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Mac vs PC; The MAC versus PC debate. Anyone want to weigh in?

The MAC versus PC debate. Anyone want to weigh in?

The laptop I use daily is fairly old for a PC. I have kept it alive with twine and glue because I didn’t want to be subjected to Windows 8 (I have windows 7 professional as my operating system). I wanted to see what windows 10 was all about as Microsoft has a habit of releasing good/bag operating systems regularly: good/bad/good/bad/good/bad. Since windows 7 was a good, and windows 8 was a bad, I had high hopes that windows 10 would follow the pattern and be a good.

Welp, the reviews are in on windows 10, and people are pretty happy (except for the occasional blue “Something Happened” screen). Of course those people happiest are those that upgraded the second windows 10 was released to escape the pain that was windows 8.

Their opinions are suspect.

I have been toying with buying a Mac. I have an ipad retina, and love it. I used it for all things internet when we traveled through Europe, and it met those needs well. Of course I didn’t actually blog or do graphics or manipulate photos with it, but I was about to use it to peruse the internet, check email, get on social media, etc., etc.

What is stopping me from running out yesterday and buying a mac are a few thing. The the laptop size of a Mac retina: maximum 15 inches. My current laptop is 17″. Now I can make the determination on size at my local apple store. The trade-off of size versus a retina screen may well be worth those two inches. I will make the trek to the apple store to see.

I also am concerned about transitioning. I understand Parallels allows me to use PC programs on Mac. Will it allow me to get my content over to the Mac too?

So for those of you that had a PC and now have a Mac can you tell me: How hard was it to adjust to a MAC after moving on from a PC? How difficult was it to get your PC content over to your Mac? Any tips or insight you would like to share from this move? Do you regret moving to a Mac?

Thanks for any input!!

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  1. My family went Mac years ago Ann. I did not have content to move so I cannot speak to that. However I can tell you we love our Macs. None of us have ever had any type of virus protection and never had an issue. I started with a used desktop for $100. Then I got a used Macbook Pro for $800. That Macbook is still going and I got it in 2007. We have bought new ones also and no regrets. I still love how I don’t have to install anything when I get a new printer or router, etc. Mac just pics it up out of the air and is ready to go. Everything is so easy. I have never known anyone to be sorry and go back to pc. Also I used to have a larger screen but am down to an 11 inch MacAir and really like it. I did not think I would like the size at my age but hubby bought it as a gift. I love it and love that it hardly weighs a thing. Go for it Ann. Once you go Mac, you never go back!

    • “Mac just pics it up out of the air and is ready to go.”

      LOL Now that would be handy, Shell!!

      Ok, that you like the 11″ is reassuring to me. I need to do the retina, because even though my eyesight is technically 20/20 (with the help of a lens when my cataracts were done), I still am on the computer way too much and eye strain can happen. If you think the 11″ is fine, I am willing to guess I’ll get used to the 15″ with retina PDQ!!

      Thanks for the advice, Shell. I really appreciate it.

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