some kind of wax on them. In the 60s, 70s, and into the 80s I owed a print shop. I bought Glass Wax by the case. Not only used it to clean my windows, and I had a lot of windows, but I used it on all my work counters. They were all Formica. You could slide a ream of paper across a counter top that was polished with Glass Wax with just a slight push. We loved it. We polished all our counters every Monday morning.

    Now I use car wax on such things like the refrigerator and the washer and dryer and the Formica tops in the kitchen. It’s been fun taking the trip down memory lane. Still love Glass Wax. Would buy it today if I could.
    Carl Anderson

  20. Enjoyed your Glass Wax story. I LOVED Glass Wax! My memories are of using if for stencils for Christmas, then my mom would clean the windows with it when Christmas was over. It was THE BEST!

    • As soon as you said that I remembered the snow flakes on the windows, and how we made the stencils with my mom, RIP by folding paper, Thanks for the Memory, Kam. We got a lot done with a little intuition back then.

  21. Margaret Klungness says

    Loved Loved glass wax. Found it at Restoration Hardware who was trying to bring back things of old.
    Shuck ! So many things changed for crazy reasons. Just like the Spotted owl fiasco. Forest service was made to stop clearing lumber from the forests and were able to run the Forest Service without taking money from the Gov. our taxes. Now look where California sits. Massive forest fires. Wonder where the Spotted Owls are now.
    Some things are well enough left alone. We are making so much protected for one reason or another I wonder
    If the younger set can think for themselves.
    Gotta go, my gripe for the Oh! I feel better.

  22. OK I have just washed all the windows in my house and they look good but I am wondering if Glass Wax will help with the hard water drops from rain? I remember using Glass Wax as a kid but I only remember the stencil part of it, not why we used it for glass cleaning.

    I get good results from white vinegar, clear ammonia, distilled water (as I think hard water streaks more), and coffee filters to cut down on lint but I have been wondering if there is anything that cuts down on water drops. Just was sitting here and Glass Wax popped into my head.


  23. Just tried Window Wax hoping it was like Glass Wax…. sadly it was worse, hard to get off, even if you used or didn’t use a sponge or damp cloth. God, please let someone bring back the GOOD OLD STUFF like Glass Wax.

    • Try Gel gloss glass wax cleaner spray.It’s inexpensive easy to use and puts a nice water repelling coat on glass that lasts pretty long.It also comes in a liquid but the spray is much easier to use.

  24. Sandra Cobain says

    Max Bar is also worked great but depend on what exactly you doing doing with it but i will still go with Glass Wax .

  25. Wash the glass first, then use the glass wax. Cleaning the glass first with ammonia or glass cleaner, whatever you choose, will save on the amount of Window Wax you will need to use.
    That is the way my mother used to do it.


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