What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

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What's Your Favorite TV Show?

Until we got Max, I watched maybe 2 hours of TV a week plus football. One show I watched from Episode #1 is The Big Bang Theory. And, I have laughed my head off at the antics of Leonard, Sheldon and company ever since. Hubby watches 1 show a week – The Big Bang Theory. That is definitely my (our) favorite TV show!

I do watch a few other shows, although not as faithfully, I usually just DVR them: Love It or List It, Hot In Cleveland (I’ve always loved Betty White!), Duck Dynasty (Si and Jase just make me laugh) and Millionaire Matchmaker (because everyone needs to watch a train-wreck!). And of course, I still watch football.

Max isn’t very fond of serial TV shows. He likes movies, so we have HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and Epic. Basically all the Verizon FIOS premium stations – for the dog.

No, I am not kidding.

Max’s all time favorite movie is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I could probably recite the dialog for you. Seriously.

When Max is outside and not very interested in coming in the house, the words “Prince of Persia” has him coming in at a run ready to bark at the TV. Max likes motion on the TV specifically horses and dogs so those types of movies elicit a great response from him, but most of all he loves Prince of Persia!

So what about you? What is your favorite TV show?

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  1. That is way too funny about Max loving Prince of Persia & other movies.. haha.. talk about living the life..

    I rarely to never watch TV but I hear it a lot.. unfortunately.. guy shows.. cars, motorcycles, Storage Wars, Overhaulin’, American Pickers, Pawn Stars etc… I’ll stop in and watch a few of them here & there but its rarely for more than 1-2 minutes.. Oh.. I do like Undercover Boss if he’s watching it & I’ve got nothing better to do. but those are HIS shows…

    Right now, the only show I love is Duck Dynasty… its ROFL hilarious & I love each & every one of the crew. Its hard to pick but I think I love Jase, Phil & Miss Kay the most… but Jase wouldnt be quite as fun without Willie to pit himself against.. They remind me of some folks I know in Tx & La.. haha.. thats what makes it so scary hilarious to me.. I KNOW some good ol boys like Si… haha.. Trainwrecks but ya gotta love em anyways cuz they’re so danged funny, completely harmless, & lovable. We all need humor in our life, ya know. πŸ˜‰ It just really hits close to home so its hard to not love it.
    I’ve known a few people who are ticked off about it.. cuz it hits home to them too but they dont think its funny.. sigh.. some people need to get a life.. πŸ˜‰

    I like Long Island Medium too but I dont watch it all the time.. I’ll DVR it & have a tv watching fest when Im folding clothes every other week or so. πŸ˜‰ I do the same with Breaking Amish.. Cracks me up.
    Those are the only shows I watch on purpose…

    I always thought I’d love Big Bang Theory since what I’ve heard of reminds me of my life in my last job of 14 years.. Its fun working with a bunch of scientist, engineers, and physicists. Really!! πŸ˜›

  2. Stephanie K says

    I would love to say that I don’t watch much TV, but… My favorite show is Psych, I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode. The only other show I adore is The Soup (Joel McHale cracks me up) which I have to DVR since it’s on at the same time as Psych. I used to have a real schedule for shows and would be so mad if I missed any, but then I had kids. Now we pretty much turn the TV on after the kids are tucked in. We aimlessly switch through channels, but often pause for Pawn Stars, American Picker, and Duck Dynasty (really do love it, but it’s best in small doses. The marathons kill me, LOL!).
    I think it’s awesome that Max loves movies. I also happen to love Prince of Persia! πŸ™‚

    • YAY! Max has another Prince of Persia fan!

      Stephanie, what is Psych?


      • Stephanie K says

        Psych is just adorable. It’s about a guy that is hyper observant, so in the pilot episode he is always calling in tips to the police department to help them solve crimes. Somehow they end up thinking he is a suspect because of the details he knows, so to save himself, he tells them that he is psychic and that is how he knows about the cases. Several times on Psych there have been jabs at The Mentalist, saying that it’s a knock off/drama version of their show. My mom thinks the show is funny, but my dad just doesn’t “get” it. I want to watch them again from the beginning since they are on Netflix, but the main character has put on a little weight over the years, I now I just can’t stand how skinny he looks in the early episodes!

  3. Michele K says

    I dont have a set time to watch tv, so I dvr almost everything as I absolutely hate watching/waiting thru commercials. So what is usually on my dvr: Duck Dynasty, even reruns I will record again, Ax Men, Mountain Men an a few other survival shows like that, Long Island Medium, Breaking Amish, Young and the Restless, Castle, The Following had a first season and was really good, Glades, Warehouse 13, Walking Dead, thats about it. But my favorite is Walking Dead.

    • Sonny-boy likes Walking Dead.

      Michelle I’ve never heard of half those shows… Ax Men, Mountain Men, Ducky Dynasty – am I sensing a theme? What is The Following?


  4. Shame on all of you, Duck Dynasty, really I tried watching it and turned it off after 10 minutes. Anyways, I DVR all the shows, just like Michele, because I hate the commercials. My favorite show has to be Scandal with Kerry Washington. Gosh, I am on the edge of my seat watching that. Most of my other favorites are on off channels, Burn Notice, White Collar, Love It or List It, Covert Affairs, Sons of Anarchy (because it is quite dirty, lots of sex), Suits, Breaking Amish, Glades, (Michele it has been on three years), and Food Network Star. I can watch all of these in about 4 to 5 hours when you take the commercials out. BTW Ann, I have read several reports that Betty White has been quite ill, I hope nothing happens to her, she is an american treasure.

    • No likie the DD guys, Candie? I had it recommended to me and just watched one day randomly… I think a marathon. Si and Jase crack me up for different reasons, and I was hooked.

      But YAY Another Love It or List It fan!

      Oh no to Betty White being ill. She is a treasure, but in her 90s. I hope she gets well soon.


  5. I don’t watch too much TV but I have a string of shows that I have watched on and off over the years. I am a crime show buff so I like shows like CSI’s, Mentalist etc etc – but I’m not a big fan of NCSI or those homeland security type shows. Oh – I don’t have cable so I can’t watch a lot of shows. My current sitcom that I’m watching with DH is Parks & Recreation. It’s pretty funny. We also watched 30 Rock too while it was still on air. Having no cable gets us stuck in the network channels.

    I agree that Big Bang Theory is quite funny. In the past, I watched Everybody Loves Raymond. I didn’t think it was that funny until I got married and had my own kids.

    • NCIS was the #1 show for the 2012-2013 season, and I don’t know one person that watches it.


      • How can you not watch Mark Harmon? :))

        Totally agree though, The Big Bang Theory #1 must see TV.

      • I watch NCIS ~ religiously. Love it! Love Big Bang too.
        Funny, we never watched anything but “family friendly” while kids were growing up. Now adults, they introduced us to Friends & Big Bang. Hubby & I watched all 10 seasons of Friends when in Seattle in tiny apt. for 6 mos. for cancer treatment. We watched an episode at lunch & one at dinner. Laughed our heads off. It really helped lighten the mood. Looked forward to it every day.

  6. michellek says

    I am a reality TV junkie(DD for sure) but also LOVE the 10PM shows… Hawaii 50, Castle, Body of Proof, and for sure Scandal!!!! I also LOVE Shark Tank!!!!

    • Michelle I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of them, although Shark Tank has intrigued me. What is Body of Proof?


      • MichelleK says

        Body of Proof – actress Dana Delaney is a medical examiner and solves crazy murder cases… LOVE her and it!!!!!

  7. LMAO!! That is too danged funny about Max!! My Chrissy is crazy about GMA, heaven forbid she misses a word George Stephanopoulos says. I’m not joking, she’s almost cooing at the TV when he’s talking!! πŸ˜€

  8. If I want to watch any tv then I need to stay up super late to do watch it. I have a lot of shows that I love to watch but am usually super behind and DVR everything.

    My list:
    Chicago Fire, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, The Biggest Loser, Southland, Touch, Revolution, Mad Men. Hubby and I actually don’t have very much in common so it’s nice that we actually like all the same shows except he doesn’t watch The Biggest Loser and I don’t watch PTI and sports shows with him.

  9. Stephanie B says

    Having a 2.5 year old I rarely watch live TV. Thank goodness for DVR!! I love The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time, How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, Glee, Two Broke Girls, and I have a secret obsession with ABC Family original shows haha. Pretty Little Liars is an addiction. I also enjoy some TLC reality shows – 19 Kids and Counting and Cake Boss. The Next Great Baker is good too. I’m sad that Smash just ended and I still miss Fringe which ended in January. I was really into the show Zero Hour, but they cancelled it after only 3 episodes. The only talk show I watch is Ellen, and I DVR it so I can delete if the people are boring haha. I am looking forward to the show Under the Dome which premieres next Monday and is based on the Steven King book and Big Brother which premieres a week from Wednesday.

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