The Kozy Shack Challenge

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The Kozy Shack Challenge

Hubby likes Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. I think it would be safe to say that Hubby loves Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. He has long looked for a rice pudding recipe that is as smooth and creamy, and has yet to fine it. A few months ago he decided to abandon his search for a homemade rice pudding and stick with the Kozy Shack – Why mess with perfection? was his rational.

One thing that has bothered him for a looooooong time (seriously) was what was the difference between European Style and Original Kozy Shack Rice Pudding? I mean it really bothered him, but not enough for him to spend the three bucks on the European Style that he was afraid he might not enjoy.

So, last week one of the local grocery stores had Kozy Shack on sale for $2.99, I had 75¢ coupons – which they doubled – and Hubby figured for $1.49 he’d take a chance on the European Style Rice Pudding and see if he liked it.

Now, Hubby thinks the 16 oz container is a single serve portion. Most serious about this, he regularly sits down and eats an entire container of Kozy Shack Rice Pudding for a snack. With that in mind, it nothing out of the ordinary for me to see him bring out a container of Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and a spoon.

What was unusual, was when he brought out a second Kozy Shack. I thought that was a little excessive, even for him (and no, it never entered my mind that he would offer to share with me, ’cause he never has before).

Hubby then announced, “Let’s do a taste test comparison!”

I nearly fell over at the word “let’s” as it implied I’d get to taste too!

To my great shock, Hubby offered me up a spoon and a pudding. Then he promptly complained when I double dipped – ’cause you know he never gets my germs any other way.

I told him I needed more than a spoonful of eat to compare, and he actually went along with that argument. He allowed me two spoonfuls of each type!

What a guy.

Our findings:

Original Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

• White
• Creamy
• Fresh vanilla flavor
• Sweet

European Style Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

• Darker
• More glutinous
• Hints of brown sugar
• Not as sweet as Original, and even though the European has ground vanilla, it tasted less vanilla-y

The Results

Hubby liked his Original Kozy Shack Pudding much better than the European Style Kozy Shack Pudding!

(I liked the European Style Kozy Shack Pudding better.)

Have you ever performed your own Kozy Shack Challenge? Do you like Kozy Shack Rice Pudding? Which type do you prefer: European Style or Original Kozy Shack Rice Pudding?

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  1. I always thought Kozy shack was WAY too sweet for my tastes.
    I make my own with brown rice-yes, takes a lot longer too cook using bwn rice-but it’s nuttier, chewier and more satisfying.

    • You might like the European style, Barbee… a lot less sweet than regular (which can hurt my teeth!) – or is that one too sweet too?


      • Ha! Never even SEEN European style. Much less tasted it.
        I’ll look but I’ll only buy if there’s a really good coupon.
        I get the rice (Mahatma) free in 1 lb bags. (coupon doubles, triples) and I buy the milk in the dairy case when it goes on Mgr special-so home made rice pudding is dirt cheap.

        • I’d be interested in running your rice pudding recipe with a picture if you want to send it to me next time you make it, Barbee. Like I said, we’ve given up after many, many homemade rice pudding tries. It has been a total waste of rice, milk and time.


  2. My husband prefers the Kozy Shack tapioca in the individual serving sizes which we rarely find. The tub goes watery too fast for the amount he eats. Not a big fan of rice pudding (personally I don’t like it at all) especially the one time I made it.

    • I loooove tapioca. Always available here in Forney, TX.
      I wonder if you can freeze single serving…might try freezing one just to see.
      What do you think, Ann?
      Can you freeze pudding? You can free pies like: boston creme pies, chocolate cream pie…I wonder.

      • Freeze pudding!? You don’t know my Hubby very well, Barbee. There is no way in this world there would ever be a drop of pudding left after a day, let alone enough to freeze.

        Let us know if it works for you though! I know our household is rather unique in the pudding-regard.


      • Never tried freezing pudding Barbee but I am thinking of Jello Pudding Pops, so I think yes.

  3. Hi Barbee, I didn’t know we were neighbors, I live in Irving, Texas. Anyways, I love the tapioca, don’t like the rice pudding. Believe me I have tried every brand of tapioca and made it myself but Kozy Shack is the best. Like Ann said, it is the taste of the vanilla that really makes it great.

    By the way Ann, I always learn so much with your blog, I froze my first 6 containers of Land O’Lakes butter and it did so good. I did not know until you told me that I could freeze butter, There are probably 1000s of things I could freeze but don’t know it.


    • I am so glad it worked out for you Candie! We always freeze butter here mostly because I buy it at 2 bucks a pound or less, and refuse to pay $4 for the same thing when I need it in a month. Some things I am just tight about.


  4. I have not tried Kozy Shack pudding because I am afraid I will eat the whole thing like your hubby! BTW my hubby thinks Pepperidge Farm cakes are single serve. He gets crabby with me for cutting one tiny piece off the end!

    • LMAO, Shell! I LOVE Pepperidge Farm layer cake frosting… that I could pick off an eat at one time if Hubby would let me… but the darned man likes it too, so we split.


  5. Can someone PLEASE tell me if the European Style is the same as the French Vanilla (not original-French Vanilla)?? A few years ago I went on a ‘one container is a serving’ binge myself.. I then took a vacation from sweets for a few years. Now I’m BACK.. I see in all local my grocery stores ‘French Vanilla Rice Pudding’, I’ve had it and it’s great (tastes the same as I remember the European style tasting) I’m not sure why it’s bugging me so much to know if this is the same product, but it is. Regardless of the name, I LOVE it!

  6. I LOVE the Kozy Shack and the european style rice pudding is my favorite!! I used to find it regularly in my local supermarket. I thought it was discontinued. I grew up eating my Grandma’s creamy rice pudding and Kozy Shack’s the best store brand I’ve tasted. I always see the other flavors and I’ll keep checking for my favorite rice pudding.

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