Five Months Until Christmas

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Five Months Until Christmas

So it is 85 degrees out, the garden is in full bloom, but when I looked at the calendar the other day I realized: it is 5 months until Christmas!

Have you started anything yet? Shopping? Projects for decor? Cooking?

Believe it or not, I already have Christmas cookies frozen. I am doing the 15 Days of Holiday Cookies on the blog again this December, so that entails a lot of early prep including: baking, photographing, and writing up the posts. I hope to have a second series running at the same time, but we shall see. Sometimes my ideas are bigger than the time I have available to dedicate to the project.

We will again be having Christmas Eve here. I tried valiantly to get my father to go on a cruise, but it was a no-go. He suggested a New Year’s Eve cruise and while I doubt that will happen this year, it is possible for next year.

The last few years my parents have hosted Christmas Dinner at a local restaurant. Due to my Father’s health, they just couldn’t manage Christmas dinner at their house any longer. I had suggested that we (Hubby and I) have it there (at that restaurant) Christmas Eve, my parents still have gifts and brunch at their house Christmas day, and then we are all free Christmas afternoon-evening.

That was a no-go. My mother and I were all over that idea and in total agreement even before I fleshed out my thoughts.

My father and Hubby?


Buncha duds.

I should have sold it to Hubby that we wouldn’t even have to decorate the house if we did this! Hubby hates the commotion of Christmas decor. On the other hand, I never took down the wreath above the fireplace last year. Hubby finally noticed it was still hanging there in June!! Oh well, at least the wreath didn’t get destroyed when the basement got water this past winter.

Ironically, Hubby would go on a Christmas cruise if my father would get on board with the idea.

I bought the wine for Christmas Eve last time I was in the local liquor store. I figured if we didn’t use it for that meal, I’d just drink it. We buy the Brotherhood Riesling. Not only is it wonderful on its own, it pairs well with the the haddock and other fish we serve (probably seafood lasagna).

As far as gifts go, I only buy for my parents, Sonny-boy and Hubby. My nieces prefer cash. They think the color is great, and it goes with everything! To be honest, Sonny-boy gets cash too, but I do purchase him a few things just because…

Sonny-boy and I have a tradition where we go Christmas shopping together the week before the holiday, and that should be interesting with his work schedule. I hope we can continue this tradition. I thought for certain last year was the end of it, now I am hopeful for one more year.

So, how are your holiday preparations going!? Started yet? Finished already?

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  1. Stephanie B says

    This year I am WAY ahead when it comes to Christmas shopping. My son starts preschool and with a $1000 price tag on that, and all of our birthdays between October 20th and December 8th, I knew I had to be prepared early. Luckily, I am addicted Target’s Cartwheel app and back in March I noticed they had daily deals on toys. So every day there was a new toy or game that was 50% off. On top of that, coupons for the same toys were released, and the stores where having sales on those same toys. In the end I purchased just over $450 worth of toys and games and spent just under $125!! There are a few little things that have sparked his interest since then that I will look for deals on, and I want to make him a train table top that can be put in the closet when he isn’t using it. We constantly have train tracks everywhere and don’t have room for a permanent table. Everyone else, well….they might just get cookies this year, but at least the little one will be happy 🙂

    • WOW! That is some fabulous Target shopping, Stephanie. I can’t even go in there without spending twice what I expected, and am totally jealous you were able to not only get what you wanted to less, but practice self-control in Target. That is a skill I need to learn.


  2. Does thinking about it count? We had a cool spell a week or so ago where our high of 69 is our average high for mid-Sept. and since (for some unexplained reason) I get into the Christmas mood in Sept. every year, I got it early…but before I knew it the weather turned to 85+ and nothing happened. Didn’t even start my lists or browse Amazon. Hey, but the Christmas lights on the house never got taken down so that’s a plus! The clear white globe lights are so much brighter than the porch light and prettier, so I never complained.

  3. Hey, but the Christmas lights on the house never got taken down so that’s a plus!

    Like my family-room-Christmas wreath! We are gonna look so uber prepared come November, Marie!


  4. Ooh, like the gold angel that I bought for the tree almost 20 years ago but ended up hanging on the living room wall over the couch. She was never put away the first year and was forgotten about every year after. Don’t feel bad for her, several years ago I moved her to over the TV and I see her every day.

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