Trouble in WalMart’s Paradise?

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Hubby sent me several articles last week that there may be trouble in WalMart’s Paradise. One article entitled Customers Flee Wal-Mart Empty Shelves for Target, Costco. The story states that WalMart has opened more stores in the last year (455 in total), but has less employees working now than it did before those stores opened (20,000 less). That means stock doesn’t hit the floor, lines are long, and the stores are disorganized. WalMart again took last place in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the sixth year in a row it did so.

The second article is hilarious: Wal-Mart may get customers to deliver packages to online buyers. Instead of the WalMart to go model where UPS or FedEx delivers, WalMart thinks your friendly neighborhood meth-dealer should be able to deliver your Sudafed. I am sure it would make it intact to your house.

Adding five full-time employees to Wal-Mart’s (WMT) U.S. supercenters and discount stores would add about a half- percentage point to selling, general and administrative expenses, according to an analysis by Poonam Goyal, a Bloomberg Industries senior analyst based in Skillman, New Jersey. Assuming the workers earned the federal minimum wage and industry standards for health benefits, the added costs would amount to about $448 million a year, she said. In the year ended Jan. 31, Wal-Mart generated $17 billion in profit on revenue of $469.2 billion.

To me, this sounds like penny-wise and pound-foolish. But hey, it is WalMart, what do you expect?

Do you shop at WalMart? Have you noticed a lack of stock on the floor? Longer lines? Less help in the aisles? At what point will you cease to shop at WalMart?

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  1. Joanne Jones says

    I was at Walmart yesterday and the supervisor was running the register. I asked her if they had a sudden burst of customers and she said “No Walmart hasn’t been hiring enough employees to keep the floor and the registers covered. This from one of there own employees! Now who would know better?

    • Michele K says

      I was floored a few weeks ago when I went in and the manager was serving as cashier. And sad part of it was that he didn’t really know what he was doing. He had the asst manager running back to him twice during my transaction. He kept apologizing and said he was filling in for someone on break.

  2. Michele K says

    I would stop shopping there if they ever stopped taking coupons.

  3. Skirnir Hamilton says

    I like the Walmart here in TN better than I liked the Walmart back in WI where I moved from. But I am always amazed at how many carts are in the parking lot at 8 AM in the morning on Wednesday. Do they not bring them in the night before, or are there really that many who shop late at night? Also, I do have to say finding an open register that is not 20 items or less at Walmart at 8:30 AM on a Wednesday can be hard and quite annoying. I do like the produce though at this Walmart, which is what I disliked at the WI Walmart. I learned quickly never to buy my strawberries and such at the WI Walmart.

    • That is crazy! Carts are not cheap. I can’t believe they wouldn’t have a round-up before close. That would totally be the definition of penny-wise, pound-foolish!


      • Skirnir, Ann,
        Having family working at Walmart, I asked them about the cart issue, especially the electric ones for the handicapped. Being the family are all in TN, I can’t say for other states, but even with a 24 hr stores, the night shift does not collect them before the morning shift at both stores in our town. The night shift was for stocking and, apparently, stocking only. The one time we went before 8am, half the electric carts were still sitting outside. The other half were inside unplugged, not charged, and the seats were filled with water from the rain. Also they told me that only a few registers are open only on the grocery side of the store during the night and early morning hours. I do not go as often and not during certain times of day.

        • That is terrible Marie. WalMart really needs to get their act together. They are NOT too big to fail.


  4. I try to avoid Walmart — I’ve heard too many stories about how they treat their employees. I also don’t like the way they’ve caused smaller stores and businesses in their communities to close.
    I know that in some areas, Walmart is the only choice, but as long as I can choose somewhere else, I do.

    • Me too, Julie.


      • I also do not visit Wal-Mart in our small town… Because of it, I have seen several local stores close and I do not agree with their hiring practices, etc. I prefer to frequent my locally-owned businesses, even though at times it is tempting but on the rare occasion I have HAD to go (after closing of other businesses).. it is always a bad experience. not enough checkers, always moving stock around, etc… and one of my best friends was an employee there before moving and I have an inside look into their ways…. I would encourage others to not patronize if at all possible until they have brought their tactics up past the slave labor arena.

  5. I refuse to set foot in WalMart. We have two where I live, Irving Texas, and truly I am not trying to be ugly, but they hire only hispanics, since that is the customer they cater to. I went in one day, about a year ago, and could not find any staff that spoke English. Excuse me, but this is America and if you are going to be employed at WalMart, you have to know customer service and that would include speaking the language. The other two reasons, on Black Friday four years ago, I was knocked to the ground when the masses of people went through the door, (this was before they were open 24 hours a day). Not one person tried to help me, my daughter stood in front of me and blocked people from stepping on me and really harming me. Finally, the security guard and my daughter managed to help me up but I ended up bruised and bleeding. I tried to finish the shopping, my daughter watched the cart with her and my purse, and a man pushed her to the floor and stole both our purses in full view of 40 or 50 people and no one tried to stop him and help in any way. It is not nice to use the word hate, but I hate WalMart.

    • Candie, how awful! I don’t like the customers at Walmart either. We don’t ever go when there is a crowd. Honestly, we drive right through and leave if the lot is more than half full. My husband can’t walk more than a few feet after a stroke and a woman with a walker was bad mouthing him for using an electric cart when she couldn’t get one. As for English, I agree 100%.

    • Wow that is a horrible story, Candie. I hope the people who stole your purses were caught and prosecuted. I can’t blame you at all for hating WalMart with what happened to you there. Simply awful.


  6. Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t particularly like Wal-Mart, but I did see a commercial on T.V. stating that they are going to f the mioffer a job to ANY honorably discharged serviceman or woman when they get out of the military.

  7. I’m with Julie and Ann. I rarely, I mean rarely go there. The last time I went in there it looked like there was some kind of renovation going on since the shelves in the cleaning aisles and stuff were almost bare.

    I honestly do not shop there.

  8. Tamona Valentine says

    Walmart does not value their employees that’s why they dont see the need to invest in them. They are a greedy empire!

  9. O Candie, horrible thing that happened to you at Walmart.

    Haven’t been to Wally’s World in a year at least. Never liked how they treated employees. I know it’s jobs, but at what cost?

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