It’s A Mr. Max Post!

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It's The Mr. Max Post!

When last I wrote about Mr Max, he was one sick little doggie. Since that time, he’s made great strides in his recovery.

Once the surgical vet discovered he has arthritis in his hips and mild hip dysplasia Max got a series of Adequan shots. This seemed to help, although we won’t really know unless he gets to be 9 or 10 years old without another major pain incident. If that happens, wellllll then the Adequan really works! He gets a monthly booster shot, so far, so good. *crosses fingers*

It's The Mr. Max Post!

This is Mr Max playing Kick the ball, aka K-The-B (we are pretty sure he know knows what that means… spelling is next). We try to keep the balls on the ground now so he just runs. He loves to head-butt like a soccer player, but we don’t want to have him hurt himself, so we try not to kick the balls high anymore. Few things make Max happier than a kick the ball session… only walks and a trip in the car through the car wash, rank as high.

It's The Mr. Max Post!

As you may recall, Max likes TV. He loves action movies, aliens, but especially dogs and horses! His favorite movie is Prince of Persia, but he does like Beethoven’s Second, Cowboys vs Aliens and just about any horror flick on TV.

It's The Mr. Max Post!

While we were having hardwood floors installed, Max was TV-free for a good week. As soon as Hubby’s office was done, Hubby set up a computer for him to watch videos.

It's The Mr. Max Post!

Hubby was also very concerned about Max balancing on his back legs while he watched the TV in the built-ins. Soooo Hubby bought the doggie a 52″ TV and installed it in front of the fireplace (that we never use) so Max wouldn’t get up on his hind legs anymore. The toy barricade is in place so Max can’t get close to the TV regardless of how excited he gets watching horses and dogs.

And that is the latest update in the life of Mr Max.

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  1. Max is a super cutie! Love that dog!

  2. Hi Ann,

    Max is so cute and spoiled, his own t.v. Wouldn’t a portable DVR have worked as well and that could have been put on the floor so he could really see it. Bridgette, being a daschund, has back and hip problems. I love my vet so much, he suggested a doggy physical therapist and a doggy chiropractor. Ann, I have to tell you, watching Bridgette do the small swim pool for her exercise, is so cute and so helpful for her. I can’t believe how much this has helped her. The chiropractor has stretched and got Bridgette’s muscles and joints working now, (no bone cracking or any thing like it). She use to limp because of her shoulder and back but not any more. I can’t believe the help you can find for animals now. You might ask your vet what he thinks about P.T. for Mr. Max, it really does work and helps.


    • The little one he was watching didn’t go over as well as we expected, Candie. He liked it, but not as much as a larger TV.

      Max was taken off pain management, Candie. He went to the chiropractor, but once they discovered the arthritis they stopped treatment.

      I am so glad Bridgette is feeling better and likes the water!


  3. Buying Max his own tv is hilarious.. Glad hes feeling much better now!

  4. Michele K says

    AWW, What a little cutie! Like the picture where he is standing on his back legs, and the idea of putting the screen closer to the floor so he doesn’t have to stand to watch shows anymore 🙂

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