Rich and Famous

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Rich and Famous

Hubby was talking about someone the other day and mentioned that this person’s goal was to be “Rich and Famous.”

My reply?

“I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be rich!”

I can’t see an upside to fame, especially in today’s 24 hour manufactured news-cycle. Can you? Maybe to spotlight a cause for funding (like poverty, medical research or to help find a missing person)? I especially can’t see an upside to fame or infamy without the cash to buy you security and protect your privacy. Can you? And for those that say money doesn’t buy happiness, I agree, but poverty doesn’t either, and being able to pay the bills is great for peace of mind.

Do you want to be rich and famous? Just rich? Just famous?

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  1. Well Ann, again you are very wise. I already am famous, or some would say imfamous, and it aint all it is cracked up to be. I had an all girl rock band in the early 80’s and recently my son was told by someone who saw us play back in the day ” I remember your Mom, she was hot” So my son comes home and says, Hey Ma, I hear you used to be hot. I replied, yes I used to be, before you wrecked me. Fame is nothing without the funds to protect your privacy and your future. I run into people all the time who tell me ” AS soon as I saw you I remembered you but I cant remember from what?” and I cringe. I have grown up a lot since those days.

    • OMG Debb! I wonder if I listened to your music? I hope you were able to save from that venture to protect your privacy now.


      • There is no money to be made in music unless you are Beyonce or Elvis. I made my mark on rock and roll by crossing gender lines, and when I see young female musicians I get tickled. They were never told no we dont let girls in the band, nor were they told you are a girl, you cant play guitar. We never put out original music, but my husband’s band did. Unfortunatly his partner in music for over ten years screwed him over on writing, copyrights, and even equipment bought in common. Like I said there is NO MONEY in music! But it was fun for a little while. As a musician you always have to keep a day job to pay for your lessons, equipment and recording sessions, new strings, etc, gas, and most clubs pay in free beer. You cant pay your bills with free beer. So I always waitressed as well. I met a lot of cool people and went a lot of cool places but other than dings in my guitar and lines on my face, I have nothing else to show for it. I do have all my equipment and have passed most of it down to my son who also plays. But I raised my son knowing, yes you can do this, but it wont be your career. Again, you cant pay your bills with free beer.
        Now that I am in a different place in life, and I run into some one who knew me from my rocking years, I am always afraid they will remember me for something I did while comnsuming those free beers. LOL. I gave it up to support my husband since my band broke up and his was doing well. He did well for a few more years and then our son was born and we had to stop living on free beer so to speak. I was married to my husband for 2 years before I even knew he had another vocation and was a skilled carpenter. Hubby is a very private person. No face book no chatting no skype nothing.

  2. I agree, rich would be very nice, but famous – NOT!

  3. Yep.. Im with you Ann.. Gimme The Riches but you can keep the Fame..
    I made an intentional decision when I was a kid I was NOT going to be famous.. I cant stand having my privacy invaded.. even by close friends & sometimes family.. If I invite you, then that is different.
    Anyways.. who knows why I was even thinking about that when I was about 8 years old.. but I was..
    I havent changed that much..

  4. I have always said that I never want to be famous. To this day, most people in town don’t even know I have a name, just whose wife or whose mother I am. And that is perfectly fine with me. As for rich, I have always said when seeing the 100 million dollar lottery amount that I’d be happy with 100 thousand dollars. Today with prices like they are, I’ll have to raise it to half a million. I’m not greedy, I just want to be comfortable…and to be left alone.

  5. Neither
    Never have wanted to be “rich”. Being rich is often a burden because great wealth is like great beauty…you will always wonder if your friends like you “for you” or do they like you for your money.
    I already have a rather memorable name so “fame” is unnecessary. People who meet me rarely forget me. That’s fine by me.

    Ideally, I’d like to live comfortably and quietly. To be able to pursue my ‘modest’ hobbies of gardening, family, listening to my music and reading my books. ( I could do with less cooking-cooking makes me fat.)

    P.S. I have no worries about being burdened w/ great beauty either. 🙂

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