Max Exercises More Than I Do!

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Of course that isn’t really difficult to do these days.

I know I said I wasn’t going to bother you all with another Max post until we get an update from Cornell, but then Hubby showed me the treadmill video he took on Friday when Max was at the rehab vet, I thought I’d share!!

I am totally impressed. This is a dog who would not go near the pool (before we filled in the inground pool), and Max does not like a bath.

Hubby said he went in the enclosure with the vet, the water filled, the treadmill started, and Max was off!

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  1. That is TOO cute! But he looks like he enjoys about as much as we do 😉 Glad to hear all good news about Max.

    • Hehe He was in by himself today for 12 minutes. He stopped a few times expecting the treadmill to stop too. LOL He was so cute!


  2. Seems like Max is new dog. He now likes to eat and exercise!

    • I know!! Hubby and I have discussed exactly that, Shell. We had no idea what he’d be like after everything, and I’d say he’s about 85% Max, 15% a different dog, the emphasis being on dog.


  3. GO MAX GO YAY!!! He is doing great!!!

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