What One Show Would You Watch All Day On A Marathon?

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What One Show Would You Watch All Day On A Marathon?

Ever sit down all day and watch a TV show marathon? Or maybe a season or two on DVD or Netflix of your favorite, or new, show? What one show would you watch all day on a marathon?

For me, it wouldn’t be my favorite show, but something I could see progress in. Hubby has done it with Rehab Addict to see how she takes an old building from a dump to restored. I’ve done it with Millionaire Matchmaker while in a hotel room waiting to visit my BIL.

At home, I’ve DVRed things to watch the entire series at one time and not have to deal with commercials. The last one I did this with was Brother vs Brother and I have considered doing it with Face Off on Syfy. But, those people are so very talented that I can’t wait, and usually watch every other week (they play the last few episodes before the newest episode each week).

But the show I sit down most often to watch on a marathon is: Duck Dynasty!

What one show would you watch all day on a marathon?

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  1. I did that with Downton Abby for the first season, but then I just couldn’t wait and watched the other seasons as they aired. I also love a good Monk marathon, just because I miss it. I most recently watched five episodes in a row of The Buccaneers on Amazon Prime since I was craving some English accents. It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t too bad, so I got my fix.

  2. I did this with Glee on Netflix as I didn’t start watching until season 3. I could watch The Big Bang Theory over and over but the two shows I have watched from start to finish in marathon form more than once are Fringe and Firefly.

  3. I watch a lot of tv and could ( and do) marathon on lots of shows. My issue with doing that is that I forget to check the recording each week to make sure it recorded properly and got the entire thing. Nothing worse than sitting down to watch what you think is entire season, only to find a storm caused some of an episode to be missing, or worse yet, the schedule was wrong and you recorded some other random show.

    • I have done that Shell… it keeps recording crap I’ve seen 1000 times before and somehow misses that new episode. Grrr


  4. I went crazy and watched all of Suits in less than 2 weeks just last month after a friend told me how good it was. Monk is also a good show. Sometimes I would pull up an episode of Wings to see Tony Shalhoub’s earlier work. Unfortunately, I’m not up to date with today’s offerings since I prefer the clean comedies of the 80s and early 90s.

  5. I’ve sat down & wateched marathons of Duck DYnasty, Sister Wives, Breaking Amish LA, and Long Island Medium. I did like Doomsday Prepper the first couple seasons & recorded that so would watch it and these others while I was folding clothes.. I cant just sit & watch tv with a few exceptions.

    M’honey DVRs Undercover Boss so I’ll watch a few of these too sometimes.. He also DVRs Law & Order SCU and I listen to it for hours at a time while Im on the computer but I rarely sit & watch it.. Same with Sons of Anarchy. I watched the first 3 seasons and did again in marathons with him & the guys.. but by Season 4, I’d had enough.. It just got stupid.. 😛

  6. Star Trek
    The original series w/ William Shatner.
    Not so long ago (in Miami) there was a Star Trek Marathon every year on Labor Day weekend.
    I always enjoyed using that as an opportunity to wash all the windows that weekend. 14 windows washed inside and out. 🙂 Took almost all weekend and who knows how many bottles of wine. 🙂
    Ahhhh..the good ‘ole days.

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