What Else Am I Supposed To Do With It?

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What Else Am I Supposed To Do With It?

Hubby was complaining the other day that I am the only person he knows that owns an ipad and only uses it as a color kindle.

I told him I also buy kindle books on Amazon with it.

He then replied, “Oh so you you use the browser too?”

I said, “Well yeah, what else am I supposed to do with it? ”

After nearly having a heart attack at my response, he told me to make a post and ask all of you …

So, what else am I supposed to do with my ipad besides read books? Oh, and buy the books to read?

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Stephanie K says

    Three words: Cut The Rope. 😀 Seriously. I’m 35 and I just adore to play games whenever the book I’m reading gets too intense or too thought provoking. I also called my mother up a week ago and told her she HAD to get “The Room”. It’s fabulous (My kids and I got through it in less than a week, but my mom hadn’t finished it when I talked to her yesterday. 🙂 ). We also Skype and text from ours, but yeah, reading is it’s primary function.

  2. Well, I would use it for Facebook, email, online banking, Pinterest, Google, tvguide, webmd, netflix and I’m sure I’d find more. But I assume you have a home computer, laptop and phone that do most of the above already. 🙂

  3. Your poor iPad must feel so neglected. You have down graded it to a kindle reader only. My iPad is my favorite over the laptop, iPod, kindle, kindle fire and android phone. You should use it to email, print stuff and play some wonderful games on it. My iPad and me spend some wonderful time together. There is not a question I ask it that it doesn’t have an answer for.

  4. Stephanie B says

    The better question is why do you have an iPad if all you need is a Kindle?

    • The retinal display worked fr my eyes, Stephanie. The kindle was nearly unreadable for me.


      • Stephanie B says

        You should look into the new Kindle Paperwhite. To be honest, I don’t own a tablet of any kind because I have the same dilemma. What would I do with it? Read? That’s what books are for. Internet? That’s what my laptop is for. Pictures? Talk about hugely awkward lol.

  5. I would likely put Candy Crush on it. I feel I would do with it about what you do because I have a MacAir. Since that is so light weight but has a full keyboard and doesn’t need a case. I also already have a iphone also, so a tablet is not on my current list of things I think I need.

  6. I use mine for shopping, checking blogs, playing Words with Friends and Candy Crush, checking my mail, and reading. I have never bought a book yet; I use the Overdrive app. My computer just gets put on to keep it updated. Oh, also I use it for looking up recipes and for actually having the recipes right on the iPad to cook from. And to Skype with our son and his family.

  7. Hi Ann! I’m in the medical field so I use mine to review board questions. Similarly I read science manuscripts from the iPad. I also browse non-US based news websites on it. If it makes any sense, I feel safer browsing those sites on the iPad vs the regular Windows based comp (less chance of malware/virus attack). Now if you ever want to watch non-English programs, check out Viki from the App Store. It offers free shows and movies from Asia/Mexico/South America with subtitles in a variety of languages, including English, French and Spanish.

    • Yes, it makes perfect sense that people would feel more secure on an ipad (or any apple product) versus a windows-based PC. for some reason, the hackers don’t seem to hate apple!


  8. I forgot to add “when not to use your iPad”. It has become a trend of sort for people to use their iPads as cameras, especially at the conferences I’ve attended. iPads are not small at all! When a row of people use it to take pictures or videotape the speech, they are blocking the view of the people behind them!

    • Good point, Tegan! A camera is small and easy to take a pic from, but I can see where the ipad would block people.


    • Stephanie K says

      This is my grandmother! She had carried a camera in her purse my entire life until she got her iPad. Not only are the pictures not even close to the quality (she always had nicer cameras and would buy a new one at least every two years), but the iPad is enormous as a camera. She is an avid reader (though she prefers the Nook app over Kindle for some reason), so the iPad goes with her everywhere. My guess is that the camera wasn’t worth the weight in her purse.

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