Do You Like Your Kindle?

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Do You Like Your Kindle?

Hubby saw that Pickles comic strip a few Sundays-ago, and immediately told me, “That one is for you!”

I have a love-hate relationship with our e-reader; I love to hate it.

I like to hold a book in my hands. I like to feel the weight of the paper. I like to flip the pages. And most of all I like to read the last chapter first! Ok, usually after the second chapter… I want to know if I am wasting my time reading the book, and for many, many books I flip to the end and see if it will be worth the journey. A book is extra special if I don’t do this… that means it captured my attention from page one, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

And yes, sometimes I eat dessert before dinner. 🙂

With an e-reader of any sort, you don’t get the paper… it is just another computer. Flipping to the last chapter requires a bit of effort (hey, what can I say? I am lazy), and well, I just don’t like it. Period.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t use our reader… I do. If I am in need of a quick fix and I can’t get to the bookstore, I just download a book and a minute later I am reading! That to me, is the biggest (and probably only) perk to a kindle, nook, whatever e-reader you may have.

I like that I can get a digital book for nothing, 89¢, 2 bucks – something really inexpensive, but I have also paid more for a digital book than the paperback. The first time I downloaded a paperback on digital and it was a dollar more than the actual paperback at Target, welllllllllll let’s just say I was most displeased. And much more careful in the future. If a digital book is the same price as a paperback, I will now wait the day or two and get the paperback. Every. Single. Time.

So, Do You Like Your Kindle? (or other e-reader?) What do you use it for mainly? Reading, recipe books, surf online?

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  1. I like my Kindle- b/c I like free books. Being a life-long ‘reader’, I’ve spent a small fortune on my own personal deforestation project. (Also have scads and scads of books that I wish I could find a home for)

    A little over a year ago, I saw on Ann’s site: CD&M that she was listing *free* kindle down-loads from Amazon. Naturally, I told my DH I needed a Kindle for Mothers Day. (Thanks, Ann)

    Since Ann discontinued CD&M, I needed a new source for my free Kindle books. [GASP]
    My solution? I discovered: “Book Bub”. It’s a free E-Mail service that sends you the Amazon E-Book deals of the day. You can customize what types of titles your alert contains and change your preferences @ any time. I get my E-Mail daily, and I’m not sure if you can customize that too.

    Thanks Ann, I can now indulge in my nightly reading free of charge w/ thousands of interesting titles to choose from. (I read myself to sleep almost every night. always have. At least-since I was old enough to buy my own second-hand books.)

    • Hehe glad to be of assistance, Barbee. Sounds like that initial kindle purchase has paid for itself many times over!


  2. Love my Kindle Fire HD! My twins have their own kindles. I read some books but we end up using them for apps a lot. I also use it to go online when someone else is using my laptop. I’ve downloaded a couple of movies and some music too. I carry it with me to work and use it on the bus.

    • Hmmm music and movies you say, Luci? That I need to look into. That sounds like a great use of our ereader!


  3. I have a Kindle Fire HD… I use it daily for Swagbucks. I also buy the digital versions of textbooks and then I only have to carry my Kindle and not a large heavy book. The downside is that I cannot sell the book back at the end of the class.

  4. I like my Kindle Fire but I usually only use it when Im going to sit in a DRs office for a long time or when Im out of town.. Its a rare day that I dont have a real book in my hand and Im with you.. I prefer it a million times over a reader.
    I also d/l loads of free books.. so occasionally I’ll actually read one of the free ones I’ve downloaded. 😉

    I didnt want one and M’honey wanted to buy me one.. and I refused.. I had points on a program at work so when I was being laid off I needed to use them up so I got a Kindle with them. Im glad now that I did.

  5. Well, I wrote a big old long thing here about how much I loved my Kindle Fire HD last night, but I must have missed the submit button. Anyway, all the things Barbee said, absolutely love the free books, there are thousands available and twice that many more for under $2. It’s perfect for traveling or just easy surfing in your recliner in the evening. One thing I never thought I’d use it for is music. The Kindle Fire has over the top speakers for such a portable device. In my own home renos, painting, etc in the past year, it’s fantastic to take from room to room with you for music – all that good old classic rock stuff you can find for really cheap on Amazon, tho’ would never be able to find a CD.
    I use it for everything I use my laptop for (except printing). I couldn’t recommend it more! EXCEPT….as Ann said, I’m a ‘read the ending of a book after first couple chapters’ person, too…but I’m adapting haha.

  6. Stephanie K says

    I adore my Kindle Fire. I read all the time now. I used to be an avid reader before I had kids, but then I didn’t read up anything longer than a magazine article for nearly six years. Now that I have the Kindle I have no excuse, I don’t have to go to a book store or a library, yet I always have something to read. I also adore so many of the apps and I like being able to watch things from Amazon Prime. One of my favorite Kindle moments was while clothes shopping with my husband at JCPenny, I was ready to kill him, but I pulled out the Kindle, found a stool to perch on and watched Star Trek TNG!

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