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Right now I send out the newsletter six days a week, Monday – Friday and Sunday. The Sunday edition includes links to all the unexpired Coupons, Deals and More posts from the week.

Not many people are opening this email, so I was thinking about sending out 2-3 times a week. I could send out Sunday like I am doing now, Wednesday and Friday? Or just Friday and Sunday. As I become more of a “real” content blogger (lifestyle), I am posting less and less. I am now posting 15-16 times a week, and that includes the five weekday Laugh For Todays. Some days the newsletter only has two items. I expect that to become the norm.

So whaddya think? Are you more likely to open/subscribe to the newsletter the less you receive it? Or do you like the current six day a week system?

Your thoughts and input are much appreciated!

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  1. Send out once a week with a weekly round up of both.

  2. Twice a week is fine. You’re so busy with the house right now so why not? And if you get stir crazy during the winter you can always add an extra day. Or add a special edition every now and then as you see fit.

    • I am thinking of a holiday newsletter… depending on how much I can write now. I think I may do a holiday deal one on Coupons, Deals and More too. Thanks Marie!


  3. Ann,
    Whatever you feel comfortable with, or you have a need to send out.

  4. Personally, I like receiving it daily.. but for a while I wasnt receiving it and I’ve also realized that I may have been deleting it by accident. I almost deleted it today.

    In my mailbox, it says I have a message from “NONE”… If the Subject Line isnt something that lets me know who its from or catches my attention, I may delete it. I get A LOT of crap mail from “NONE”. I get hundreds of email a day so delete is one of my best friends.. but obviously it can be a problem too.

    I wonder if Im not the only one whos not reading it due to how it shows up in the email..
    If it said Ann’s Entitled Life in the Subject Line, there would be no problem with recognizing where it came from…

    • NONE!? Those kooks… the message I get says who it is from (Ann’s Entitled Life) and what the subject matter is. I don’t want to switch to a wordpress plugin (when Coupons, Deals and More went down I’d have lost contact with everyone), but I don’t want to pay for mailchimp to send out something other than I am writing too.

      I’ll send a ticket, Kim. Thanks for letting me know.


      • Skirnir Hamilton says

        Hmm, mine shows up as Coupons, Deals and More LLC and does show a subject which for this one was Newsletter Update. Almost none of my emails show up as none and I also get lots of email. I do tend to always open these posts, but sometimes have to read through a few days worth, as I get behind on email sometimes.

        • I wonder if it has to do with who we have for our emails. I’m Yahoo! and I’ve gotten it as Coupons Deals & More and now it’s Ann’s Entitled Life.

          • It could very well be.. I use AOL.. Mine says who it came from but it uses an email address as opposed to a name except for some and then it says NONE like AEL’s emails do.
            The Subject Line said “Newsletter Update (need your input) Friday & Saturday posts… which is why I gave it a second glance and opened it up. I always know when it says something like “How does Your Garden Grow” or Our CSA Bag or whatever, that its Anns’ Entitled Life..

            • These come from Coupons, Deals and More, LLC because that is my business entity. I switch to either the topic of the day (like Our CSA Share, etc) or Ann’s Entitled Life as the subject line. Nothing goes out without a subject or who it is from.

              I wonder if it is an aol issue? That I can definitely look into.

              Thanks everyone for the update! I really appreciate it.


              • I just noticed something.. when I get “comment reply” emails, they show your email address on them.. but they’re also in my Spam Folder..
                I wonder why your email address doesnt show up in my regular Incoming mail box..
                so danged weird! Thought I’d let you know..

  5. One other thing I’d like to ask.. I know in the Blogging world, its recommended to send out a weekly newsletter instead of a daily mail.. I got this same question from another blogger whos site I follow & she said it was “the recommended thing” and that supposedly, more people read them in a large newsletter instead of daily post.

    I personally hate those types of newsletter and will keep them to read “sometime when I have time to read the entire content.” Sometimes, that means never and they get deleted. Other people may like them.. I do not. Im just sharing what I do with them.

    • When I was deal blogging, daily (or twice daily) newsletters were recommended as things expire so quickly. Switching to content blogging (lifestyle) I hear the same as what you wrote. Most people put up 4-5 posts a week, so a daily email would annoy. I get the weekly. I am a bit of a cross, but I hate sending less than 3 things in a newsletter. Hmmm maybe that is my compromise?


  6. I love reading it daily but do what is best for you.

  7. I think twice a week would be fine but only because I don’t check my email on a regular basis then when I do I have to backtrack. 🙁 I do enjoy reading it & I appreciate all of your help! Oh & mine now comes as Ann’s Entitled Life now also.

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